Young Actress Used To Live in Her Car

BuzzFotoThis underage B list actress from television and film is currently not speaking to her parents because of some sort of falling out. She ran away several months ago and lived in her car for a few days until friends took her in. 499

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31 comments to Young Actress Used To Live in Her Car

  • Megley

    Abigail Breslin?

  • katie201

    miranda cosgrove?

  • Kayla

    Alyson Stoner? Is she B list?

  • lovethissite

    Taylor Momsen?

  • bananas

    From the pic I would guess Breslin, but has she done tv?? Sounds like sad-panda Momsen to me..

  • catcab

    dakota fanning..the runaways

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      I like this guess. The Runaways…plus the clue describes the person as “underage actress” and not as a “tweener”, since Dakota is more of a young actress whose work is geared towards audiences of varying ages as opposed to an actress whose work is geared towards teenage or younger fans.

  • Lucy928

    I bet it’s Taylor Momsen. I’ve read about friction between Taylor and her parents, and she is 17… just the right age to have a car and be underage. She is definitely a young actress and not a tweener!

    • saucykitty

      Like this guess, but she’s more of a singer than an actress, right?

    • Pickle

      Isn’t she A list though?

      • Pickle

        Sorry, that was directed towards the Dakota Fanning guess, not Momsen. She’s definitely B list.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        I was initially thinking that as well about Dakota being A-list but I liked her for this over Taylor Momsen because …well now I dont’ remember why. I guess I’ll go with either one of them! lol

  • Wembley

    What TV has Dakota done? Isn’t she all movies? And she’s definitely A-list.

  • ChristineNYC

    What about Miley? I know she has her own house, though. So I could (gasp) be wrong…!

  • dee123

    Momsen 100%, been publicly fighting with parents. Oh Betty Lou Who, what happened to you?

    • APlusFour

      where have you seen stories about this? when i google news “taylor momsen + parents” all the results are just pictures of her outfits with things like, “wheretf are her parents?” when i google news her on her own, it seems she’s touring canada with her band, thus not living in a car alone somewhere.

    • OhSnap

      That’d be CINDY Lou Who.

  • shannonhumphreys

    Dakota Fanning is A list and all movies anyway, she doesn’t fit at all.

  • luvmooovies

    Maybe Dakota Fanning. She did a lot of TV as a kid. I think her best known TV work would be “Taken” (Steven Spielberg).

  • Stinkweed

    Dakota has actually been on a ton of TV: ER, Ally McBeal, The Practice, CSI, Spin City, Malcolm in the Middle and she’s done voice overs for Family Guy and Kim Possible.

    I doubt this is her, though, really. She seemed to have a pretty good family life.