Snorter Wore a Pink Tank Top


RadarOnlineThe drama surrounding a young Hollywood actress caught on camera snorting c*caine may be moving into the legal arena. broke the news that a mystery star was seen snorting c*ke in a sensational video that made a brief appearance on YouTube and elsewhere on the Web before being taken down.

And while that report sparked a frenzied guessing game about the identity of the actress, it appears that an extortion claim could be made and turn the video into evidence in a potential criminal investigation.

Comments under the posting of the video indicated that the person who put the video on the web was in contact with the actresses’ inner circle and seeking payment to keep the star’s identity secret.

And has learned exclusively that when the video was shopped, the person who said they owned the footage also claimed to have contacted the actresses’ family and indicated that the tape could be kept off the market for payment.

That could certainly spark a law enforcement investigation if the actress and her advisors decided to proceed. saw a small clip of the footage, which was touted by the source as “footage that makes the Miley Cyrus bong video look like a Disney movie” but had all the faces blurred to protect their anonymity.

In the clip, a young brunette wearing a pink tank top and a black and white cardigan is seen sitting at a table lined with mounds of c*caine and rolled up $100 bills used for snorting.

“There is more than one famous person in the footage,” a source told

But approaching a celebrity and asking for money to keep potentially damaging video out of the public eye can be construed as extortion. It is not known if the mystery person selling the tape posted the potentially incriminating statement under the now-removed YouTube videos. But it is clear that a person representing to own the footage told a media outlet that he had contacted the actresses’ family, indicating he wanted money for the tape.


It’s Chelsea Kane! Source: RadarOnline

My, how those Disney girls love their white powder!

Of course, Disney star and Dancing with the Stars contestant Chelsea King denies that’s it’s her and co-star Nicole Anderson on the tape. She said as much during a radio interview this morning. You can listen to the full audio denial here.

However, RadarOnline has seen the tape, and if they say this blind gossip item is Solved, it’s Solved.

Disney star and Dancing with the Stars contestant Chelsea Kane is the latest young starlet to be fingered in a scandalous c*caine video, but has obtained audio of Kane adamantly denying that it’s her.

“That bums me out hard core because it’s not me, and the other girl that they’re suggesting in the video is my co-star Nicole Anderson,” Kane said Tuesday morning during a radio interview when asked about the alleged video.

“It’s just such a bummer because our faces are pixilated and it’s just so obvious that someone is trying to start some controversy.”

A small clip of the said video was viewed by after the source who has it said it was “footage that makes the Miley Cyrus b*ng video look like a Disney movie.”

“There is more than one famous person in the footage,” the source told

But 22-year-old Kane told Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning that although this is the first time she’s been at the center of a scandal, it’s not likely that she will take any legal action.

“The hard part is it’d be different if I got caught doing something really bad and it was like, oh man, how do I deal with this?” Kane said.

“But it’s frustrating when you have to defend yourself against something that didn’t happen and that wasn’t you.”

The Starstruck actress notes that it’s especially tough on the wholesome image she’s trying to keep up.

“When you’re going into a show like this [Dancing with the Stars] and coming from such a wholesome network, it’s really frustrating,” she said.

“I was actually in rehearsal and had several missed calls from my mom…and she said, ‘Are you seeing this on the Internet?’ and was devastated. I can say 100% hands down it’s not me.”

Whoever the mystery girl turns out to be, she’ll be joining the hall of shame with a slew of young actresses who have been caught in a scandal recently: Miley Cyrus caught on camera taking a hit from a b*ng, Demi Lovato entering a rehab treatment facility and Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing legal issues and add*ction battles.

Allegedly, this is an alleged screen cap from the alleged tape of the alleged parties. We’ve allegedly blurred their alleged faces.


Congratulations to Britt for being first with the correct guess! The rest of you can apologize to Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens the next time you see them.

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77 comments to Snorter Wore a Pink Tank Top

  • AnMaSt

    Demi Lovato

    She is the first one to come my mind.

    • aeduko

      This is a no brainer. There were talks of videos starring her prior to her rehab stint, and while she was in I think I recall something about her family in a legal swivet over something.

      So, yes, I think it’s got to be her. Only question is who are the rest of them, particularly the person who used the n word?

      • luvprue1

        They didn’t mention anyone saying the N word in the blind, so where did you hear that from?

    • bananas

      but she’s a singer, not an actress…right?
      I heard bits and pieces about Dakota Fanning being into that in one of yesterday’s blinds..she’s definitely young Hollywood.

      • Dangerousmess

        I definitely think this is Demi! I remember being a bunch of rumors a little before she entered rehab about a video of her doing coke was about to surface and I’m sure I read that on Radar. I also think one of the lines was “She was doing it like a pro, definitely was not the first time she did it.” So I’m pretty sure this is Demi and bringing Miley into this has a connection. She did Barney, as the bell rings, Camp Rock and her Disney series Sonny with a chance. She was an actress before singer.

      • Dangerousmess

        That comment was suppose to be a reply to AnMaSt not bananas, sorry.

      • bananas

        But wasn’t that just Nickelodeon or Disney tv stuff?? The blind says young Hollywood actress which makes me think they’re writing about a REAL actress…Demi is not fitting.

      • Be careful. You’re taking silly guesses by “commenters” about Dakota on other places and considering them some sourced base reality. They’re not.

      • webgirl1

        Dakota is blonde though.

      • Addictedtotext

        not a brunette though.

      • CanadianSheDevil

        Demi did have her own Disney Show and she was in a movie with the Jonas brothers.

    • luvprue1

      I think it’s Demi Lovato too. However didn’t she just come out of rehab?

  • Yuolala

    Demi Lovato..

    About a week Before Radaronline posted the Blind item

    a site put up the video with the blurred faces…stating it was Demi was also on youtube…
    but quickly got deleted.

    The owner of the video allegedly threaten Demi to pay up or he/she will unveil her identity to eh world soon.

  • bananas

    Nevermind..i forgot about the brunette part. Can’t be Fanning. Isn’t Ashley Tisdale a brunette now?

  • Wasn’t there a blind about some explosive secret probation violation for Lindsay Lohan? Something that the judge wouldn’t be able to ignore? Maybe that’s what this is.

  • DEE233


  • Steel

    My guess from the get-go was Vanessa Hudgens. A whole bunch of naked pics were just stolen from her, and this could be among what was stolen.

  • Seanx40

    Having watched the video…that blurred face sure sounded EXACTLY like Lovato. And her friends are vile racists as well.

  • Britt

    It’s Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson.
    The girls on that JONAS show.

  • funnygirl23

    I think it’s Demi Lovato. The other famous person could be Joe Jonas, he was “dating” her before she went to rehab (maybe it’s a pre-rehab video).

  • webgirl1

    Kristen Stewart? She’s young and brunette. Though the cocaine part wouldn’t surprise me, I can’t imagine her wearing pink.

  • bananas

    You guys- Demi Lovato is NOT a Hollywood actress!
    This HAS to be someone else.

    • Hollywoodzen

      Yes she is. She has always worked (acting-wise) in Hollywood, and while she is also a singer, she was an actress first. It would be too obvious if they said “Disney” actress, and she doesn’t work in New York or out of the country, so “Hollywood actress” fits. She was originally from Texas but her family spends most (if not all) of their time in LA now.

  • Scorpio13

    Emma Roberts

    • jenb

      I think her dad has a tight grip on her, but she can get away with a few things behind his back,.

    • Brooke

      Sadly after looking at the video and screenshot, I’m afraid you may be right. It’s really sad b/c I felt like she could of had a huge career, but her partying has been out of hand for awhile now from what I’ve read.

  • Elfie

    Brunette and young Hollywood actresses..
    Kirsten Stewart, Camilla Belle, Ashley Greene?

    Or maybe some were from Disney and Nick…
    Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, Vannesa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale??

    • webgirl1

      It looks like someone with hair at least halfway down her back so that would rule out Kristen, Camilla and Ashley. Miranda’s hair is black and this person looked like she was brown so I would say either Victoria, Vanessa or Ashley T, but Victoria is Latina so I can’t imagine her hanging with people who would use racial slurs, but you never know.

  • stephisblonde

    I think it’s Emma Roberts. I’ve read somewhere (and wish I could remember where) that she has let fame go to her head and has been making some poor choices.

  • La Llorona

    Did anyone see this?

    [link without explanation deleted]

    • La Llorona

      wtf, weird, anyway, I posted a link to a story on Jezebel showing that over 50 female celebrities were targeted by hackers, many of them having their private videos and pictures stolen. And the names were mentioned as well as to who were the celebs. I was suggesting that perhaps one of the celebs listed might have been a clue to the blind here.

  • sarahbella246

    I saw the video. It doesn’t look anything like Demi, even with the blurred face. It looks like Nicole Anderson (and the girl with her in the video MIGHT be Chelsea Kane) from JONAS and Jonas L.A. on Disney.

  • Tru Tru2

    looks like Vanessa H. to me, her or Selena Gomez.

  • dee123

    It really doesn’t look like Lovato to me, more like Gomez.

  • bettydee81

    I think this might be Lea Michele. Might explain how she has lost so much weight. I have tried looking up pictures of her wearing that ring. Either way, it seems like it’s Lea or Demi. Plus radar had this to say:
    “The unidentified starlet is just the latest in a string of young actresses who have been caught in a scandal recently: Miley Cyrus caught on camera taking a hit from a bong, Demi Lovato entering a rehab treatment facility and Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing legal issues and addiction battles.

    Seems like another young star is about to join their infamous hall of shame.”

    • bettydee81

      Then again, the picture BG has posted with this headline reminds me of Ashley Greene. Sorta resembles her with short hair in twilight. Also explains the convenient timing of her break up with Joe Jonas, even though their relationship was for show, he wouldn’t want to be involved with any of this mess since he is supposed to be so pure and innocent.

      • webgirl1

        The brunette in the vid has very long hair and Ashley’s hair hasn’t been that long in quite awhile. It looks like she’s got either a side ponytail or has all her hair forward over one shoulder. You can get a better look at about 17 secs in the vid.

  • webgirl1

    Just for something different, I’m going to say Nina Dobrev.

  • Greta

    Just read that Vanessa H met with the FBI to discuss leaks of nude pics, maybe it was really for this?

    • La Llorona

      That’s what I was trying to say above as well. My link got deleted though, but there were several celebrities targeted. I think it was hackers that got into their cell phone accounts.

  • boomboom

    Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

  • boomboom

    Demi Lovato, Mariah Buzolin, and
    Keith Carlise

  • YourMother

    Um, the blind says brunette, isn’t this Chelsea person clearly a blonde?

  • CatGrant

    Confused. The blind said she was blackmailed – which means the first time she heard about the video wouldn’t have been her mom telling her she saw it on the internet.

    So either this girl is lying or I don’t see how it’s her.

    • Miss Dixie

      maybe it was the brunette in the background being blackmailed and this is the blonde in the foreground.

  • Yuolala

    “It’s just such a bummer because our faces are pixilated and it’s just so obvious that someone is trying to start some controversy.”

    Interesting in the interview she said “our faces” not “their faces”’s her.

  • Lassie

    I never heard of either of these “actresses”! That’s what’s passing for celebrities now? Despite her outraged denial, she sounds like one great big fat liar, don’t believe a word of it.

    • UncleEntity

      Yes, I totally agree with you. I was thinking the same thing. I have no idea who these people are. I love how it is so “sensational”. Really?

  • La Llorona

    “The rest of you can apologize to Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens the next time you see them.”


  • dee123

    Exactly La Llorona, exactly.

  • La Llorona

    Also, BG, that link to the audio is borked, you might wanna fix it!

  • sarahbella246

    knew it!

  • BrightStar

    I think it’s interesting that she only just NOW responded (this story hit last week or something) and that she’s “not taking any legal action” against the allegations.

    Makes you wonder if she didn’t, between then and now, work out some legal agreement with the blackmailer that involved a pay-off, under the condition that the film would be destroyed and they’d shut up.

    Then she’d be free to deny deny deny, say she was taking no legal action, people were ruining her wholesome image, and it was all a big conspiracy.

  • shabbychic

    Who?? Maybe it’s my old age, but I’ve never heard of these young’uns.

  • Stinkweed

    What girls that age drink martinis?

  • childeroland

    Um, how is this a solve? She says she didn’t do it, there’s no independent confirmation that it’s her, and Radar hasn’t said it’s her, only that she is adamantly denying a rumor. And a few weeks ago, everyone was convinced they “knew” the girl on the tape is Demi. As one of the Mojo guys asked, why hasn’t the owner if the video tried to sell it for more money if it involves two celebrities. UNSOLVED.