Egotistical Singer is a Divo

BossipWhat R&B Star Is Quite The Divo? Starring in big budget flicks has turned one cocoa-colored star into quite the drama king. According to sources, the well-built crooner arrived to a recent shoot several hours late, apologized for his tardiness — then unleashed his list of wants. “He was kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” says a source.

“He was going out of his way to seem polite initially, but then started making a bunch of demands. It was kind of funny and phony.” His biggest request? Speakers so he could listen to music while he was prepped for hair and make-up. Guess that wouldn’t have been too bad except he made the entire set listen to his album… on repeat… for the entire shoot. He also sang his songs all afternoon. “That got old quickly,” adds the source. “Everyone thought it was hilarious.” Hopefully, too much success won’t transform the star much more.

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34 comments to Egotistical Singer is a Divo

  • The One and Only


  • Scorpio13

    Ditto on Tyrese

  • Lizzard1012

    At first, I didn’t think Tyrse would be considered R and B, but I guess he is. My guess is TOTALLY him! He has a new album coming out this summer titled Open Invitation, and the big budget flicks would be the Transformers franchise… Also, they said “too much success won’t TRANSFORM the star…”

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      Good catch on the “transform” clue! Yeah it’s gotta be him. I see others are guessing Ne-Yo and 50cent but Ne-Yo hasn’t been in any big budget flicks beside Stomp the Yard if you can even count that…and 50cent is not an R&B singer, he’s a rapper. So ditto on Tyrese!

  • jcmimitaz2


  • sinamin

    Who has starred in big budget flicks? I haven’t got a clue, you guys need to help me.

  • bernergirl

    Tyrese….He starred in all The Transformers movies! “Left cheek! Left cheek! Left cheek!”

  • Peace247

    I was going to say Ne-yo since he was just in Battle: LA. But if Tyrese is a singer then I would go with him.

  • mama

    I think Ne-Yo is a better guess… Tyrese has been around forever- not that that makes him immune to divo behavior, but based on the BI it just seems like it would be someone with more recent success that let it go to their head.

  • Jade

    I was thinking Jamie Foxx.

    • Elfie

      I think he was an actor before being a rapper(?) IDK lol

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        I agree. I’m pretty sure he was a stand-up comedian who incorporated music into his acts and also started out on In Living Color and some sitcom that I can’t recall the name of. I think most people think of him as an actor who can sing.

    • mannix

      Yes! There was a story I read about him once. He was going to a club and had a big hit out at the time. When he got there he made one of his boys take a CD of the hit to the DJ booth and demand the DJ play it. The DJ did so and when the song came on J.F. had his entourage act like they were trying to get a very humble J.F. to take the stage and sing. What a jerk.

  • Elfie

    I tough of 50cent, or Chris Brown. He has being in a few movies… Don’t knw if they’ve being succesful tho..

  • stolidog

    fiddy the fool.

  • mchaffee205

    Ludacris…he was in Crash…or hasn’t T.I. been in some movies?

  • Salmana

    Definitely sounds like Tyrese with the Transform clue!

  • nnicole

    Mekhi Phifer was originally a rapper signed to Warner Brothers Records
    here is his IMBD page info:

  • Addictedtotext

    R and B is far from Rap or Hip Hop guys…

    Who listens to R&B anymore though?
    Looking at what Wikipedia has to say [deleted link without explanation]
    I’d guess John Legend. He seems like he could be the type.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      Yeah, everyone keeps naming rappers. Being black does not automatically make someone an R&B singer! lol
      That being said, it can’t be John Legend cuz he hasn’t starred in any big budget movies. It’s gotta be Tyrese. He’s been in Four Brothers, Legion, 2 Fast 2 Furious and both Transformers movies.

    • krys

      I agree- rap and r&b are not the same.
      I listen to R&B tho :)
      and Tyrese seems about right although hasn’t he only had like 2 popular songs? At least with someone like Ne-yo you’d get a few good, popular songs and not a bunch of crap ones that never were good enough to be singles lol

    • Sammi

      R&B never gets old. I, however, have given up on rap.

    • Addictedtotext

      are links not allowed? i had a link to a wikipedia article, and the subject of the article was in the link and I said right before that I was looking at what they had to say.
      I’m new and there is no FAQ on the matter. (or that I’ve seen)

  • Whatzmyname

    Jamie Foxx.

  • knickers

    The photo and “transform” make me think Tyrese.

  • VodkaIsAFoodGroup

    Definitely Tyrese! Cocoa-colored=Coca Cola…his first debut was the commercial for Coca Cola! BTW long time lurker, first time poster!

  • Guyinatlanta


  • mukmu


  • nothing but the truth

    the word cocoa gives this away. also they say he is well built and starred in block buster movies the obvious answer is WILL SMITH