North and South Unite On Tape

Bossip – This New York rapper “Gets Money” and has been reportedly linked to several other celebrity women: a black cougar, a white cougar, and the two-steppin’ Atlanta “singer” that he allegedly has a s*x tape with. He’s been known to stir up trouble with other MCs from time to time, but is also known to be as charming as he is callous. With his interest now in movies, he hasn’t released an album since 2009, however he’s released a string of songs online that have people talking about his renewed passion for the mic. According to sources this s*x tape is pretty steamy stuff. The southern pop star is said to have a mouthful of man-parts then she takes a “Ride” while unprotected. At this point maybe getting pregnant would actually be good for her career, since no one seems to care about her music anymore.

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