Actor’s Head Is Up His Butt

CDAN – This former C list actor who had one big part in a movie and has tried to keep his fame going without much success has his head so far up his own butt it is unbelievable. This actor, wears a t-shirt from his movie so people knows who he is. Second, he has an assistant. Why? “I’m famous. I can’t go out. People will mob me.” Then why do you have to wear the damn t-shirt so people even know who you are.

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51 comments to Actor’s Head Is Up His Butt

  • amelia

    pauley shore? movie being encino man

  • amelia

    ehh, I forgot about bio dome, and you can’t blame me for forgetting it!

    • Who me

      Could you please tell me your secret about how to forget a movie with Pauley shore? I’ve been trying for years.

      • islandgirl

        LOL! I loved that!

      • FenPhen

        You clearly are not enjoying Pauly Shore movies as they are intended to be – completely effing stoned out of your gourd.

        They aren’t fit for consumption in any other way! You have to kill your brain cells quickly with a hit of reefer beforehand, or else they die a painful, agonizing, approximately 90-minute-long death.

      • FenPhen

        …with the added benefit of not really remembering any part of the movie….

  • davew

    Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite perhaps?

    • luvprue1

      I like the Napoleon Dynamite guess. But I’m going to go with Efren Ramirez who played Pedro Sánchez in ND.

      • Opiesgal

        I have heard that Efren is a very nice guy so I’d be surprised if it was him but Jon Heder did first come to mind I must admit. However he was in “Blades Of Glory” with whatshisname after that.

    • CatGrant

      I like the JH guess. I can see him wearing the Vote For Pedro shirt.

    • Violet

      I dunno, Jon didn’t have a “big part” in a movie, he was the star. Plus, JH is very recognizable, I don’t think he’d have to wear a shirt to be noticed. The “big part” wording makes me think the BI subject wasn’t the star, but a supporting actor.

  • Iwonder

    No idea, more clues please!!!

  • slimfast10

    LMAO at that hysterical picture BG, don’t know who it is, but that picture is great!!!

  • JacKe

    Whoever the douche is, that is one awesome picture, BG.

  • cassand

    stephen dorff

  • msp96302

    Billy Zane from Titanic??

  • UncleEntity

    The guy from Napolean Dynomite….Vote for Pedro.

  • insider1970

    I will give it a try and guess Brandon Routh aka “Superman”. There were a lot of Superman T-shirts with Brandon’s face on them made for marketing purposes back in the day so it could very well be one of those that he keeps wearing just to remind people!

  • Ralphie

    I think former might hint to longer ago…80s maybe? I’ll go with Alex Winter from Bill and Ted.

    I do like the Pedro guesses.

  • juliya

    Danny Trejo from Machete. There are pics of him wearing the Machete t-shirt in public.

  • the great chrysanthemum

    I doubt it’s Danny he is a cult figure with a huge hispanic and guy fan base and is surely a B, he as been in more movies than most A listers and is very happy with his career. He has turned down several TV series because he prefers the time off movie work gives him.

    • jonesing

      I would volunteer to be Trejo’s assistant. Rugged and funny. Did anyone see him in Bubble Boy?

  • tonyc1

    It did make me think of either Jon Heder or Efren Ramirez as others have mentioned (mainly the shirt ref). But Efren was on Eastbound and Down last season and is still working. Jon was in several other “big” movies (eg Blades of Glory). No way it’s Danny Trejo; he’s been a character actor forever. So, I’ll stick with Heder or Ramirez.

  • jenb

    Whoever it is they are desperate for fame

  • Miss Dixie


  • Scorpio13

    Tom Arnold (more like D lister) and the movie “True Lies”.

  • APlusFour

    how about Jesse SocialNetworkBerg?

  • karaduff

    I think it is Cuba Gooding Jr…I’ve read that he will yell “Show me the Money!” for anybody who asks.

  • dee123

    Crispin Glover?

    • shannonhumphreys

      No way. Crispin Glover has been around forever and been in a ton of things. All the Back to the Future Movies, Starred in Willard, and has had small parts in tons of movies going back decades. I don’t know who this is, but it isn’t Crispin Glover.

  • It says FORMER C-list actor. And that’s starting out pretty low. So I think it has to be from a bit of time ago – not just yesterday. And it definitely implies making a splash in just one flick (although he could of had bit parts here and there).

    I mean could that be Pedro? I’ve seen him spoof that role in other movies – and he’s probably only identifiable from that – but was he even a C then? I think this has to be something else.

  • yeppers

    What about Christopher Mintz-Plasse, otherwise known as “McLovin” from Superbad?
    Granted, he’s done Kick-Ass and Role Models, but Superbad is definitely his most known role. I can’t imagine him as anything other than C-list.

  • KellyinNY

    Wes Bentley from American Beauty. Just for shizz & giggles. He was in Ghost Rider, but I can’t think of anything else recently – or, more importantly – of relevance that he’s been in recently.

  • SallyBride

    I was going along with Pauly Shore, but i think he understands he’s not that appealing. But i could totally see Tom Arnold being like this.

  • Chris Kline from American Pie

  • centexboiz

    Pauly Shore has an Adult show and is pretty well known in non entertainment circles so he’s doing okay for a d- lister. I’m going with one of the American Pie dudes.

  • Caz1310

    Guys this is Hayden Christensen. He killed the Star Wars movie franchise with his superb acting. Can’t you see him wearing an Anakin t-shirt fending off hecklers “I am so a jedi! You’re just jealous! I’m the chosen one. Jar Jar Binks was special!”. He was in Jumper and what else since?