Snorter Wore a Pink Tank Top


RadarOnlineThe drama surrounding a young Hollywood actress caught on camera snorting c*caine may be moving into the legal arena. broke the news that a mystery star was seen snorting c*ke in a sensational video that made a brief appearance on YouTube and elsewhere on the Web before being taken down.

And while that report sparked a frenzied guessing game about the identity of the actress, it appears that an extortion claim could be made and turn the video into evidence in a potential criminal investigation.

Comments under the posting of the video indicated that the person who put the video on the web was in contact with the actresses’ inner circle and seeking payment to keep the star’s identity secret.

And has learned exclusively that when the video was shopped, the person who said they owned the footage also claimed to have contacted the actresses’ family and indicated that the tape could be kept off the market for payment.

That could certainly spark a law enforcement investigation if the actress and her advisors decided to proceed. saw a small clip of the footage, which was touted by the source as “footage that makes the Miley Cyrus bong video look like a Disney movie” but had all the faces blurred to protect their anonymity.

In the clip, a young brunette wearing a pink tank top and a black and white cardigan is seen sitting at a table lined with mounds of c*caine and rolled up $100 bills used for snorting.

“There is more than one famous person in the footage,” a source told

But approaching a celebrity and asking for money to keep potentially damaging video out of the public eye can be construed as extortion. It is not known if the mystery person selling the tape posted the potentially incriminating statement under the now-removed YouTube videos. But it is clear that a person representing to own the footage told a media outlet that he had contacted the actresses’ family, indicating he wanted money for the tape.


It’s Chelsea Kane! Source: RadarOnline

My, how those Disney girls love their white powder!

Of course, Disney star and Dancing with the Stars contestant Chelsea King denies that’s it’s her and co-star Nicole Anderson on the tape. She said as much during a radio interview this morning. You can listen to the full audio denial here.

However, RadarOnline has seen the tape, and if they say this blind gossip item is Solved, it’s Solved.

Disney star and Dancing with the Stars contestant Chelsea Kane is the latest young starlet to be fingered in a scandalous c*caine video, but has obtained audio of Kane adamantly denying that it’s her.

“That bums me out hard core because it’s not me, and the other girl that they’re suggesting in the video is my co-star Nicole Anderson,” Kane said Tuesday morning during a radio interview when asked about the alleged video.

“It’s just such a bummer because our faces are pixilated and it’s just so obvious that someone is trying to start some controversy.”

A small clip of the said video was viewed by after the source who has it said it was “footage that makes the Miley Cyrus b*ng video look like a Disney movie.”

“There is more than one famous person in the footage,” the source told

But 22-year-old Kane told Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning that although this is the first time she’s been at the center of a scandal, it’s not likely that she will take any legal action.

“The hard part is it’d be different if I got caught doing something really bad and it was like, oh man, how do I deal with this?” Kane said.

“But it’s frustrating when you have to defend yourself against something that didn’t happen and that wasn’t you.”

The Starstruck actress notes that it’s especially tough on the wholesome image she’s trying to keep up.

“When you’re going into a show like this [Dancing with the Stars] and coming from such a wholesome network, it’s really frustrating,” she said.

“I was actually in rehearsal and had several missed calls from my mom…and she said, ‘Are you seeing this on the Internet?’ and was devastated. I can say 100% hands down it’s not me.”

Whoever the mystery girl turns out to be, she’ll be joining the hall of shame with a slew of young actresses who have been caught in a scandal recently: Miley Cyrus caught on camera taking a hit from a b*ng, Demi Lovato entering a rehab treatment facility and Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing legal issues and add*ction battles.

Allegedly, this is an alleged screen cap from the alleged tape of the alleged parties. We’ve allegedly blurred their alleged faces.


Congratulations to Britt for being first with the correct guess! The rest of you can apologize to Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens the next time you see them.

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