He is a Celebrity Hoarder

CDAN – This former A list movie actor. I mean he was A+ not that far back in the day is in talks to be the first celebrity on Hoarders. You cannot even get into his house despite the fact even Camille would think it was large.

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25 comments to He is a Celebrity Hoarder

  • msp96302

    Hello Burt Reynolds!

  • geewhiz

    Eddie Murphy

  • Yuolala

    Oooo! This is interesting! I wonder who it is?

  • mymysmama

    i, thinking someone from cheers bc of the camille reference…ill say woody harrelson…

  • smd1004p

    so nicholas cage

    • jeannie

      That’s who I thought of. He certainly has the spending habits and the obsessive-compulsive personality to be a serious hoarder.


    Love the Nic Cage guess since he collects a lot of weird stuff and comics I’ll but this one. Al Pacino also looks like he could be a hoarder.

  • Scorpio13

    Nick Nolte for something different.

  • digitallyspeaking

    Is this show a joke or is it really going to air?
    I just looked on imdb and found nothing.


      it is a real show, and really messed up.

      hoarders keep exorbitant amounts of crap piled up in their homes – the show documents the extent of the hoarding and use a team to try and clean up the hoarder’s habit. totally crazy show.

      • digitallyspeaking

        Oh how stupid of me! I know of the show but I took it to mean a ‘celebrity hoarders’ show, not the first celeb to be on it. * that I am, I still don’t believe it’s true. It would be career suicide. If it is true, well then they’d have to be nuts anyway so there ya go.
        Okay then…who’s * crazy?

  • boomboompow

    Jim Carrey, though I like the Nic Cage guess, too.

  • luvprue1

    I think it could be Keanu Reeves,or maybe Joaquin Phoenix.

    • MelodyO

      I hope it’s not Keanu! I have an irrational soft spot for him.

      Nic Cage seems like a good guess.


        It’s not Keanu. I’ve been to his house and it’s beautiful. He may dress like he doesn’t care but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • hotpinkmomma

        Spill. I worship him. Love hoarders. Everytime I watch it, I spend the following week loading up my car to go to Salvation Army. Plus, I feel so bad for those hoarders, they always have some deep, tragic crisis that triggers it. Not a fan of that strange obsession/addiction show, except the lady who eats toilet paper all the time. Had to go to the kitchen and snack (not toilet paper, though.)

  • Doogy Howzer

    Jack Nicolson


    i just can’t see any celebrity that is on the A list agreeing to do the show.. it would make them look so bad (and crazay!)

    • boomboompow

      True, but if they’re kind of out there to begin with or trying to get help or trying an Us Weekly – “stars, they’re just like us” – or trying to revive their career, they might just be crazy enough to do this.

  • Megley

    Someone with OCD?

  • TheMissus

    Billy Bob Thornton? (Although he has no connection to Camille, as far as I know. I’m guessing the answer can be somehow tied to her.)

  • button

    I will jump on the Nic Cage bandwagon. And that picture is one of the creepiest I’ve ever seen.