Actress is Now a Matchmaking Madam

CDANThis one blew me away when I heard it. It is so so juicy but I am having a tough time describing it without giving away the people involved. Lets just say that a once married actress who used to be B- and is now just a stay at home mom for the most part specializes in putting together fellow C&D listers with men who would have some um, disposable income. No regular people. It is strictly D listers who have been famous at one point or another. Even though they are C&D listers at least three names you would know.

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61 comments to Actress is Now a Matchmaking Madam

  • Olliebeanzmom

    I’m thinking Pam Anderson for some reason

    • 4six2

      I absolutely agree that this is Pam! She was only a B- because she was such a household name, never any real acting cred. Great guess, mom!!

  • CatGrant

    Denise Richards?

  • angelxtreme

    Tori Spelling?

  • lady

    Denise Richards FTW!

    Wouldn’t be shocked if mischa were involved!

  • SayItAintSo

    Courtney Love?

  • Layale

    That pic reminds me of Jennifer Love-Hewitt, but I don’t think she’s even a mother. Hummm. Tough one for me. I am not confident in the Denise Richards guess, because the blind says, “This one blew me away.” Not sure finding out this is her would be mind-blowing.

    • Camembert

      “Blew” could be a coca*ne reference (“blow”).

    • 4six2

      The pic is of former “Madam to the Stars” Heidi Fleiss.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        I hadn’t considered the fact that Denise Richards would be 1 degree of separation from Heidi Fleiss via Charlie Sheen. The mind-blowing aspect could be that Denise once complained about Charlie and his hookers and also Richards herself was supposedly a former escort, so now she is a madam herself? Yeah I could see this being her.

      • SayItAintSo

        I like your guess in regards to heidi/charlie/denise. :)

      • Layale

        Wow! You guys are good. I didn’t realize any of that. Thanks! I am getting more on board with Denise as the answer now. Thanks!

      • ferrd69

        nice one chernobyl. i’ll buy in.

    • luvprue1

      I do not think it’s Denise Richards since she has a reality show on tv, so she’s not really a stay at home mom. This sounds like someone who’s not in the spot light anymore,or someone from a reality show.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        This might just be me, but slinging burgers at McDonald’s is more of a job than being followed around by a camera crew as you go about your priviledged and pampered life. The clue says that this woman is “for the most part” a stay-at-home mom, meaning that she does dabble in stuff here and there “but for the most part” she her main job is taking care of her children.
        Denise Richards fits the clues perfectly. As the clues say, she used to be a B-, which is exactly what she was at the zenith of her career.
        What makes this shocking if it’s her is the amount of energy she put into playing the sympathy card and how vocal she is regarding how she and her daughters are “coping” regarding Charlie’s behavior. She made such a big stink about Charlie asking escorts and porn stars to babysitting their daughters so imagine how shocked the public would be to find out that DR is actually a madam herself.

      • webgirl1

        Is Denise even B-?

  • Scorpio13

    Sharon Stone

  • Tidefan

    Denise Richards was B list?? Maybe a high “C” because of Charlie but seriously, I dont see HER by herself as B list at all..Not even B-….

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      She was high enough on the list to get a role as a Bond girl. I’d say “used to be B-” is a fair assessment of her.

  • Junior Mint

    Leelee Sobieski — she had a baby last year. Lots of rumors about her being a professional dom, and allegedly trying to add Evan Rachel Wood to her stable…

    • Layale

      Isn’t she still married, though?

      • Junior Mint

        yeah…I guess I read that as once married…as opposed to married 3 or 4 times :) No idea really, though.

    • suedechik79

      where are all those rumors? ive been searching for one and i just cant find a thing.

      • Junior Mint

        argh, I’ve been searching around, too, and can’t find a specific one…there were reports starting back from when she was in eyes wide shut about a funny relationship with Tom Cruise, and then the Dom stuff, and then she and ERW became friends in between stints with Marilyn Manson, etc. Help me out, folks — does anyone have a link?

      • Erin

        No, but I am absolutely positive I’ve heard the same thing (although I cannot remember where). Although I thought Chloe Sevigny was involved as well. I think Leelee is the most unattractive woman I’ve ever seen…I really don’t get it.

  • tbonekitty

    Denise Richards. Denise is always pictured and hangs with a bunch of D listers (Tori Spelling, Lisa Rhinna, etc etc). It fits and pic of Heidi Fleiss-Charlie Sheen connection.

  • Very Unseemly

    And wasn’t Denise one of Heidi’s girls? That’s how she met Charlie.

  • ahorsenamedbill

    At first I thought it might be someone older, then I realized it has to be someone with friends who are has beens also, to make the job easier
    I agree with everyone who says Denise Richards

  • suedechik79

    C&D – charlie and denise?

  • stolidog

    I’ll take a different approach and take a stab at the 3 C-D listers that are on the payroll:

    Rachel Bilson
    Mischa Barton
    Tara Reid

  • boomboompow

    I can see the Denise Richards guess. But to really blow me away, I think it’d have to be someone totally unexpected. I’m going with Phoebe Cates. Yup. Phoebe Cates!

    • LavaMama

      Wow! That is a total blast from the past, but isn’t she still with Kevin Kline? She retired after she married him and hasn’t been in anything since the 1990’s! Except for the not married part, it might fit her.

  • Ruby Tuesday

    Debra Messing

    • luvprue1

      Good guess! Debra Messing hasn’t been on the acting scene in a while. So I can see the blind being about her.

  • luvprue1

    Elizabeth Hurley. She is a stay at home mom. She was once a B actress, and is now consider a D. Plus, Wasn’t there some controversy surrounding what she did for a living prior to meeting Hugh Grant and becoming his GF?

  • SheilaK

    Just to be different:kate hudson

  • mrsjaymack

    I don’t think it’s Denise. Wasn’t she promoting a show on basic cable around the time the whole Charlie hotel incident happened? So, she’s currently working.

    I like the Phoebe Cates guess, but I think she’s still married, so I’m gonna go with Pam cuz she really doesn’t do anything.

  • UncleEntity

    Kim Richards?

  • Rafael

    SERIOUSLY stabbing in the dark here, but.. Mackenzie Phillips? She isn’t really a “stay at home mom” as her son is an adult now, I think.. but… the picture reminds me of her. (Not that that means anything 99% of the time)

    Also: Macaw (The birds)/Mackenzie….

  • yaaeev28

    kirstie alley?

  • Alabama Chapstick

    First time posting! Have adored this site for years now.
    Denise was, in fact, one of Heidi’s girls (thanks for the picture!)
    Funny she dated Richie Sambora- who was another one of Ms. Heidi’s regulars along w/Charlie Sheen, Jack Nicholson and Tom Petty.

  • babyrn

    Pamela Denise Anderson ?

  • NYtoLA

    The Denise Richards guess would explain why she was out to dinner with Charlie and that girl who ended up calling the police on him back in oct….