Co-Stars Are Feuding on the Set


BlindGossip – Several years ago, Celeb 1 was the star of a TV show. Although she never worked with Celeb 2, Celeb 2 publicly said some nasty things about her (complete with animal sounds).

The years passed. The two are now working together on the same TV show. Unfortunately, Celeb 1 never forgot those nasty comments, and is still holding a grudge. It’s creating quite a bit of tension on the set. Celeb 1 avoids talking or interacting with Celeb 2, and refuses to be photographed with her unless it is a cast photo. What is Celeb 2 doing about this? Well, she isn’t quite done talking. Celeb 2 is planning to unload a whole new barrage of mean girl gossip about Celeb 1 in the near future about Celeb 1’s questionable business dealings.

Celeb 1:

Celeb 2:

Television Show:


Celeb 1: Kirstie Ally

Celeb 2: Wendy Williams

Television Show: Dancing With The Stars

Source: BlindGossip

Even though Kirstie has been kind enough to appear as a guest on the Wendy Williams Show, Wendy still pulled a mean girl by “mooing” like a cow when someone mentioned Kirstie’s name to her.  Kirstie heard about it and started dodging photo shoots with Wendy during DWTS.

Wendy Williams, we know you read, so we’ll address this to you personally: You have a bit of nerve poking fun at Kirstie Alley for her weight, as your own weight has varied considerably over the years. Try to be nicer about people who have shared your struggle. A public apology to Kirstie would be best, but we’re sure you’ll figure out something (just don’t send a muffin basket). Thanks in advance.

BTW, the “questionable business dealings” are the alleged ties between Kirsti Alley’s weight loss company and the Church of Scientology.

Congratulations to MEME and 4SIX2, who were first and second with the correct guesses!


Funny Man Gets a Better Face

BlindGossip – This funny actor isn’t that old, but he has been complaining to his friends about how self-conscious he  is about seeing his face age on screen. So, he recently had a mid-face lift, blepharoplasty on his lower eyes, as well as some botox and collagen. He is still able to make decent facial expressions, but the middle of his face is a bit frozen and overly smooth. While he might not be able to play a college student, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. He looks pretty good… as long as he’s not naked.

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