Things Went Very Wrong in Vegas

BuzzFoto – On a recent trip to Vegas for a fun get away, this cable show cast decided to hit up the casinos and party together. (Two costars are publicly involved on and off the set.) The romantic leads on the show agreed to pay a pr*stitute to go in on a 3-w*y and they would share the tab. Things went horribly wrong when the actor and actress got so drunk that they passed out and the hired help ended up sitting in the room until they sobered up. She demanded money from the stars for her time and they settled on a compromise. They would pay her in dr*gs instead. The pr*stitute snapped a cell phone picture of the two while they were passed out and plans to hold on to it for financial leverage if she doesn’t get the dr*gs she was promised. The two were n*de in the photo and on a bed together. 486

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