Chef and Singer Redux

CDAN – Honestly, this is getting as god [sic] as the Director’s wife. This female celebrity chef who has been in this space multiple times and has been revealed has had some very interesting other encounters in her past. Apparently she kissed and told all to that singer she was with previously and he has been telling all to anyone who will listen. Recently he told some people that when Star Magazine called his publicist to tell him the story was going to break, our singer told our chef that it would do no good to deny anything happened because there was apparently some security video showing the two of them together. Our singer said he had not spoken to the chef in a few months which was too bad because she gave the best or*l sex he had ever had. The person to whom our singer was relating this story said he had heard the same thing from another singer(former A list leader of a group who also had quite some success with female cast members of a former #1 show). He also added that this very much A list singer of a hit group which is beloved for spending 20 minutes singing one song also enjoyed the favors of our celebrity chef.

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  1. crazyjohn says

    lol i wondering the samething, maybe the writers of the show read the blind items and use as episode of Californication. also make me wonder if Tom Kapinos and Jay Dyer know some we don’t