Baby Intentions are Questionable

BuzzFotoThis famous celebrity baby mama is currently trying to adopt a child from another country. She’s doing it with good intentions mostly, but we hear she will be trying to broker a deal with the mags for the first photos in order to use the money to fund her already existing children’s college funds.

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42 comments to Baby Intentions are Questionable

  • Newtsgal

    Mia Farrow?

  • msp96302

    Kate Gosselin

    • Ralphie

      Oh God that’s a good and at the same time HORRIFYING guess. I can’t imagine her having any good intentions though.

      • woowoo

        OMG I heard she said something about adopting a baby when she did the Lopez show. You’re right Ralphie, no good intentions just publicity and $$.

    • Dont Know For Sure

      I certainly hope not, she has 8 kids already.

  • Ralphie

    My first thought was Theresa from RHONJ, but the use of the term baby mama makes me think this is someone who is more known as the male celeb’s sig other and doesn’t have her own $$$. Camilla Alves? Or maybe Katie “Jordan” Price?

  • libby480

    The person who became more famous when she became a “baby mama” is Nicole Richie….

  • escape2

    Melissa Joan Hart

    [link without explanation deleted]

  • kellyj

    Is Angelina in the market for another baby?

  • wykkyd

    Kris Kardashian Jenner? Kendall & Kylie are almost grown & off to college and Bruce will need something to do.

    • NorCalDude

      The Kardashians don’t believe in higher learning/ thinking, let alone college…thanks for the laugh though!

      • wykkyd

        You’re welcome, however…there is precedent there for higher learning. The oldest one – sorry, forget her name – did graduate college. Their father was an attorney. Moreover, somebody in that bunch has the capacity to parlay no real, meaningful talent into a fortune, so dummies they’re not.

  • Mumumumu

    Can I just say I’m totally addicted to this website?

    And the celebrity has to be Kate Gosselin. Feel sorry for the baby already.

  • Elfie

    There’s been a lot of speculation around the Jolie-Pitt family. Maybe them.

  • sheshe123

    It’s Kate…going to get another baby, she needs the $$$$

  • sheshe123

    P.S. Jolie-Pitt’s have TONS of cash

    • lcl22

      they all have tons of cash Angelina’s done it before though I don’t know how much another baby pic from her is worth

  • Mardy Bum


  • lcl22

    Katherine Heigl?

  • dee123

    I’ll guess Gosselin as well, hope the kid likes cameras.

    • luvprue1

      I can see Kate doing something like that. But would they allow her to adopt a child when she already have so many?

      • Sammi

        I’m sure they’ll let her have one if they’ve never seen her show or her nasty attitude on DWTS.

  • LipstickGirl

    You are right luvprue1, most countries have a limit to how many children under eighteen are already in the house hold. Single parents unfortunetly are usually a no-no also. So Kate G should be rules out. If Kate G considers adding another child to her family she is crazy than I ever thought.

    • MamaCat

      I thought I read that her & Jon were going to get back together, so maybe the single parent thing isn’t an issue.

  • pepperk

    My thought as well. I read about her wanting up to did, but for now she wants to adopt.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    If it is Kate (please no for her and the other kids sake) she might be one of those women (or men) that really like the baby stage so much that they keep wanting to have another child just for that part.

    • cincinnatikate

      So, I think its Denise richards and she ended up with this American Baby…. reported today she just adopted a baby girl..

  • stolidog

    Tori Spelling. It can’t be somebody famous, famous, because they’d hardly need to set up a college fund for the kids.
    It could also be Kate, but child welfare services better swoop in before any of this goes down.

  • Scorpio13

    camille grammer

  • dizzygirl

    Kate would do anything for more exposure and more money. The state of PA established college funds for her existing children but she still needs to fund them. And she will happily sell both the pictures and the baby down the river if it will make her more money.

  • Jade

    Kate Gosling is a good guess, and the country I could see her wanting to adopt from is Japan because of the tsunami.

  • lauralee

    Melissa Joan Hart..

  • lovesit

    please don’t tell me this is octomumma!?!?

  • webgirl1

    Jenny McCarthy? But she’s not a baby-mama, but she became successful with those Belly Laughs, Baby Laughs, etc books. At least this person is going to put the $$ into the kids’ college funds.