The Bigger The Better

BuzzFotoThis actor, known mostly for his great hair and good looks over his acting ability, might surround himself with stick thin supermodels at times, but we’re told he has a β€˜big girl f*tish.’ He scours the internet for listings and photos of lovely, big, and curvaceous women and hooks up with them whenever possible!

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    • Mumumumu says

      That’s the one I was thinking about. He’s good looking and has great hair.
      Off topic, the girl, er, woman in the picture is super HOT!!! HOT!!!
      Thanks BG, now I’m in love with her.

    • Gitano says

      I don’t know that he’s known for hanging around with models though. Stick-thin actresses, sure, but not models specifically. Besides, I strongly doubt that it’s women he’s looking for online.

    • ladymarmalade says

      I know, right! LMAO

      Let’s see: hot, great hair, low skills, publicly dates models….Keanu Reeves? His girlfriend who passed away wasn’t heavy by anyone’s definition, but she was a curvier girl (not a rail, had a chest and behind). I guess he’s not really know for good hair though.

      Maybe I am just wishful thinking. Adrien Brody?? Aaron Eckhart?? Okay, now I’m just making a wish-list.

  1. bumbletucky says

    who is that sexy lady in the picture? If that is plus sized, consider me into plus sized women.

  2. Unprovencrimes says

    Ashton Kutcher? At least, he was the first to come to my mind. I do like McConaughey as a guess too.

  3. msp96302 says

    I am going with Hugh Grant on this. Known for a great head of hair and former model BF. For some reason, I can see him being into bigger gals, especially after dating “I would kill myself if I was over a size 12″ Hurley.

  4. Erin says

    I don’t think it’s someone with a current SO (I think the blind would have stated that he was also cheating on someone), so I think it’s someone single. Adrian Grenier anyone?

  5. Erin says

    Other thoughts would be Ryan Phillipe, A Skaars, Patrick Dempsey or Orlando Bloom, although out of those 3 I’m inclined to go with Ryan Phillipe.

  6. rhchapin says

    Matthew McConaughey has had hair plugs. Now his hair loooks better but he isn’t know for his ‘great hair’ unless it is his chest hair…

  7. fozzie says

    I think the model may be Mia Tyler, Liv’s half sister. She is a +size model and very beautiful.

    Quite a few of the people suggested are probably (100%) gay but I do think John Stamos is a contender. He has great hair and was married to a model.

  8. Feral says

    For some goofy reason, I thought of Fabio. Whoever it is, he doesn’t deserve a real relationship with a big girl if he hides his preference in a closet. A big girl deserves better! Be a real man, embrace what you love and be happy.

    • ladymarmalade says

      Very, very true, Feral. The girls he dates publicly deserve someone who likes what they have to offer, too. People of all shapes and sizes deserve someone who loves them completely.

  9. VinylDestination says

    Ok. For some crazy reason, I thought of Matthew Morrison (Schuester) from Glee. I heard that there was some kind of dating thing going on with Olivia Nunn. And I do love that hair of his and good looks over “his acting abilities” given that he has a voice. So I thought of him for the hair and his singing over his acting abilities… Just a thought.

    • Rowena says

      If that’s true, it makes my whole decade a little happier, and makes me feel a little less gross about my epic proportions.

  10. amagod121 says

    Wow, I’m just so shocked that this actor is into *girls*. And then, on top of that, plus sized women! Hallelujah, there IS a God! πŸ˜€

    (No offense meant to Christians, just a little joke about a seemingly impossible scenario.)

    • Dont Know For Sure says

      Good guess. I wonder if a “big girl” to Hollywood types is anythng above a size 6.

    • Jess Jones says

      The models fit but the rest doesn’t. Leo has great hair but he’s definitely known for his acting, and other projects, not *just* his looks.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      Leo’s regarded as one of the best actors in Hollywood. Not him.

  11. ceetray says

    hhhmmmm…I should give this guy my contact info…I am a size 10 which in the modeling world makes me “obese”….sounds like I’m right up his alley!

  12. Tru Tru2 says

    big girls need love too..

    something tells me, he’s going for something bigger than a 10 babe, LOL

    • starina says

      No. Similar look, but Mia has a very full mouth, more so than the woman in the pic.

  13. purplecat says

    leo di caprio is the first one came to my mind. gisele, bar, kristen are all very thin

    • mannix says

      He was the first that came to mind too but he isn’t know for his hair and is considered a good actor.

  14. dbt3bc says

    Jason Lewis from Sex & the City


    Paul Walker from the Fast & the Furious

    I get these two blokes confused. My friend lives in Hawaii and he asked he to find him some big girls while on vacation!

  15. bumblebee77 says

    I agree with whoever said George Clooney. He has great hair and always dates man looking model types.

  16. Addictedtotext says

    Jeremy Piven would be my guess. “Known for his great hair” he’s work done to give him hair and it’s talked about a lot.
    he’s always got models around but never really seen dating. Some people might say he’s gay for that but i’m thinking he just can’t be with the type of girls he likes.