Mistress Plays Moneyball

BlindGossip – This athlete and his celebrity wife spent a lot of money on attorneys over the past year in a desperate attempt to cover up the athlete’s cheating scandal. Everyone got paid. Except the mistress. That wasn’t smart. Because now she is offering up a sex tape to the highest bidder. Scoooore!

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49 comments to Mistress Plays Moneyball

  • nony

    Oh dear! Is this Beckham and wife? This story won’t seem to go away. Of course, athletes with celebrities wives these days are a dime a dozen, so it could be just about anybody!

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      I like this guess more than I like the Eva and Tony guess that everyone is guessing. But what troubles me is that Becks supposedly makes all of his mistresses sign a confidentiality agreement so would he be ok with videotaped proof of their sex acts?
      As for Tony and Eva, I just don’t see why she would care enough to help protect him at this point. They are already finalizing their divorce.

    • jenb

      I think it’s beckham too, not landon donovan because no one cares about him. It also says score, which is what you do in football where as we in the usa call it soccded. DiDN’T BECKham have all his mistresses sign a contract since he travels with it after the big scandal?

    • boomboompow

      Posh & Becks. The new baby is a diverson plan.

  • alexmanc87

    Kobe ftw

    • roman

      kobe……..what a douche

      • Papaya

        Is Kobe’s wife really a celebrity! It’s a sad world!
        I thought this sounds like Backham, but his cheating scandal became public. And he’s suing. And his “mistress” seems mental.

      • treyc

        Vanessa Bryant is considered a celeb. She is the grande dam of the sports wives.She is a celeb because all of the attn she got after the first sex scandal. She stayed by his side and was seen at the press conference.

        Kobe/Vanessa are a great guess. So are Posh/Becks.

        What about Pete Sampras and his actress wife?

    • jenb

      kOBE, i forgot about him but this is old news even after the scandal he been through he still was sleeping around. Well he didn’t have a prenup either and he should have paid the mistress, because he is another celeb who is trying to rebuild his sponsor trusts by playing the happily family man.

  • SimoneDarling

    The Beckhams

  • Papaya

    I just realized that picture could be a clue to basketball!
    Oh, just imagine the size of the new ring! :)

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      Could be a soccer ball as well. I used to spin soccer balls on my finger when I was little :)

    • J Rock

      I think most people would see the photo as bball, mostly cuz I want to believe it is not Beckham. So, I say Kobe

  • Laura

    David Beckham? There have been a lot of cheating rumors this past year.

  • Mrs O

    Eva Longoria and Tony?? The Basketball big hint, also the capital E in Everything and except…..blind doesnt say they are still together!

  • badmommy

    Sounds like Posh and Becks to me.

  • shhhh

    eva & tony?

    • ashley

      agreed– “desperate” could be a clue

    • meme

      I thought he was cheating with a teammate’s wife or something. Although I guess it is possible for an athlete to cheat with more than one person :)

    • aeduko

      If it’s Eva and Tony why would they be paying lawyers tons of money to cover up a cheating scandal? Makes more sense to do that if you’re staying married.

    • luvprue1

      I think it’s Tony Parker and Eva too. It was rumor that he was having an affair with another players wife. There also suppose to be a sex tape of him and one of his mistress. It’s either them,or Kendra and her husband.

  • phoenix

    “Scoooore” reminds me of “goooaaaal,” which gets shouted for about five minutes during a pro soccer game. I’ll get on the Beckham bandwagon.

    • clementineiv

      That’s exactly what I was thinking with that reference! Tony and Eva seemed like a good guess, but aren’t they the front-runners for a BV about a couple of swingers? I feel like if that other one is them, that makes cheating pretty hard or at least something they’re less likely to go to such great lengths to cover up.
      Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cheating rumor get squashed faster than with the Beckhams last year, and now they have a baby on board? Suspicious!

      • aeduko

        Totally agree with you. If the top guess re that blind is true (and based on extrapolating a couple of their divorce deets, I think it might be), then it’s not Eva and Tony. What got me thinking that they really might be the swingers is Eva’s behavior when they filed for divorce. Ma-ni-pu-lative.

  • Erin

    Clearly Tony & Eva.

  • mrsjaymack

    Lamar and Khloe?

  • Who me

    The word “scooore” at the end clearly refers to the game of soccer. So I am going to say it’s Beckham and his wife.
    (But, I could be wrong.)

  • Stinkweed

    Throwing Becks out there, just to be different.

    • Stinkweed

      Good gosh were all comments being moderated earlier today? When I made my guess, I couldn’t see any of the previous Beckham guesses, lol!!

  • brainy

    Beckham? Rumors about infidelity, and maybe “Scoooore!” is a clue for soccer? Victoria is in the “celebrity” status, whereas Eva L. is an actress and Kobe’s wife is a basketball wife. I’m thinking the word “desperate” in the piece and the basketball graphic are red herring?

  • Tru Tru2

    Becks for the win!!

    I’ve always beleived he cheats..sex tape hmmm.

  • funnygirl23

    Khloe and Lamar Odom? It seems to me that Beckham didn’t hide his very well!

  • Rach

    All of the people suggesting that “scooooore” is a clue for soccer… I’m not saying you can’t be right, but dear lord, as a Brit who watches FOOTBALL, the Americanisation of the game for them to do that at all makes me want to cry inside.

    So I’m hoping it’s basketball. I’m on the Tony/Eva bandwagon.

    • aeduko

      Wehave to say soccer, otherwise people would think it’s American Football.

      • Rach

        No, no, I get that. My problem is the fact that anybody shouts “scoooooore” over the PA system when there’s a goal! I’ve been to matches in the US and it’s just all.. carnival-y and weird. It’s ruined over there.

  • thegrapelady

    brett favre and his wife. I believe she has a book that recently came out. minor celebrity.

    just the “desperate” clue, leans to tony/eva. but i don’t understand why she would pay to save him. we already know he cheated.. or so she says.

  • kellyj

    That ball could be a golfball as well!

    Therefore, I nominate that goofball/cheater/cheapskate, Tiger Woods and his former model ex, Elin with the owner of the sextape being Rachel Uchitel. I read somewhere that Rachel & her fame-hungry lawyer, Gloria Allred, canceled a scheduled new conference where Rachel was going to spill the beans because a “Mr. Green” a/k/a $$$ suddenly showed up. This is probably her next bite at grabbing some more cash from Tiger.

  • lilma

    But tiger paid his mistresses not to talk, this guy didn’t.

  • ImSoJazzy

    Its Eva and Tony. desparate is clearly a sign as in Eva plays on a show with that in its name and Tony is a star BBall player. They just finalized their divorce also in TX.

  • lovethissite

    I think it was a soccer player the last line would say Goooooal. Scoooore is definitely basketball. I am going to guess Lala Vasquez and Carmello Anthony.

  • lifestinks

    My guess is on Becks and Posh.