Fashionably Fired Over Xanax

NewYorkPostWhich erratic fashion magazine editor fired a fact checker for not picking up her Xanax just before a recent fashion week (not the one just ending)?

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8 comments to Fashionably Fired Over Xanax

  • Aceticle

    Could this possibly be anyone but Anna Wintour?

    • aeduko

      I don’t think so!

    • heartbreaker

      But why would Anna have a fact checker fetching her benzos? Condé can afford for her to have, like, 3 assistants. I bet it’s a mag with smaller staff relegated to perform multiple duties.

    • ahorsenamedbill

      that’s what I thought too, but she is known as having consistant bad behavior – are there any stories about her being nice one day and a total b* the next? I have never heard about her being kind to anyone at all. It just seems like the word erratic describes someone that has highs and lows.
      but, considering the source, she the obvious guess.

    • Emmy

      She’s definitely at London Fasion Week, just starting.

  • Newtsgal

    OK lets break this down and figure who the crazy b*tch is
    Cindi Leive- Glamour
    Roberta Myers- Elle
    Kate White- Cosmo
    Charla Lawhon- In Style
    Joanna Coles- Marie Claire

    • aeduko

      For it to be a blind, doesn’t the person have to be sorta well known? Anna Wintour is pretty much the only one since Liz Tilberis died. Although the editor of French Vogue just quit . . . Roitfeld or something?

      I still think it’s Anna.