Mild Couple Had a Wild Marriage

BlindGossip – Both members of this acting couple appear more mild than wild, so it probably didn’t surprise you when they married. The reason they split up, however, would probably shock you. Its not because they are of different religious backgrounds. Had she taken the relationship more slowly and done some research about his last relationship, she would have discovered that he had a long history of bad behavior.

But she didn’t, they married, and his bad behavior returned. While she was dreaming of children and a home with a white picket fence… he was out every night screwing pr*stitutes, co-stars, and anything else with two legs and a hoohoo.

Boy, was she mad when she found out! There was lots of screaming and crying, and she had to be tested multiple times for those nasty diseases. To learn that her husband was a sex addict – and has been for a long time – came as a shock to her. Frankly, just the thought of him having sex with anyone gives us nightmares.

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  1. mwl89109 says

    Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen. She’s a scientologist and many speculated they divorced because of her religion. They knew eachother for a short period of time prior to marrying and when they divorced there were rumors he was cheating with a young actress on SNL. Solved.

    • mrsjaymack says

      Good one…it is surprising that people would sleep with him, especially women. I figured they broke up cuz he was gay.

    • SteakandEggs says

      Ding ding ding! I agree with this one. He was supposedly banging one of the new girls on the show and the marriage lasted about 15 minutes it seemed. Ick.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

      I listed all my reasons for why I totally agree with you on this guess but I see that my comments are still in moderation so maybe I said too much…sigh

      I wish I knew what the triggers are. I seem to be in moderation all the time.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        I never had to think about my comments going into moderation until I quoted another blog. It was really funny but it ended up not showing up on the page. Hadn’t thought it would cross a boundary but I see now how it must have. Now ALL my comments await moderation. Sigh.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Except for that one apparently! Lol! That went straight to the page.
        BG I love you tons but sometimes you’re so confusing!

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        LOL, I was almost afraid to post my complaint about being in moderation because I thought the word moderation triggers it too! I hate when my posts show up late as if I’m the last one to the party!

      • La Llorona says

        It has less to do with content and more to do with the site processing the volume of entries. Put it this way, the newer the thread you reply to, the longer it takes for the comments to come in.

    • Dont Know For Sure says

      Good guess! Also the picture looks like it’s from the 1950’s or early 60’s and Mad Men is set in the 1960’s. Also I saw Fred Armisen on Wendy Williams’s Show the other week and he seemed super shy. They always say it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for :)

    • La Llorona says

      This is such a good guess. And it really fits! I honestly can’t imagine Armisen having sex with anyone. Holy eck!

  2. mwl89109 says

    Not to mention references to madmen with the 1950s photo and the sentence stating: “boy was she mad when she found out.”

  3. Munchkin says

    Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen.
    She’s a Scientologist, the picture is very Mad Men era, he’d been married before.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

      This is exactly it!

      “both of the members appear mild”- Moss plays nerdy, good girl characters and Armisen plays nerdy, weird characters

      “it’s not because they are of different religious backgrounds” – Moss is a scientologist and the press claimed that her religion was a reason for the split

      Also there’s been rumors about Fred Armisen’s sex antics, the BG picture alludes to Mad Men, which takes place in the 60’s AND

      Their marriage from start to finished lasted a total of 8 months.

    • mrh74 says

      What a great, great guess! Good work. All the clues fit – “boy, was she mad”, “different religious backgrounds”, romancing “co-stars”, implications of a fast courtship etc

    • katie201 says

      Munchkin..Oh my god I think your guess is perfect! I remember after they split both camps seemed to be leaking and his was trying to blame scientology while her friends maintained he had been cheating right from the start!

    • Ralphie says

      I love this guess Munchkin!!! Fred Armisen is NOT someone you picture doing that stuff. He’s just so… strange but as the clue says, in a nonoffensivr way. Or so we thought!!!

    • Aceticle says

      This is an excellent guess. A while ago there was a blind about an actor who was getting all handsy on the set and it screwed up his new marriage, and they were my guess then. Well done!

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        I didn’t have a guess for that one. Now i’m going to have to go back and re-read it!

    • ladymarmalade says

      Yes! Checking their IMDB profiles, she was a reoccurring character on the show Picket Fences, too.


      He did some music related video about drumming and one of the songs is called, “”Polynesian Nightmare.”

    • geewhiz says

      Munchkin you are brilliant! You must have the win on this. I feel bad for Elizabeth-love her work!

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        Tell me about it! I need mind bleach to get rid of the image of his Fericito character going out to pick up prostitutes.

      • suedechik79 says

        hes one of my favorite performers right now. i love portlandia, not to mention hes just about the only thing holding snl up anymore. why fred why???

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        Yeah, now I can’t watch SNL without wondering which of the castmates he has slept with! :(

      • MyCatLovesTV says

        Well, he certainly did a fine acting job of being a good husband to Sandra. I mean if you come home to your man who has cheated in the outrageous ways Jesse did and you DON’T smell another woman on his business….he’s gooooooood. Academy Award for best portrayal of a decent man by a rougue asshat goes to……Jesse James.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        Jesse James was unable to make it to the ceremony so here to accept the award on his behalf…Mr Charlie Sheen!

      • pinkytotheworld says

        Duchovny and his ex have been living separately for a while now. While duchoovny is nasty, and sleep with everything in site which everyone knows that.Californication is all about his life and that show showing him banging all these women, that is how he has lived his entire life everyone on that set knows that. What i can’t stand about him, is that he creeps me out andthink he’s god’s gift to women.Any woman that sleep with this douchebag is crazy, he isn’t any different from tiger woods, charlie or jesse.P.S he has been banging his babymama aka gillian anderson for a while now. I know he dumb fans will go off on me, hey i just call it as i see it don’t blame the messenger. I never understood what women see in him.His ex is a very manipulating and crazy woman, i guess that explain why he didn’t sign a prenup so

  4. Aurelie says

    The “different religion” (she’s a known scientologist) + the “was she mad” + the photo make me think of Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss. I hope it’s not them though, I really like him…

  5. says

    My first post!

    Sounds like Reese and Ryan P from a long time ago. Says they are alreadly split and Ryan has been whoring around since then – but they both were young when they got married – so that blows the “for a long time bit”.

    Fred A. is older and could have had a history before hooking up with the Madmen gal – so maybe that is a good guess….

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        There were some items in the tabloids about this when the split was announced. Names were not named but what is being said is she is famous now and her husband was just a rung in the ladder to the top. He is reported to be devastated.

  6. pinkytotheworld says

    You guys need to keep in mind that just because two celebrities act as if they are together, that is not always the case. They could be broken up, or divorce and they try to fool the public with their fake relationship.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

      Yeah but the clues allude to the fact that the split up is known. If the split wasn’t publicly known, the clues would’ve said something like “they’ve been living separate lives” or “secretly been split up” or something to that effect. This couple is obviously D.O.N.E.

      Plus there are too many clues leading to Armisen and Moss for this not to be them.

  7. ImThinking says

    David James Arquette and Courteney Cox.David Arquette’s mother was Jewish and his father was a convert to Islam.

  8. amagod121 says

    Wow, the poor wifey. I hope she didn’t catch a nasty disease. How very unchivalrous of him to marry her without telling her of his sex addiction problem.

  9. SpoiledFrog says

    i heard fred armisen cheated with an SNL co-star, but the religion reference makes sense. if it weren’t for that i would guess ryan reynolds and scarjo