Actor Turns Stalker

BuzzFoto – We have a D List Actor with add*ction problems that has a new obsession. He met a beautiful, young C List television actress at a recent Red Carpet event and maybe spoke two words to her. He was somehow able to obtain her personal information from a friend. He’s now showed up at her house several times, sent her email after email, sent n*ked pics of himself via text and might have even followed her car once or twice. She initially thought she could deal with him herself but now she is considering getting the police involved. 512

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40 comments to Actor Turns Stalker

  • wpolochick

    Kaley Cuoco for the actress, but the guy could be anyone.

  • Wembley1

    D list with add*ction problem says Andy D*ck to me. (that would get moderated right?)

  • Faye

    Yikes. Andy D*ck?

  • funnygirl23

    I don’t know who this could be, I hope she DOES go to the police! That’s creepy and scary!

  • seedling

    This could be Corey Feldman at the Stand by Me reunion. As for the woman? No idea. RIP River <3

    • LooLoo

      OMG, that is the exact person and event I was thinking of.

      • Erin

        SAME!!! And picture looks JUST like him. I wasn’t sure which Corey was still alive…I’m a pathetic child of the 80’s/90’s that could never differentiate between the two.

    • Stinkweed

      That’s exactly who popped into my mind. The picture looks like him, too.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        I’m clearly not the only person who thought of Corey Feldman as soon as I saw that pic. lol

    • auntmidgee

      I was thinking the same – even before the picture. He seems so intense and unstable on tv and I just saw a pic of him on tmz where he was on the red carpet. I hope the girl gets the protection she needs.

  • Elfie

    Is Macauly Culkin D List?
    Maybe Alex Pettyfer?

  • SheilaK

    No clue, but the guy in the pic kind of looks like Cory Feldman. (Or is it Haim) I get them confused.

  • Nika

    That’s quite creepy.
    But I wish there were more (or at least some) clues…I’m completely lost here. I really like the Kaley Cuoco guess for the tv actress though

  • Ralphie

    Andy Dick is definitely a D Lister with addiction problems…but don’t think he’s been invited to any red carpet events since he was thrown out of th AVN awards in Jan.

    What about Emmy Rossum for the C list actress? She’s been around a lot promoting Shameless. I know she did movies too but right now is known more for TV.

  • treyc

    What about the pretty daughter on Modern Family and maybe Corey Feldman or Andy Dick? How old is the daughter on Modern Family?

    • FzFz

      She’s 20, name is Sarah Hyland. She’s also the one that tweeted she was creeped out that Charlie Sheen was following her on twitter

  • Jade

    Edward Furlong as the D lister. Does he even still go to red carpets?

  • Scorpio13

    Tom Arnold for something different.

  • dee123

    If it’s Gary Busey, i would be running for the hills.

    • mrsjaymack

      Lmao this is a funny thought. I could totally picture him outside her window, reciting his little acronyms.

  • oreily85

    I have no idea who it is BUT is the “Red Carpet” a clue? why is the R and C capitalised? Has Red Riding Hood had a premiere yet? Someone from that movie maybe?

  • sweetcheeks

    It’s Edward F., and the actress is Sophia Bush… I saw pics of the red carpet and she was really the only C-list tv actress there… BG uses the number “2” twice in this… makes me think of Terminator 2, which was his first big role. BG also uses “1” which makes me think of Sophia’s show, One Tree Hill… as well as the bushes in the picture, are like her last name.

  • sweetcheeks

    btw when I said I saw pics of the red carpet I forgot to say “at his movie premiere for The Green Hornet” lollollol sorry I don’t post much…

  • bananas

    Feldman, Dick and Furlong are all great guesses…I have to say Andy was the first that came to mind. Yuck they are all so gross! I hope this girl is smart enough to get some help with this sitch.

  • Barry

    stalking is no joke. she should get the cops involved. i had a girl stalk me in college (she was in HS) and it freaked me out even though i knew she was just a little nuts. she was able to get her brother to leave me weird messages and whatnot. it was scary.
    call the cops, asap.

  • Newtsgal

    Bob Seget

  • Stinkweed

    Whoever the actress is, she should immediately forward the pictures to TMZ, lol!

  • Realitee

    Yeah she should just call TMZ and the Hellyweird Hounds would be all over this guy. Problem solved.

  • bchbch70

    haha…my first thought was Charlie Sheen. But I guess he’s considered A-list now? (insert eye roll here) Corey Feldman was my next guess. I see a lot of ppl thought the same thing! lol

  • stolidog

    that guy that played the gardener on desperate housewives. the last time he was “in love” he got a twelve inch tatoo of the girl on his arm (they broke up of course). I wouldn’t mind seeing the pictures though……

  • jenb

    Someone please calll 911

  • apple martini

    I think it’s either Feldman or Furlong. The photo LOOKS like Feldman, but the sunglasses also remind me of Terminator shades, you know? Neither would surprise me.

  • mssk

    The photo looks like Nathan Fillion from Castle but I can’t picture him stalking anyone.