His Ex Wants Two Favors


[BlindGossip] His ex is personally ringing up various members of the media to ask a couple of favors. First of all, whatever you do, please don’t call it “cr*ck”. It’s OK to say that he is smoking c*caine, but don’t call it cr*ck, because she doesn’t want their child/ren to hear Daddy being called a cr*ckhead.

Secondly, if you’re going to comment on his scary 20+ pound weight loss, don’t say it’s because of the dr*gs. Say it’s because he loves working out and that he is actually healthier and in better shape than ever before. Right.


It’s Charlie Sheen’s ex, Denise Richards! Source: BG

During the whole Charlie Sheen debacle last year, his ex Denise Richards did her best to keep her cool. She kept her kids out of the spotlight, took them to their usual activities, and tried to shield them from media reports describing Charlie Sheen’s epic meltdown. She very politely rang up her media contacts and requested that they temper the way they described Charlie. Not all complied, but she gets credit for trying.

Several of you made comments that Denise was enabling Charlie by doing this.  We respectfully disagree. Love her or hate her, she is going to have to co-parent her daughters with Charlie Sheen for the rest of her life. She knew full well what was happening to Charlie. She didn’t have the power to get him off drugs, or keep him away from hookers, or to curtail his manic workouts, or to make him behave professionally in the workplace. But she did do whatever she could to protect her children from hearing negative things about their father.

Everybody got this right, with Bumbletucky being first. Congratulations!

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    • jenb says

      charlie and denise, and denise girl the entire world knows charlie is a crack head and he loves sex and porn stars.

  1. Ralphie says

    Ugh STFU Denise Richards. Go find Jani Lane or some other washed up 80s rocker that you haven’t opened your cooch for.

    • Ralphie says

      I’ve got two kids myself. Denise lost sympathy for me the minute she decided to air her reality show on which she DID allow her daughters to appear at 4 and 5 yrs old. I remember Charlie trying to block it. He was sane for at least a hot second.

      IMO Denise does what Denise does to keep her name in the media. Like she needed to cohosh the View last week? I’m glad she’s kept things civil bug keeping quiet and just being there to love and support her girls will go farther than trying to make excuses for Daddy!

  2. NYtoLA says

    And Ladies & Gents in the BG world, THIS is called “enabling.” I apologize, I should say Denise-this is enabling. Charlie clearly gas more than a drug or alcohol problem…. He’s manic & it’s really sad he’s allowed to make the rants and interviews he’s doing.

    • amagod121 says

      So so true. I despise the fact that he abuses women but I think it’s because he’s big time bi-polar and completely nuts. (People can have differing levels of the disorder, so not everyone with it is mentally unstable like Charlie is, so my apologies to those who may have it but aren’t like him.)

      The statements he makes are so utterly and completely off the rails…delusional…grandiose…insane. Nothing funny about the situation and I’m guessing that most of the press knows that he’s crazy too, so it’s really rather cruel of them to keep putting him out there in the public eye for all to laugh at. He sure as heck isn’t going to stop his ravings anytime soon as he thinks there’s nothing wrong with them. He honestly hasn’t a clue. I think Chuck Lorre got it and that’s why he shut down the production of 2 1/2 men. Now, the press needs to shut down the production of Ravings of Charlie Sheen and let the man go off to a mental hospital to get treatment.

      • amagod121 says

        Kudos to you, BG, for letting us know inadvertently about Charlie’s mental illness. It’s one thing to bash people who misbehave because they are spoiled brats, like La Lohan, but it’s quite another to bash a man who is mentally ill.

      • NYtoLA says

        Exactly my point. There are NOT ethical standards of the news & [obviously] tabloids. It’s really sad & pathetic… it also makes me rather angry that so many ‘trusted’ news outlets are bothering taking interviews with him. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Seanx40 says

    Ummm…it could be his other crackhead ex-wife. And Charlie smoking crack just shows he knows a good value. Crack is way cheaper than free basing. More to spend on hookers.

  4. BigRed says

    Weight loss – male division: John Goodman, Drew Carey, ??

    Willing to call media to perpetuate cover story for ex – female division: ??

    Find the overlap in these two categories. I’m personally at a loss.

    • BigRed says

      The link posted below on Charlie Sheen’s weight loss is dispositive. He looks terrible.

      Trying to hide this from the kids is a fool’s errand. And the kids will find out they’ve been lied to, and will resent DR for that.

  5. MasterofPuppets says

    what about Horatio Sanz? He claimed it was due to working out and stopping drinking alcohol.

  6. rhchapin says

    Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen. She is always talking about how her daughters are getting old enough to understand what is being reported in the media…

    • amagod121 says

      Boy, I don’t envy her this situation at all. She seems to try so hard to protect those adorable little girls, and she knows they’re going to get hurt regardless. My sympathy to her and the kids. As well as to Charlie’s adorable twin boys, one of whom is his spitting image. Just very sad.

  7. jaby says

    The Ex-Denise Richards.
    The Weight Loss-Charlie Sheen.
    Denise has stated repeatedly that she is doing all she can to protect her girls from the fall out due to their father’s deteriorating behavior.

  8. TurkeyLurkey says

    I have no idea if Bobby Brown has lost any weight and I’m probably wrong, but it sounds like Bobby and Whitney becase didn’t she get all a** puckered one time and say she didn’t smoke crack it was coke that crack was whack haha and she could afford coke?? Idk. Probably totally wrong.

    • Sammi says

      She said she doesn’t smoke crack because “crack is whack”, and she made way too much money to be using crack…which, when I heard this, made it sound like she was still on drugs, just not crack.

  9. nnicole says

    It has to be Sheen. We all know what’s happening, but if they can “fool” us all into thinking it wasn’t that bad then she will be happier with it. And I think the ex is Denise. Her kids are getting old enough to start noticing things.

    Plus he is looking pretty emaciated in photos as of late.

    Oh well. Time will tell.

  10. winona says

    Drew Carey doesn’t have kids, though he refers to his gf’s son as his son. Horatio Sanz doesn’t seem to have kids as far as i can find.

    John Goodman seems best guess so far, but I’d love to see more guesses.

  11. jaby says

    The prior suggestions don’t fit because Horatio Sanz,Drew Carey & John Goodman have lost more in the range of 100 lbs. Only Charlie Sheen is known to have dropped a “scary 20 pound plus” amount of weight on an already thin frame. http://www.infdaily.com/2011/02/pics-charlie-sheens-extreme-weight-loss.html
    Denise is the ex with sole custody of her daughters,she stated in January 2011 on “Acess Hollywood” that, “I think a lot of people are concerned about Charlie, and my concern is obviously — what becomes difficult is things become so public.” She continues, “I try my best to keep that quiet from our daughters because, you know, this is something I’ve never dealt with in my life until this situation. I’m learning how to deal with it, and just keeping a lid on it for our kids has been my main priority and it does become difficult.”

    • Mumumumu says

      I used to work in this fancy hotel here in Scottsdale, AZ back in the 90’s. Rumor was that Carlos Estevez would get paid escorts and smoke crack by the boatload. Even the valets all knew about it.

  12. hiya71 says

    Charlie Sheen. The ex is Denise.

    I think the headline “two” favors is a reference to Two and a Half men.

    Hi BG! First time poster!

  13. anotherlibby says

    Charlie Sheen is the only person in the news right now for whom admitting he was merely ‘smoking cocaine’ is the choice for ‘least scandalous recent activity.’

    It’s Denise. Her girls are getting old enough to read and understand.

    Charlie has lost weight too. He looks like crap.

  14. LooLoo says

    Obviously this is Charlie Sheen’s ex Denise Richards calling so that her daughters can go on believing something positive about their crackhead father.

  15. MrsWilliams says

    Gotta go with the obvious– Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. Isn’t Denise sporting dark tresses these days, like the picture?

  16. Sweetie Pie says

    “Two Favors” = 2 1/2 Men? Has Charlie Sheen lost weight? I think we’ve got the c*caine part covered. This seems like something Denise Richards would do.

    • Sweetie Pie says

      My guess is being moderated. 20 lb weight loss wouldn’t be scary if it was someone very overweight so think smaller, IMO.

  17. CrossingTheLine says

    Hello Charlie Sheen! Nice moves Denise….I can’t stand anything about you but I respect that you’re trying to protect your kiddos.

  18. maybe21 says

    this sounds like denise richards/charlie sheen to me. he looks skinny. he is obviously on drugs. she does seem to be protective of their kids. i vote her. now the working out part – HA!

  19. ladymarmalade says

    Am I the only one kind of annoyed by this? I understand attempting to protect your kids, but she expects the entire world to bend to her wishes instead of dealing with the situation like a normal, non-famous parent? Yes his behavior is completely disgusting, but, unfortunately, many families of addicts have small kids and have to find a way to help the kids cope. Granted most people don’t have their family business splashed all over TV, but anyone who has lived in even a medium sized town can tell you how quickly everyone seems to know your business, especially when you are related to the town hot mess.

    Sorry for the rant, but this really bugged me.

    • meme says

      That’s kind of funny because I read this and felt so sad for Denise. I really don’t understand her motives in general or care for her normally but I can relate to her trying to figure out how to protect her kids. Yes, it is enabling and her “requests” are crazy considering his behavior but she’s trying. Imagine… “Kiddos, daddy looks like walking skeleton because he’s doing boot camp this month.”

      • ladymarmalade says

        I really can see both sides. I do feel for her, too, and the kids are completely innocent and don’t deserve any of this. It has to be terrifying for them. But I don’t think asking the media to lie is going to help anyone. What’s wrong with starting out with, “Girls, I know it’s scary to see daddy like this, but he is sick” and taking it from there?

        I dunno. Like I said, I feel for everyone in this situation. It’s really, really ugly.

      • meme says

        Totally. Lying is not right and won’t help but I could relate to her wanting to protect her kids. Now he may have been sober back then, but procrating with Charlie Sheen is probably not the best idea idea if you are looking for a stable family. Even sober he was abusive, right?!

      • ladymarmalade says

        Exactly my thoughts. He shot at Kelly Preston (grazed her arm), slammed another girl’s head into his marble floor, and he never has had a reputation as a choir boy.

        He has an adult daughter, too, that you never ever hear about. I can’t even imagine what she must be going through.

  20. iveforgottenmyname says

    Charlie and Denise. You can’t protect your kids from a parent’s rapid mental decline forever. They could say the 20 lbs weight loss is from having unprotected sex with hookers, escorts and porn stars.

  21. Dont Know For Sure says

    I saw Charlie Sheen this morning on GMA and was so surprised to see how skinny he looks. He was also saying how he’s not on any drug but the drug called “Charlie Sheen”. I hope he gets help soon.

  22. amagod121 says

    My vote is for Charlie because of the weight loss comment. He looks dreadful these days, honestly can’t believe he’s the same person. He looks like an old, old, sick and frail man.

    While I can understand Denise’s desire to protect her kids, it’s also enabling the heck out of him to try to pretend that his weight loss is due to healthy habits. In fact, it’s a sad thing to do because while it worked, it kept others from seeing how sick he really is. And he doesn’t need other people covering for him. He is sick and needs help badly.

  23. amagod121 says

    Okay, meme, you make a good point regarding her reasons for the lying. True enough, you wouldnt’ want your children to know the extent of their father’s illness…

    However, kids aren’t stupid. They instinctively see things that adults don’t. And lying to them makes them feel like their reality is crazy. Which could continue the addiction cycle, if they don’t learn to accept that what they feel in their gut to be the truth really IS the truth.

    In short, lying to kids doesn’t work in the long run.

  24. heartbreaker says

    look at the picture, the girl is wearing an engagement ring. Denise and Charlie are divorced, but Brooke and Charlie are still married.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

      OR it could be indicating that the ex is an ex-wife, not an ex-girlfriend. Either way, we all know who this is.

  25. Feral says

    If this is an ex-wife, finances could also be a motivating factor. His income was just drastically cut, and he could potentially burn though a great deal of money; his attorney could go in front of a judge and have those child support checks drastically reduced. Just a thought.

    • amagod121 says

      No, you aren’t alone in your feelings. She may not be the greatest person when it comes to stealing friends husbands but OMG, imagine dealing with Sheen! First she had to deal with being beaten…the situation was dire enough for her to have to bail out of the relationship while she was still pregnant.

      And secondly, she has to protect her children from not only his image but his actions. Imagine trying to keep them away from his porn star hustlers. And he wants to tell the kids about his drug abuse and the “epic” stories around it. Yup, there’s nothing like perpetuating the cycle of addiction by having a parent telling children how wonderful drug abuse is.