Taking Credit for Secret Santa

BuzzFoto – When this A list actress told her B list costar that she wanted to do something special on Christmas for all of the cast and crew of the film they were finishing, the B lister couldn’t be bothered and made excuses so she wouldn’t have to help. The A lister did an individualized Secret Santa for everyone involved in production and tried to personalize the gifts as best as possible.

When everyone got the presents and people tried to find out who to thank, the B lister decided to start dropping hints that she was the one that gave out the gifts. It is generally known on set of the film that the B lister has a kind and generous heart, even though it was the A lister who did the giving. 498

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39 comments to Taking Credit for Secret Santa

  • Miss Chernobyl 2011

    I hope the real Santa finds out who B Lister is so he can scratch her off of his Xmas list! >:(

    • Ralphie

      I’d like to think Santa skips most spoiled rotten celebrities. They get enough swag and freebies the other 364 days.

  • kelno

    Just because, how about Natalie Portman (A) and Mila Kunis (B)?

    • Sammi

      I was thinking this, but I kind of think Natalie Portman’s selfish, too. She seems nice, but at the same time, she doesn’t to me…but simply because of Mila Kunis, I thought about it.

    • APlusFour

      except they weren’t hanging out at all during production because they felt it would interfere with the authenticity of the film.

    • msp96302

      I don’t think the timing is right for Black Swan. That film opened at the end of Nov. Sounds to me from the blind that the film was wrapping around the holidays (and probably has a release date yet to be in 2011).

    • Feral

      Interesting guess, however, Portman is Jewish. Not sure is she would be handing out “Christmas” gifts.

  • Ralphie

    I think Natalie Portman is only now going to be A list bc of her win. Plus she seems really selfish.

    I think this also refers to a film that recently wrapped…still thinking.

  • msp96302

    The only actress that I can think of that is known for a “kind and generous heart” is Drew Barrymore. And, by now, she may be indeed considered B list. Not sure if she’s wrapped a film lately or not.

  • inga

    I think Jennifer Aniston and Malin Ackerman were filming Wanderlust in December..

  • escape2

    Julia Roberts has recently finished making another flick with Tom Hanks. Might be her and a B-lister in the cast.

    Kate Winslet??
    Naomi Watts?? both finished movies around Christmas

  • Ralphie

    Is Courteney Cox still A list on name alone? I could see this being her and any host of young B listers on Scream 4.

  • lauralee

    Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker (who modeled for Victoria Secret)..

  • lcl22

    How about Aniston as the B-list and Nicole Kidman as the A-list she was in the movie too and I think of Brooklyn Decker as C at best. Also Aniston has a rep of being really nice but in a calculating PR way and Kidman is supposed to be a real cold fish no one would expect her to be a secret Santa.

  • Tom Paine

    Nicole Kidman and Jen Aniston?

  • moonbaby

    Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin?

  • Ralphie

    Arthur finished filming recently…what about Helen Mirren for the A list and Jennifer Garner for B list?

  • Josh

    Sounds like Jenna Maroney on TGS to me…

    • fotobandi

      Exactly what I was thinking: an episode of 30 Rock. Or “George and the Big Salad” back in the Seinfeld days…..:)

  • Newtsgal

    Kidman (A)
    Anniston (B)

  • rednumberforty

    The new Muppet movie was filming during Christmas. That stars Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. Amy Adams is A list, Emily is B. That’s my guess.

    PS. Aniston is most definitely A List, as is Nicole Kidman (although Kidman shouldn’t be considered A list anymore, her movies are horrible) so I would automatically rule this guess out

    • lcl22

      I’d say Aniston is B list when compared to Kidman. Kidman has a Best Actress Oscar and several nominations despite her spotty box office. On career and not name recognition Aniston is nowhere near an A has never worked on a big film and never had her own outright hit.

      • rednumberforty

        Yes, Aniston hasn’t won any big awards but her magazine covers sell way better than Kidmans do. I work in the industry, so A list doesn’t necessarily define the awards you get. Both are big names, both are A list.

        Nevertheless, this BL is nothing to do with Just Go With It b/c that movie wrapped filming long before Christmas.

  • dee123

    Kidman is still A list & while she chooses some bad roles it isn’t always her fault i mean take The Golden Compass for example, her character was the best thing in that film.

  • bookchick

    First post – be kind!!

    Can’t see it being Jennifer Aniston; she’s definitely A List.

    I like the Amy Adams/Emily Blunt guess.