TV Girl Had a Relationship with This Politician


BlindGossip – It’s not unusual for Hollywood types to align themselves with politics. It makes for unhappy bedfellows, though, when one is doing all the giving and one is doing all the taking. Such is the case of this sweet, young TV girl, who is co-star of a popular television show. She has recently┬á stopped bragging about her relationship with a certain high-profile political figure. Why? Because, although they used to be close, the politico has gotten stars in their eyes and deems themselves a little too self-important to take TV girl’s phone calls anymore. TV girl has told her co-stars that she feels like she has been “used”.

TV Girl:



It’s Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck! Source: BlindGossip and PopEater

Is it smart for Sarah Palin to tick off one of the very few network TV personalities who supported her?

From PopEater’s Rob Shuter:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who once dutifully campaigned alongside Sarah Palin during her run for higher office in 2008, is no longer feeling the love for the likely presidential candidate, in fact, a close friend of the ‘View’ star reveals the two haven’t spoken in months.

“I think Elisabeth is a good friend. She remembers birthdays and even with a busy schedule always takes time to stay in touch with her girlfriends,” a pal tells me. “But Sarah has let her down. Elisabeth has reached out to her several times but she never responds.”
It’s gotten so grating on Elisabeth that, according to my source, “she has stopped trying all together and doesn’t care who knows.”

Elisabeth recently accused Sarah of “manipulating” the media to draw attention away from the more-serious Mitt Romney, and mocked her ex-friend’s bus tour as another attempt to dominate the headlines. Sarah’s decision to roll through New Hampshire on the day Mitt announced his run for the White House clearly annoyed the daytime star.

“If I had termites in my house, I’d get someone in there who could deal with it,” Hasselbeck said on ‘The View.’ “Mitt Romney, right now, his specialty is the economy. I’d have him in there. Here’s why we’re not hearing it: because Sarah Palin’s on a bus, and right now she’s manipulating, in terms of media attention.”

Before that, Elisabeth also condemned Sarah’s “crosshairs” imagery on a fundraising website, calling them “despicable” after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, one of her ‘targets’ in the 2010 campaign, was shot during a voter meet-and-greet.

“Elisabeth feels used by Sarah,” an insider tells me. “When she needed her, she was all over Elisabeth and now she treats her like a stranger. It’s sad.”

Congratulations to Ohhlala for having the first correct guess!


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  1. CatGrant says

    Strange that the politician is referred to repeatedly in gender neutral terms. Why no “his eyes” and “himself”? Perhaps a clue?

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        Well, she certaintly looks young and sweet if you compare her to the old harpees that she sits next to on the View set. I think this is her and Sarah Palin for the lack of a better guess.

      • Lozza says

        Love those ‘old harpees’. *’s old fashioned political views surely make her more of a harpie!

      • Lozza says

        Hey I got censored! I thought we were allowed to swear? Or are we not allowed to diss America’s ‘sweetheart’. *Snort*

  2. Lassie says


    The key words here are, remember, “sweet young girl”, people.

    No clue, but after the filthy disgusting BIs that have been presented lately, this is downright refreshing. A H’Wood babe and a politician hooking up?? Shocked, shocked, I am!

    • ZigZagZoey says

      You got that right! I think there is something wrong with you if you actually want to be a politician!
      I would SO love it if all of congress had to be audited.

    • fotobandi says

      Doesn’t say they Slept together, just that they had a relationship. Which could mean a situation where they were using each other for publicity, credibility, access to others,….etc.
      Other than that though, I got nuttin’!

  3. kellybelly says

    Elisabeth and Palin. They’re equally unbearable but SP probably can’t stand her voice, much like everyone else.

  4. bumbletucky says

    rashida jones and jon favreau?

    she’s 34 though… is that young? I’d hit it, but I’d hit raquel welch.

    Anyway, we seems the type.

  5. Barry says

    i can see palin as the politico. but i know of no starlet who would call herself a Republican and expect to get work.
    this could be Hillary. she fund raises amongst the stars and a lot of them want in foreign policy, which is her deal.
    no idea on the starlet. who is really that innocent in Hwood?

    • webgirl1 says

      Regardless of way you lean politically, it’s sad that an actor/actress can’t believe what they believe openly without getting black-balled in Hollywood. SAG sent out a mass email to its members basically telling them to support this or that.

    • FzFz says

      the only thing I can think is that it means she isn’t an actress, which would point towards someone like elisabeth hasselbeck or another tv personality

    • kelno says

      Ok, Elizabeth – yes. Not John McCain, I don’t know how they talked him into having Sarah P. as his running mate! It has to be Sarah, she’s become a celebritician. Please, please do not run in 2012, don’t think I can stand seeing her more than I do now!

  6. Nancy Droo says

    Since the blind is gender neutral I do think it’s a woman. Sarah Palin is definitely a “self-important” “high-profile political figure,” and perhaps the “stars in their eyes” refers to her daughter being on “Dancing With the Stars.” “TV girl” tells me it’s not an actress, so I’d guess Elizabeth Hasselbeck except that she’s not “sweet” and also not so “young.” Is there a teen/Disney/MTV person that’s been associated with Palin?

  7. ashepp3 says

    I remember reading that Elisabeth Hasselbeck felt used by Sarah Palin and that Palin wasn’t answering her calls awhile back. So that would be my guess.

    • JaundiceMachine says

      I really like this guess. Does anyone know if Maci has ever made any public statements about Bristol?

  8. JMU00 says

    I’m still awaiting moderation, but I strongly think it is Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I posted a link to an article that said that she felt she was being used by Palin.

  9. techo555 says

    It could be Palin & Hasselbeck but EH is not young and sweet any longer since she’s over 30 and has 3 kids so the wording is a bit off.

  10. Faye says

    Meh since it says “political figure” and not politician I’m going with Hillary Clinton.

    Dunno the TV gal though.

    • APlusFour says

      i was under the impression that a former-senator-turned-current-secretary-of-state was indeed a politician.

  11. hopefulromantic says

    I’m going to change things up:

    TV Star: Blake Lively
    “High profile politician”: Ben Affleck

    I think they’re trying to stump us with the politician part, however Ben has been very active in politics for awhile now.

    • Bekah says

      I got that impression at first, but I think only because alot of these blinds are about bedroom scandal ­čśŤ Reading it again I don’t think it meant they were intimate like that.

  12. Bekah says

    “sweet, young” = 16 and Pregnant = Maci
    “stars in their eyes” = Dancing with the Stars= Bristol Palin

    If you Google the two of them together, there are a whole bunch of articles from back in October and November about how the two of them were bonding over young single motherhood, but nothing recent. Poor Maci, although she’s probably better off IMO. TEAM MACI ALL THE WAY!

      • webgirl1 says

        Yep. She’s family of a politician, but not a politician herself. As I’ve said before, this reads as if it is someone who currently holds an office.

  13. techo555 says

    Who cares? Maybe Elizabeth wanted to use Palin too to increase her bonafides as a “conservative” and Palin didn’t want to play any longer. Big deal.