Co-Stars Are Feuding on the Set


BlindGossip – Several years ago, Celeb 1 was the star of a TV show. Although she never worked with Celeb 2, Celeb 2 publicly said some nasty things about her (complete with animal sounds).

The years passed. The two are now working together on the same TV show. Unfortunately, Celeb 1 never forgot those nasty comments, and is still holding a grudge. It’s creating quite a bit of tension on the set. Celeb 1 avoids talking or interacting with Celeb 2, and refuses to be photographed with her unless it is a cast photo. What is Celeb 2 doing about this? Well, she isn’t quite done talking. Celeb 2 is planning to unload a whole new barrage of mean girl gossip about Celeb 1 in the near future about Celeb 1’s questionable business dealings.

Celeb 1:

Celeb 2:

Television Show:


Celeb 1: Kirstie Ally

Celeb 2: Wendy Williams

Television Show: Dancing With The Stars

Source: BlindGossip

Even though Kirstie has been kind enough to appear as a guest on the Wendy Williams Show, Wendy still pulled a mean girl by “mooing” like a cow when someone mentioned Kirstie’s name to her.  Kirstie heard about it and started dodging photo shoots with Wendy during DWTS.

Wendy Williams, we know you read, so we’ll address this to you personally: You have a bit of nerve poking fun at Kirstie Alley for her weight, as your own weight has varied considerably over the years. Try to be nicer about people who have shared your struggle. A public apology to Kirstie would be best, but we’re sure you’ll figure out something (just don’t send a muffin basket). Thanks in advance.

BTW, the “questionable business dealings” are the alleged ties between Kirsti Alley’s weight loss company and the Church of Scientology.

Congratulations to MEME and 4SIX2, who were first and second with the correct guesses!


Funny Man Gets a Better Face

BlindGossip – This funny actor isn’t that old, but he has been complaining to his friends about how self-conscious he  is about seeing his face age on screen. So, he recently had a mid-face lift, blepharoplasty on his lower eyes, as well as some botox and collagen. He is still able to make decent facial expressions, but the middle of his face is a bit frozen and overly smooth. While he might not be able to play a college student, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. He looks pretty good… as long as he’s not naked.

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51 comments to Co-Stars Are Feuding on the Set

  • msp96302

    I think the answer should be in this format….

    Celeb 1:
    Celeb 2:
    Television Show:
    Sound of what animal:

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      If we are to use the pic as a clue, one of the celebs seems to be a bit on the plump side so I will guess the animal sound as a “moooo”. Other than that, I’ve got nothing!

  • msp96302

    I gotta assume this comes from “celeb” apprentice – the only 2 TV “stars” are really Lisa Rinna and Star Jones. Shady business deals could be related to Dionne Warwick (Psychic Friends Network, anyone??) or LaToya J.

    oh – and the only animal sounds coming to mind are horse-related and belonging to Gary Busey.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      lol, every time I see Gary Busey, I hear a horse sound in my head. glad I’m not the only one!

  • UncleEntity

    Susanne summers and jenilee harrison.

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    “girl gossip”?? Gossip Girl for the show. But no one from that show was popular in another show before so….hmmmm. No guess for the actresses.

  • dee123

    Kelly Rutherford (Lily) was in Melrose Place & the first to die in Scream 3 & Matthew Settle (Rufus) was in Band Of Brothers.

  • catseye

    Celeb 1 is Star Jones, Celeb 2 is Nene and TV Show is Celebrity Apprentice?

    • amagod121


      Note the word “star” in the wording of the piece. Also, the girl in the pic has a hairdo and color like Nene’s, and stands like her. And the View could kind of be considered “girl gossip,” or, maybe on occasion, “mean girl gossip.”

      • amagod121

        Oops, I meant “hairdo and hair color like Nene’s.” Sorry.

      • Keis

        I definitely agree with this especially adding in the pic assessment – Nene generally towers over other women given her height.

        Plus, the use of the word ‘celeb’ makes me eliminate actual actresses.

      • DesignStar

        But BG has tagged this with “Actress,” so I don’t think it’s them.

    • jenb

      nene and star jones for the win, they been feuding for a while now.

  • jujubee

    What about the ladies on Hot In Cleveland? They’ve all been in shows before. I don’t mean Betty White, though considering how much she loves animals she’s probably good at animal sounds. :-)

    • rmp1017

      This is what I thought of also.
      The picture has that vintage look, and the show is on Nick at Nite, isn’t it? They show a lot of classic programs, or they used to anyway.
      Plus, it says “several years ago.” To me, that implies a significant amount of time and NeNe hasn’t been around that long.

  • meme

    Kirstie Alley
    Wendy Williams
    Dancing w/ the Stars

    I have no proof but I could see Kirstie holding a gudge. WW would have the opportunity to keep talking b/c of her show. Questionable business- her weight loss program that is affiliate with CoS.

    • meme

      I wasn’t put in moderation… guess I’m wrong :)

      • 4six2

        Actually, I came up with the same answer apparently an HOUR after you posted yours, but your post was not showing up on my view. (Although I was seeing hannele’s reply) So, I didn’t try to steal your answer :-), and you MAY have been in moderation, because I wasn’t seeing your guess!!!

      • meme

        I’ve got my eye on you (just kidding). After my original post was up it suddenly got pulled back into moderation. Very strange!!

        Either way, can’t you just hear WW making piggie noises?

      • 4six2

        Absolutely meme!! WW would DEFINATELY be snorting all over trying to make fun of someone else!! Hats of to you and YOUR solve!!!! <3

    • hannele

      That’s who I immediately thought of…

      Of course, it could be Kirstie Alley (as celeb 1) and almost anyone other female as celeb 2 that’s currently on dancing with the stars since Kirstie gets hated on all the time for being overweight, among other things.

    • MaryQuiteContrary


    • meme

      OMG!!!! BG you made my day :)

  • amagod121

    I know that Star Jones hit up every sponsor in the universe to pay for her wedding. Is she known for any other shady dealings?

    And Nene should talk. Actually, she shouldn’t, she should just keep her big mouth shut. Nasty woman.

  • 4six2

    Nice thought, hannele~ here it goes:

    Star 1- Kirstie Alley
    Star 2- Wendy Williams
    Show- Dancing with the Stars


    • 4six2

      Yeah, I’m liking this. Kirstie Alley starring in “Fat Actress” while Wendy Williams used her radio show to “publicly” say some nasty things; being insulting is her schtick. Also, “Celeb 2 isn’t quite done talking”~ Wendy has her tv show to continue her mean girl stuff.

  • royal eduardo

    Is it wrong that I love all the guesses? That being said, I am leaning more towards Star Jones and Nene Leakes from Celeb Apprentice. The Donald would love this sort of thing, I’m not sure DWTS would….

  • BrightStar

    I just read an article the posted some twitter comments between NeNe and Star Jones where one called the other one PIG in all caps, in reference to their time on Apprentice.

    Could this be a reference to something said several years ago?

  • boomboompow

    I like the Kirstie Alley, Wendy Williams guess.

  • DesignStar

    But BG has tagged this with “Actress,” so I don’t think it’s them.

  • Newtsgal

    What about one of the ladies on The Talk
    Sarah Gilbert
    Julie Chen
    Sharon Osbourne
    Holly Robinson-Peete
    Leah Remini
    Mariss Jaret Winokur

  • Jason

    “Well, she isn’t quite done talking” sealed it for me. It’s the clue pointing to Kirstie Alley from “Look Who’s Talking.” Kirstie Alley, Wendy Williams and DWTS.

  • amagod121

    Looks like we were half right. Seems to be about Star Jones and Lisa Rinna, with Star as Celeb 1 and Lisa as Celeb 2. Example A.:

  • CoCoJo

    Obviously, Wendy W. is a big woman herself – granted an easier shape than Kristie, but I think the mocking comes from fear: WW is determined to mock Kirstie in order to boost her own self-image (“she’s fat and I’m smaller than her; therefore, I’m not fat”). I hate mean girls.

    • ladymarmalade

      I agree, CoCoJo. Making fun of another fat person doesn’t make you less fat, it just makes you a self-hating fat person. Wendy, a candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.

  • prrlikekitty

    wendy you have some nerve to make fun of kristie.. when you are not a slim “gal yourself”.. not to mention you look like a man in drag.. people disgust me.

  • ernesta

    Oooh… Nice b*tchslap, BG…