Cheap Jock at Sundance

BuzzFotoWe’re getting lots of good blinds from our Sundance source this year. Our source has another interesting piece of info about the Olympian we told you about earlier. This time, she claims that whenever he and his ‘crew’ are in Vegas partying at a famous club the athlete only tips 2% of his bill. The owner of the club is very frustrated with him and has told the servers to avoid his table when he comes in. He expects freebies and gives very little for what he gets. 476

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26 comments to Cheap Jock at Sundance

  • SayItAintSo

    How about Shawn White!

  • nartalart

    Michael Phelps

  • Elfie

    Are Michael Phelps and Shawn White the only guesses for everything?

    This sounds like Bam Margera, but I’m not suree.

  • Ralphie

    This cannot be White…I thought he was notoriously generous.

    I’m going with Jonny Moseley. I think he was at Sundance and Ive always gotten an entitled vibe from him.

  • aeduko

    I’m with the Shaun White guesses too. He and Michael Phelps are probably the two most publicised Olympic athletes right now, aren’t they? But I think it’s him. I think I’ve heard interviews with him that make it sound like he’s savvy with money, which isn’t the case with Phelps. So if he watches his money, he could well be cheap as all get out.

    By the way, thanks again, BG, for the log in help.

  • ladymarmalade

    I stick by my guess of Louie Vito.

    • BooneWitch

      Your guess is wrong. Louie arrived in Killington, VT the day before this party. Only made it home for a few hours, Sunday night, before heading to X-Games in Aspen Monday morning.

  • amagod121

    Whoever it is, he should be outed! Imagine being so horribly cheap and unappreciative.

  • NurseRosetta

    I think Shaun too. Just to throw in another name how about Apol0 Ohno?

  • bubbajane

    Shaun White looks like Carrot Top’s lovechild!

  • Scorpio13

    Shaun White shame on you!

  • Hampton

    Shaun White is not the Vegas type and is known to be generous with wait staff. Apollo is very low key and is not much of a party boy. Moseley I could see but I think it is Butter Face. He is a known Vegas heavy duty party boy is always comped by the hotel/casino and always has a suite full of ladies He must have learned his tipping habits from Billy Joel. But maybe the endorsements are drying up and he needs to save his money to buy swim fins.

  • mannix

    Johnny Weir!!

  • Stealth

    Someone like Shaun White is popular enough that he gets paid to party in Vegas. The last time he was there for a skateboard competition he was paid to come to a club & given whatever he wanted for free in return for using his name and image. That his status. This is about someone less popular. An Olympian not necessarily a medalist. It’s about someone who the club can’t benefit from because that’s the only way an owner would tell his servers to avoid him.

  • mickeymammoth

    Being a bad tipper sucks, but the blind doesn’t say he doesn’t pay his bill. So what does the bar owner care?? Plus, don’t Vegas bars PAY celebrities to come in and drink? This vice is dull and not very logical.

    • Stinkweed

      Perhaps the owner actually wants the servers to be compensated for their hard work? If he’s a giant douche, he’s not doing the bar any favors by drinking there.