Fighting Over The Pre-Nup

CDANSpeaking of A list celebrity couples. Well, not really, because only the woman is. The guy is a hanger on. Anyway, earlier this week they visited her lawyer to talk about a pre-nup. Apparently the yelling got so loud, there was a crowd around the conference room where the meeting was being held. This went on for an hour. Now I wonder whether the wedding will even take place.

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61 comments to Fighting Over The Pre-Nup

  • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

    Portman? The only A list actress I can think of getting married.

  • FzFz

    Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

  • boriqualoka

    it says A-list im thinking Jessica Simpson and her leech

  • Clare

    Xtina and her loser boyfriend or Portman and the dancer.

  • Rafael

    Maybe this is way WAY off base, but how about Lady Gaga and her rumored to be fiance Luc Carl? Didn’t he tell her she was worthless, and would never make it? Then after she did make, he comes crawling back? I don’t trust him at all… Seems like a leech to me.

    There are even rumors that her song “Judas” is actually about him.

  • KWDragon

    Sadly, I can see any of the previous guesses working out, right up to and including Lady Gaga. It is a shame that when a successful man wants a pre-nup, he is often considered a savvy businessperson. The woman is expected to put up or shut up. Yet when a successful woman wants a pre-nup, she is often made out to be stingy, paranoid or needlessly concerned. Often the male in the relationship gets his ego-hackles up over simply being asked, and he uses his hurt boo-boo feelings to get the contract to disappear unsigned.

    All that being said, I am betting it’s Natalie Portman, but Millepied already has the paternity insurance policy in place.

    • suedechik79

      so sad that the sexes are indeed different. my worlds totally crashing around me as we speak.

    • gypjet

      Has anyone really heard of Lady Ga Ga outside of New York City and West H-Wood? She just seems like a horse-faced gimick and “A” list is hardly accurate. I’m sure she is nice, but when you have to have a string of humans carry you somewhere in a giant egg, you beyond irrelevant.

      • Stinkweed

        Yes, as you can see by the following, no one outside of NYC and WeHo have ever heard of Gaga:

        September 2009 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist to reach the 4 million mark in digital downloads with two songs.

        September 2009 – “Poker Face” becomes the most downloaded song ever in the UK.

        November 2009 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart to score four number ones from a debut album.

        December 2009 – Lady Gaga becomes the first female artist in British chart history to score three number ones in a single year.

        January 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs to send her first five singles to number one.

        January 2010 – “Bad Romance” sets the record for most weekly plays registered in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart with 10,859 plays in a week.

        March 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in history to top the 5 million mark in digital downloads with both of her first singles.

        March 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in history to top one billion views of her videos on the Internet.

        April 2010 – “Bad Romance” becomes the most viewed video on YouTube.

        June 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist to reach the 4 million mark in digital downloads with three songs.

        July 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first living person to reach 10 million fans on Facebook.

        July 2010 – Lady Gaga’s The Fame becomes the top-selling album in digital history.

        July 2010 – Lady Gaga performs in front of the biggest crowd of The Today Show history.

        August 2010 – Lady Gaga scores thirteen MTV Video Music Awards nominations, more than any other artist in one year in the history of the show.

        September 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first person to reach 6 million followers on Twitter.

        September 2010 – “Poker Face” becomes the first song in history to spend 100 weeks in the top 100 of Australian singles chart.

        October 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in history to reach 1 billion views of her videos on YouTube.

      • lolo

        Uh, she’s only one of the best selling artists (albums, videos, tours, you name it) of ALL TIME!

      • MommyPalooza

        which says more about the sheeple in this country than it does about her, really.

      • kellybelly


  • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

    I have to add that there should be no fighting over anyone’s prenup. If its not yours, you can’t argue for it. Just my opinion but if there is already shouting over her money, shouldn’t that raise a serious red flag?

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      Ha, you would think!

      That is all the more reason why I think it’s Portman and Millepied. They have more to negotiate, especially in regards to the baby and who gets to raise it and who pays who child support in the event that their marriage ends in divorce. There are tons of rumors, especially in the tabloids about discord between the two of them and him using her for her star status so I really think this is them.

  • Mmmm

    Jessica Simpson.

  • apple martini

    This screams Portman and Millepied to me. Telling, I think, is that while the woman is named as A list (which Portman would be, with an Oscar), the guy isn’t given any list status at all, not even C/D/F. Meaning he’s not even enough of an entity to warrant getting listed. Having a child involved obviously also makes the need for a pre-nup a lot more imperative than it would be if it were just the two of them.

  • boomboompow

    I agree with the Natalie Portman guesses. By all accounts, he’s just a hanger-on.

  • NYtoLA

    I think j simpleton over Natalie… mainly bc there’s been a severe change in them rushing to the alter to her not being in a rush.

    Unfortunately, if its Natalie, she’s stuck to her dude in some way since he’s her baby’s dad….for the sake of the baby, I hope its not them!

    • suedechik79

      aronofsky is largely rumored to be the real father

      • msp96302

        That would be juicy – maybe they will break up and take a paternity test to prove it. Would a negative paternity test null and void a prenup? Assuming you were basing the prenup on positive paternity?

        Any family law JDs in the room???

      • NYtoLA

        I know there’s loads of rumors going on about Natalie and her current fiance.. BUT.. I would have to say.. If this dude’s not the baby’s father AND those rumors of him using her are real..then Natalie has zero reason to even be with him. So, the prenup thing shouldn’t matter too much.

        I don’t think finding out a baby isn’t yours make a prenup null and void. Mainly because it’s about distributing assets should the marriage fail. Although, you never know what celebs put into those things…

      • apple martini

        I’ve heard that, too. Weren’t the three of them a popular guess for the blind about an actress sitting between her fiance and the guy on the side? It’s also interesting that Black Swan roughly correlates to Aronofsky and Weisz breaking up.

    • NYtoLA

      Also, please note – I do not think Jessica Simpson should actually be an A List type; but there are loads of people considered A List that I don’t agree with..

      Listening and reading reports of recent comments she’s made has led me to believe it’s her.

  • Quanah

    I’m thinking this is Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Jason Trawreck (sp?).

  • lauralee

    Maybe I’m reading too much in the picture but the dollar sign looks like a black swan.. So I’ll go for Portman..

    • OriginalJJ

      No that was my initial reaction too. I suppose this is my guess as well. Jessica Simpson would have been my second guess if I thought she could be considered A list.

      You know, no matter how practical and smart a pre-nup is, I can imagine how uncomfortable it would be to sign on the dotted line of pessimism while trying to plan a happy life with your pregnant fiancee lol.

  • EmeraldCity

    NATALIE PLEASE GET A NEW BF…you dont have to get married because of the baby.

  • karaduff

    Jessica Simpson might have A list name recognition, but she is definitely not A-list. I’m told between x-tina and Portman. Natalie seems too smart to marry a guy who by all accounts she doesn’t get along with that great. She has had many boyfriends over the years and for some reason it appears she is trying to save face because of the baby. But really…who cares? Do you really need to marry an idiot because you are pregnant?

  • karaduff

    Oops…I meant “I’m torn”…not “I’m told”. Nobody tells me anything!! LOL

  • Norcalgal

    I think “hanger on” points to Jessica Simpson and her fashion line. She has far more to lose financially than Portman. Maybe the screamer in the boardroom was Papa Joe.

  • Antaeus

    Nor does she need to fornicate with a guy she’s unwilling to marry!

  • salamanca

    Sounds like Jess Simpson (and her father).

  • sinamin

    This reminds me of a blind a while back about a couple (her being A list) breaking up right after the baby’s birth, and most of the guesses pointed to Natalie.

  • techo555

    I go with Jessica Simpson. While Natalie is definately A-list, Benjamin has his own successful career. Being married to Natalie would help him raise more money and all that to start a dance company, but he will always be their childs father. As such, he’s going to have an in into rich Hollywood and society no matter what. Plus, I don’t think Natalie ever plans to marry him. It was much more for the publicity verses true love. But, Jessicas boyfriend? Without Jessica, he’s nothing. An ex-football player without money or a job. He’s the one who needs to make sure his future is secure.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      “Successful” in regards to Benjamin Millepied is arguable depending on how you look at it. Successful enough in that he got a gig choreographing for Black Swan but not successful enough that people knew who the hell he was before Black Swan. There are rumors abound that he is loving the attention he is getting from being Natalie’s baby daddy and he wants more. He wants to be KNOWN. Perhaps he feels this prenup isn’t giving him enough in the event that their marriage does not last. Maybe she wants primary custody if it doesn’t last and he is fighting for more access to the kid so that he can stay in the spotlight. Who knows?

      i think Jessica simpson is a good guess but I’d put my money on Portman/Millepied.

      • spikekuji

        He’s at the top of his profession. Admittedly, it is a niche profession in terms of name recognition, but he is very well known in the ballet community.

  • starina

    I think Jessica Simpson sounds right.

  • lauralee

    You know Portman is an ultra orthodox Jew and her father was very disappointed she was pregnant and didn’t talk to her for awhile. I assume she feels the pressure to marry her baby’s daddy. I’m sure that wasn’t in her plan but the ultra orthodox Jewish community might have pushed her.