Junior Financier Pretends to Be A Partner

NewYorkPost – What presumptuous, preening, junior financier at a European investment bank believes he’s such a big shot that he asked for his business card back after handing it over at Travertine the other night? When we responded he wasn’t a big enough player to be a boldfaced name in this column, he then tripped over himself to hand his information back to us. Here’s a tip: People who say, ‘I can’t be in your column,’ are usually not interesting enough to be on Page Six in the first place. His card, which didn’t back up his claim to be a partner in the bank, would do a tremendous job lining our waste-paper basket.

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  1. journa says

    I don’t think we’re meant to get who this is. I think it’s just page six’s way of call out a wanker.

    • davew says

      Yeah, they’ve basically said he’s a nonentity that no one will have ever heard of.

      I must say I find this rather self-indulgent of the writer. We have no way of assessing if the financier’s MO fits a pattern of “presumptuous, preening” behaviour or not.

      Page Six certainly can be rather ‘specialist’ in its gossip items…

    • ferrd69 says

      i agree. they’re just putting him on notice, knocking him down a peg, shaming him.
      and there might be enough clues so that people in his circle–or at least his office–
      know it’s him.


      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Very clever BG. Self aggrandizing, entitled people sometimes need to be put in their place.

        Ferrd, I’m with you 100%. The teeny tiny number of people that know him will get another (because this wasn’t the first time) kick out of his pretentious antics.

  2. Populista says

    I don’t know, many “investment bankers” are really just the children/friends of rich and famous people, that is the ONLY reason they have the jobs they have. So, you could probably narrow down the field a bit if you knew of any rich and famous person who had a kid who was an investment banker. For instance, Chelsea Clinton’s husband is an investment banker, but I don’t know if the company for which he works is European. Pretty fun game to play, actually.

  3. lovethissite says

    I don’t think the GP is supposed to know. It is more a dig at the invesment banker and for investment insiders to know what a jackass he is.

  4. lzahart says

    Chelsea’s hubby works @ Goldman Sachs which is not a European bank. So whoever did this works most likely works @ UBS, Credit Suisse, Lazard, or Jeffries.

    I tend to agree that this is not meant for the GP but for those of us within this bizarre world it is totally hilarious and not surprising at all, there are so many jerks in this corner of business.

  5. La Llorona says

    Well, in the defense of this Blind, this is essentially what the purpose of blind items was for, for coercion and slander.

    That said, it’s funny.