Video of Chefy and Singer

BlindGossip – This petite and perky television chef is getting passed around like yesterday’s leftovers. She not only serviced Singer 1, a famous male singer who is quite the lady-killer. She has also been on her knees for  Singer 2 and Singer 3. Whew! She is supposedly quite the music groupie and quite talented in giving that particular act. Oh, and all three of the Singers know each other and have shared stories about their time with her.

Chefy and her publicist have called Singer 1, threatening legal action if he doesn’t deny everything. Frankly, it’s a hollow threat. Singer 2 (who sings the song that Chefy likes) and Singer 3 (yes, there are a lot of singers to count here!) have already told lots of people about her skills. Also, Singer 1’s manager has a video of Chefy and Singer 1 engaging in some intimate moments at a hotel in New York. Yes, kids, there’s video! Chefy can kiss her marriage goodbye.


Singer 1:

Singer 2:

Singer 3:

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