Actress Abandons Puppy

BlindGossip – Which young celebrity should be reported to the humane society? She made a big fuss over a new puppy a while back, bringing it everywhere with her. Then the dog got older and bigger and more unruly, and the novelty wore off. She stopped traveling with it, and after a few indoor accidents, stopped allowing it in the house. The poor pup now spends half its time completely alone in the backyard, sometimes without food and water for the day if the owner forgets about it. The other half of the time, it’s left in a kennel while the owner travels.

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47 comments to Actress Abandons Puppy

  • hmmm

    lindsay. report her!

    • Jenny

      It’s Lauren Conrad. A friend of mine is her neighbor and said she leaves the dog outside all day and the only time anyone walks it is when her PA does it. When the dog was a puppy she always had it around and when it got big she ignored it.

  • Boonie

    That shouldn’t be a blind item – out this person!!

    • MK

      …Yes, pray tell! So not cool to mistreat animals. Train them people!!! If you can’t be bothered trainig your puppy, you shouldn’t have one…

      I’m guessing Blake Lively… She used to be seen with it all the time. Also, wasn’t there another blind on her bringing her puppy to some soiree and it had an “accident” that pissed off some producer/big wig, which she basically ignored to awknowledge/clean up?

      • mandy

        i agree with Boonie. out with the name. no reason to treat an animal so horribly.

      • IamThinking

        I agree with Blake Lively guess. The word “traveling” and “travels” could be related to the movie
        “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” 1 and 2 ; )

  • dreamyvelvet


  • boredatwork

    I say Rihanna. Remember she took her puppy out shopping with her in LA. now it seems the only dog she takes shopping is Chris Brown. hmm

  • e.

    :-( This is so sad.

  • aroundthewayboy

    oh please, dogs are meant to be outside. the only thing wrong here is if she actually doesn’t feed it, although based on the wording it sounds like that MAYBE happened once or twice.

    people need to chill with their freakish “protection” of dogs — get a life!

    • libby

      Dogs are extremely social creatures, and will become very attached to their alpha figure, if the dog spends a lot of time with any one person, especially as a puppy.

      The sadness that dog must feel makes my heart break. It’s okay to have dogs that are mostly outdoors, as long as they’re not tethered and you actually spend time with the dog. But this dog is probably very hurt and confused. And that is wrong.

  • Yan

    I realize this is probably the ‘too easy’ answer but this REEKS of Paris.

  • biggiebigyadig

    What about that one singer from Danity Kane.. What’s her name Aubrey O’Day.. She carried a dog around for awhile, but I haven’t seen her with it in awhile..

    But whoever it is.. They should be ashamed of themselves.. And they can send the dog to me.. I’ll take care of it.

  • biggiebigyadig

    And actually, to a poster above. Some dogs are supposed to be outdoor dogs and some dogs are not. Its just like cats, depends are how they are bred.

  • addled

    i heard something like this about beyonce, but the item said she left the dog at the record company all the time.

    • Jen M

      Yeah I saw something about Beyonce too and her dog Munchie and how she abandoned it.. I know beyonce is an “”actress”” but I really think the blind is a bout a real actress… I second with MK, maybe Blake Lively. I wouldnt exactly call Beyonce “young” either…. I mean she is but u know what I mean!! lol

  • hmmm....

    it doesnt say actress…just says celebrity. i read something like this about beyonce too. probably. shes a bad person.

  • hmmm....

    lol nevermind. duh! the title says actress. beyonce still fits though.

  • ms Sherlock

    Ashley Tisdale. SHe made a big deal of her new puppy”Maui” a year or so ago,brought him everywhere with her….haven’t seen it in a while now… People who don’t take care of thier pets are gross.

  • CMAC

    Mischa Barton!

  • Britney

    Doesn’t Selena have a bigger dog?

  • caro

    paris hilton because she love to buy pets(cat,dog,…)

  • bree


    • MK

      Yeah, I was thinking Paris, but will stick with Blake for now – the blind says the dog got “bigger and more unruly” – it’s gotta be a bigger dog – something other than the “teacup” variety…

  • biggiebigyadig

    it says young celebrity paris is like 27 or 28

  • Britt

    this is absolutely awful and there’s no excuse for even putting this as a blind item…this needs to be outed and the person needs to have the pet taken away and fined. this is disgusting.

  • cece

    How come no one said Britney!? Remember she bought that yorkie from a pet store and the humane society was all up in her biz how they are puppy mill dogs..
    You never see her with a dog anymore.

  • zzz

    definitely ashley tisdale. she gave away her first puppy blondie to her parents when she stopped being cute and replaced her with maui. maui was horribly trained and a nuisance (miley commented that the peed in her bed!)

  • stinkweed

    Where’s that dog that Miley put all the “missing” posters up for??? Couldn’t get any more pap attention with it?

  • Kiki

    I always want the dogs in these things to be dog napped.

  • ms Sherlock

    The dog miley put up posters for was her Aunts dog.

  • ms Sherlock

    I’m serious,this is Ashley Tisdale. When she got her little puppy maui, she brought it onto a swedish tv show,made a big deal of traveling with it, and always carried it when shopping….I haven’t seen the dog in about 8 months now,and x17 still faithfully documents her every move..its so her…horrible.

  • laura

    this is SAD. out this person!

  • well...

    what about jessica simpson? i know she’s not really an actress, but still…

  • Mkate

    it’s probably not Blake Lively, she lives in NYC where she films Gossip Girl and this post talks about a backyard, I highly doubt she has a backyard in Manhattan.

  • BlossomEndRot

    I’m sick of seeing these wonderful creatures being abused, especially by well off and spoiled Hollywood pea brains. Btw, “Aroundtheway” or whoever you are, dogs are not meant to be outside or separated from their family pack. They read that as punishment. In the dog brain, Omega dogs are punished by being separated from the rest of the pack.

  • aroundthewayboy

    I dunno about this Cesar Millan bullcrap — all I can say is I used to work on a cattle ranch, and our ranch dogs seemed just fine. What happened to our society that now we treat dogs the way we used to treat children, and we treat children the way we used to treat babies?

  • Skychick730

    I’m on board with the Ashley Tisdale guess.

  • sillyputti

    please out this person. this is so unfair for a dog to have been used as an accessory and then to be left to fend for itself. not fair.

  • K

    Pleas if u know who this is report them PLEASE!

  • shica

    OK, so whats the point of getting a dog that is going to be left outside all the time and given little or no attention. I HATE that people do this kind of stuff to animals. I can’t imagine any dog enjoying being left alone or outside by itself for hours or days on end. dogs are social animals, just like humans. someone should tie this B up and lock her outside for a few days without any socialization, and see how she likes it.

  • mika

    kelly osborne?

  • JV

    Turn this piece of c* into the ASPCA. What a horrible person.

  • moonbeam

    this sounds like beyonce. there was reports of her leaving her dog somewhere. and she forgot it.