She Wants A Ring On It

BossipLife as a superstar sans a steady man isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… at least for some people. Insiders say that one sexy starlet is ready to have someone put a ring on — asap. The entertainer is on the prowl for Mr. Right and her ideal candidate is a well-known NBA player.

All Star weekend was prime hunting time for the triple threat; who’s been at several major events attempting to put a full court press on the particularly handsome — and wealthy — hoopstar. The bronzed beauty hoped her rumored skills, and we’re not talking about her dancing, crooning or acting, would woo the potential suitor into making a slam dunk, but not so much.

She’s hot. She’s paid. She famous. So why can’t she seal the deal. Apparently, the screen gem’s known for going “Waiting to Exhale” when relationships don’t pan out and the baller’s calling a foul. The drama queen better change her M.O. or her next big role with be in “Home Alone”.

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71 comments to She Wants A Ring On It

  • OhSnap

    Geez, I know it can’t be right, but all I see when I read this is Kim Kardashian.

    • Miss Dixie

      she doesn’t act or dance

      • katie201

        I know she’s not a real actress but she has been in disaster movie, how I met your mother and one of the CSIs. I’m on the fence as to whether she can be considered an actress but I’m inclined to think she can.

      • Miss Dixie

        I take ‘screen gem’ to mean she’s been in more than one movie. and I’ve never seen her dance, but then I would rather gouge my eyes out with a fork than watch her music video.

      • katie201

        Well after the snippet of dancing I saw her ATTEMPT to do on her show I would seriously advise against it :)

      • Yeah, but she was on Dancing With the Stars … so maybe that is what the “dancing” refers to.

      • OhSnap

        I know. But it still screams KK to me.

    • jujubee

      I immediately thought of Kim K, too, but she’s no triple threat. That would mean she’s equally good at singing, dancing and acting. Since she sucks at all of them…well… And wouldn’t a “screen gem” be someone who was in a movie? I suppose it could be the small screen (i.e. TV). I can totally see her going “Waiting to Exhale” on an ex, though. Hmm…I’ll be interested to see some other guesses.

      • Miss Dixie

        I agree that the desperation sounds like her. I just don’t think the rest of description does. besides, doesn’t she have a boyfriend?

    • Angeryblonde

      Isn’t Kim K already dating some NBA player? I live in MN and her bf owns a few restaurants around here, the local news paper said that Kim wanted to have his babies lol, and that was last week?

    • luvprue1

      Kim is getting old, she need to find a husband asap, if she wants to settle down and have kids. Hell, no one wants to wait until they are in their 50’s.

    • jenb

      who else but kim k no nba or nfl will ever put a ring on it after seeing what she and ray j did on the sex tape. All those nba and nfl guys want to do is have sex with her and pass her around like a basketball.Lebron and kobe will only hit it then quit

  • lovethissite

    Toni Braxton?

  • SayItAintSo

    Kim Kardashian for sure

  • royal eduardo

    I’m gonna go with Brandy on this one.

    • meme

      that’s what I thought!

      Singer, Actress, Dancer (w/ the Stars)
      She is on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack
      I could see her going nutzo rel easy

      problems: starlet? bronzed?

    • Dynamo

      I wouldn’t classify Brandy as a starlet though.

  • wendo77

    I was thinking Rihanna, but Kim K does have a single coming out….

  • Miss Dixie


    • clementineiv

      and how old is she, 17? probably not as eager as a 20/30-something to get hitched.

  • katie201

    kim k??

  • ImWearingVersace

    Kim K was my first and only thought.

  • Miss Dixie

    Lea Michele?

    • Miss Dixie

      she recieved a ‘triple threat’ award from Billboard, and she seems AWFUL.

    • jujubee

      Doesn’t sound like Lea Michele at all. Plus, we would have seen pics, etc. of her around during the NBA weekend and she wasn’t there. Besides, her current live-in boyfriend is an actor. All previous relationships that I know of have been actors, too. This seems like someone fixated on sports guys. And to your other comment, I don’t think she seems awful…at least no worse (and certainly better than) many a “starlet” in Hollyweird right now.

  • CanadianSheDevil

    Vivica Fox? Old and still not married.

  • hopefulromantic

    I want to go with Rihanna. I think that “Screen Gems” is a clue — that’s the name of Sony Pics/Columbia Tristar subsidiary company…

    Rihanna definites sings and dances, but will appear in Battleship next year (but isn’t being produced by Screen Gems).

    However, Burlesque was, but I can’t see Christina Aguilera going for a basketball player.

    I could see this as Kim, but she’s openly dating Kris Humphries and I don’t know about her dancing…

    • Ralphie

      Rihanna is my guess too. At 30, Kim K is too old to be a starlet.

    • tiger916

      Rhianna was also in one of the cheerleading movies- Bring It On number xyz. That could be part of the acting reference as well

  • habsgirl

    The ‘Home Alone’ reference made me think of Mila Kunis (dated MacCauly Culkin for years), and she definitely dances (Black Swan)…..not sure about the singing though.

    Also like the Rihanna idea.

    first post! much love BG :)

  • Angeryblonde

    It’s Wouldn’t be surprised if she put a single out..couldn’t be much worse than what we’ve heard lately. Cough..Kim..cough cough

  • Mardy Bum

    That ring is gorgeous!

  • MPaige

    This is either Keri Hilson or Ciara

    Keri Hilson is a singer, song writer and dancer

    Ciara is a singer, producer, actress, model

  • gretwards

    I was at 4 All Star parties throughout the weekend and saw Tila Tequila at 2 of them…”entertainer”, “rumored skills” with dancing, crooning, acting, “bronzed”, and it’s impossible to forget how her relationships end (“Waiting to Exhale”). I’m raising my shot glass to Tila Tequila

  • Tidefan

    Ciara or Brandy.

    • lee123

      I agree that it’s Brandy Norwood. She sang on the soundtrack for a film called “Waiting to Exhale”.

      Basketball star is Kobe Bryant (who she went to the prom with).

      • lee123

        And Brandy played Cinderella in a TV movie – reference “Home Alone” when they go off to the ball and leave her at home and alone.

        She was also in Dancing With The Stars. Triple threat: singer, actress and dancer.


      • jenb

        she was engage to Q AS WELL

  • chica

    This screams KK. She has a single and has acted and danced. The only thing that makes me think otherwise is if she currently has a bf, but then again a lot of her relationships are arranged by momma K for publicity.

  • CoCo

    I am not satisfied with any of the guesses, but I also don’t get the following:

    “Apparently, the screen gem’s known for going “Waiting to Exhale” when relationships don’t pan out and the baller’s calling a foul. ”

    Is this some slang I don’t know?

    • dumpsterbaby

      It’s a reference to the movie (Waiting to Exhale), where Angela Bassett sets her husband’s car on fire when he leaves her for a white woman.

      So, our NBA player doesn’t want to seal the deal because she’ll go ape* if things end badly.

  • awynhaus

    Halle Berry!

  • Zitch

    This is definitely Ciara or Rihanna but I think its Ciara

  • wykkyd

    Superstar? Starlet? “…dancing, crooning or acting…”? Rihanna?!?! I don’t think so.

    This is someone young-ish, but it doesn’t sound like Rihanna to me. I wouldn’t categorize her as a dancer, or actor, for that matter.

    This sounds like a younger J-Lo to me (bronze), a Glee-type.

  • kelno

    For some reason Eva Longoria leaped to mind but she’s not a singer/dancer, is she? And would she be ready to get into another relationship with a baller? So I’ll go with Keri Hilson

  • Tru Tru2

    I wonder if its Christiana Milian, she’s single, sings, dances and acts.
    she’s bronze…and she loves $$$ and she was at the festivities.

    Keri Hilson has not done movies yet.

  • tweety

    Can someone tell me the age group for a starlet?

  • yoyoyo

    Hi all – first post ever!

    Definately Brandy. Still trying to figure out the player.

    FOR SURE –
    History with Kobe and Q
    “Triple threat” – singing, acting, dancing (with the stars)
    “All Star Weekend” –
    “All Star Weekend” –
    “Bronzed superstar” – needed bronzer last week
    “Waiting to Exhale” – on the soundtrack
    “change her M.O.” – M.O. = Moesha
    the wedding ring picture, it’s not gold, it’s platinum, as in her album Double Platinum
    “rumored skills” – skills, as in talents, as in America’s Got Talent, which she co-hosted
    “Mr. Right” – Mr. Right, as in Prince Charming, as in Cinderella, which she starred

  • Scorpio13

    Christina Milian, is a triple threat and she is bronzed.