Chef and Singer Redux

CDAN – Honestly, this is getting as god [sic] as the Director’s wife. This female celebrity chef who has been in this space multiple times and has been revealed has had some very interesting other encounters in her past. Apparently she kissed and told all to that singer she was with previously and he has been telling all to anyone who will listen. Recently he told some people that when Star Magazine called his publicist to tell him the story was going to break, our singer told our chef that it would do no good to deny anything happened because there was apparently some security video showing the two of them together. Our singer said he had not spoken to the chef in a few months which was too bad because she gave the best or*l sex he had ever had. The person to whom our singer was relating this story said he had heard the same thing from another singer(former A list leader of a group who also had quite some success with female cast members of a former #1 show). He also added that this very much A list singer of a hit group which is beloved for spending 20 minutes singing one song also enjoyed the favors of our celebrity chef.

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  1. cindyl says

    Giada, John Mayer and Adam Duritz. Adam had flings with Courtenay C and Jenn A in the past.

    Question for BG: Does the ‘comment in moderation’ mean a correct guess?

    • Sammi says

      I hope so. I’ve had comments modded on previous blinds, so I hope I was right, lol.

      • Mumumumu says

        No wonder she’s so skinny. Must take a lot of energy having so many talents. If you know what I mean.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      As nice a thought as it is, in my experience, a comment in moderation doesn’t mean that the guess is correct. I speculate and frequently add to what another has said and half the time I’m moderated. I’ve never said anything (to my knowledge) inappropriate or off subject to concern BG either so I’m guessing that every comment is assessed per a filter, be it a computer program or BG/BG’s staff.

  2. Sammi says

    It’s still Giada.

    Singer 1: John Mayer, clearly. Only a douche would say what he said.
    Singer 2: Brett Michaels?? I’m guessing Rock of Love is the show.
    Singer 3: The only songs I can think of that were over 20 minutes long were done by Genesis, Pink Floyd, Transatlantic and Dream Theater. I’d be shocked if she was messing with anyone from Genesis, considering that band is like 40 years old. I don’t know the lead singer’s names in any of these bands.

  3. CatGrant says

    3 I’m guessing is Dave Matthews. Their concerts would turn into jame sessions where the same song would go on FOREVER. And the college crowd ate it up.

    I agree with 2 being the Counting Crows guy who dated both Aniston and Cox (crazy)

    1. Obvs John Mayer.


    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      I wouldn’t call Dave Matthew “very much A list.” What are KOL like live? Do they sing any of their songs for 20 minutes?

      • lolo says

        Dave Matthews Band is in the top couple grossing tour acts every year and has won a few Grammys. I think he qualifies.

      • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

        Maybe you’re right. I’m just remembering them from the 90s when I was in college and they were a huge phenomenon. I thought their star had faded, but I stand corrected.

      • Lassie says

        DMB played here at the baseball stadium and you would have thought it was The Second Coming the way the media here carried on! Very much A-list, though I don’t get it…

      • Camembert says

        Dave Matthews Band live shows are notorious for superlong renditions of their songs and the reason why everyone eats it up is because they’re stoned out of their minds and can’t tell the difference between 2 minutes and 20 minutes. Fun shows!

      • tonyc1 says

        No. KOL don’t have extended versions of songs. Unless she’s hooking up with Trey Anastasio, Dave Matthews is a good guess.

      • jenb says

        Giada is scandalous, she should just start her own escort services and forget about being a

    • jonesing says

      And she didn’t get to be that way by herself. Women get dumped on when they do half the crap men do.

  4. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Only 20 minute song I can think of is the one where they baked a cake in the rain and they’ll never have that recipe again but I’m pretty sure the guy who sang that is dead.

    This story has to be on the front page of one of the gossip mags soon -too many people are talking about it.

    • Camembert says

      Donna Summer’s version is only 6 minutes, but there is a 17-minute version that incorporates two other songs into it, called the MacArthur Park Suite. I loves me some Donna Summer. “OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

  5. Opie says

    They are the same but BG’s is written better. I read this on CDAN last night then popped over to BG and read the other one which made more sense. She is one crazy chefy!

    • Violet says

      Yeah, she’s pretty, but she’s also married and has a young child. Her personal life wouldn’t matter if she was single, but she’s cheating on her husband.

  6. Bekah says

    You guys are wayyyy off. This is TOTALLY Ina Garten trying to distract us all from the whole “Too important to spend time with dying children” thingy.

  7. doberdawg says

    Y’all are soooooo wrong! This has Paula Deen and a strategically placed stick of butter written all over it!

  8. karaduff says

    Why is she even married???? How long can she have her cake and eat it too? Her husband is a real sucker to put up with this!

    • OriginalJJ says

      There have long been rumors that Giada is bearding for her husband Todd Thompson. If this is the case, I don’t think he is much of a sucker. Even if it is NOT the case, we really don’t know what they both are cool with in their marriage.

      Sure, if her husband is being blind-sided by her affairs then I feel bad for him and think it might make her a pretty sh*tty wife but I get so riled up by the “Giada is a ho” reaction. I’m not going to slut shame someone because they like to get their freak on. It’s human nature. She’s not the jerkface who is threatening to release some security tape footage.

  9. Sammi says

    LOL I spit my latte on my comp after reading the Ina Garten and Paula Deen comments.

    All I can imagine now is the look of pleasure on Ina Garten’s face after she licks something good off her finger.

  10. heatherl says

    Chef: Giada

    Singer 1: John Mayer—everyones been with him
    Singer 2: Dave Matthews (song that chefy likes is a direct reference to a line in his Live at The Gorge where he plays Song that Jane likes)
    Singer 3: Adam Dirtz- He dated every Friend girl!


  11. The Baker says

    After reading all of these blinds about Chefy & her wild ways I was reminded of an episode of Californication. The episode was called “Vaginatown” and featured this wild & slutty chef w/ a husband & kid @ home. I wonder how many people out in Hollywood know about the sexcapades of Chefy & if this character was based on her?

    Here is a link to the L.A. Times article. Great description of the episode.

    • crazyjohn says

      lol i wondering the samething, maybe the writers of the show read the blind items and use as episode of Californication. also make me wonder if Tom Kapinos and Jay Dyer know some we don’t

  12. meme says

    Does anyone know the deal with Adam Duritz? How did he pull of the best friend switch-a-roo with 2 big TV stars? Not only that but I don’t remember any big deal made about it back then. I just looked up who he’s been with in the past and it is pretty impressive for someone who’s last big hit came from a Shrek movie.