Mild Couple Had a Wild Marriage

BlindGossip – Both members of this acting couple appear more mild than wild, so it probably didn’t surprise you when they married. The reason they split up, however, would probably shock you. Its not because they are of different religious backgrounds. Had she taken the relationship more slowly and done some research about his last relationship, she would have discovered that he had a long history of bad behavior.

But she didn’t, they married, and his bad behavior returned. While she was dreaming of children and a home with a white picket fenceā€¦ he was out every night screwing pr*stitutes, co-stars, and anything else with two legs and a hoohoo.

Boy, was she mad when she found out! There was lots of screaming and crying, and she had to be tested multiple times for those nasty diseases. To learn that her husband was a sex addict – and has been for a long time – came as a shock to her. Frankly, just the thought of him having sex with anyone gives us nightmares.

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