Why The Wife Stays With Pervy Actor

BlindGossip – This actor from a network show has gotten all fired up and pervy at the clubs over the years. He purposefully exposes himself to random girls and then propositions them. He is into threes*mes and the occasional same-sex encounter. Oh, and he’s married with kids. Even though his wife has been publicly humiliated by him in the past, she stays. Money, money, money.

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  • smd1004p

    a show that deals with firefighters or an office where people are fired?

  • meme01

    im just going to say david borenz or however you spell it

    • Bigmama

      I don’t see him doing the same sex thing. He is pretty open about his preferances for Playboy bunnies.

      • ceetray

        So just because a guy is open about his preferences for Playboy bunnies means he can’t be open to a same sex fling?!?

  • OriginalJJ

    Someone from Burn Notice?

  • Aceticle

    I hate the idea, but Steve Carell? It seems like there have been rumors going around for a while that he’s not as lovable as he seems.

  • lilma

    I don’t know anything about his personality but could it be Dennis Leary from Rescue Me? He is married with kids and that show is about firefighters. Go easy on me I’ve only just found this site last week and this is my first time guessing :)

    • mrsjaymack

      I thought so too but Rescue Me isn’t a network show. And I love Denis Leary.

      • lilma

        Forgive my complete ignorance but what exactly is a network show? I thought FX was a network? Or is it cable? I’m confused lol I don’t watch a lot of tv x)

      • Camembert

        Here’s a good rule of thumb: Networks are broadcast over the air and are free to watch. If it’s only available on cable or satellite, it is not a network.

        “Network” in the case refers to the network of local affiliate stations that are contracted to air the programming provided by the national broadcaster. So in the US, the broadcast networks are NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox. CW is often referred to as an “almost network” because while it has regular weekday evening programming, it does not provide day-long programming like the Big 4. Some Big 4 networks have subsidiary stations on cable (e.g., NBC has several, Fox has FX), and sometimes their corporate parents have their own too (CBS’s parent Viacom has MTV Networks; ABC’s parent is Disney).

      • OriginalJJ

        It seems there is a difference in definition depending on where you live. Thank you for the explanation.

      • ahorsenamedbill

        Your explanation should be copy & Pasted every time this discussion comes up.

      • somethingoriginal

        Bookmarked for future reference. Thanks so much Camembert!

      • Camembert

        Y’all are welcome.

  • msp96302

    omg..this is soooo Ice T from SVU. I mean, look at that pic – that is Coco’s favorite pose. Plus, his son was also just charged with exposure – like father, like son.

  • Scorpio13

    Sounds like Charlie Sheen but I think so since he is divorcing Brooke.

    • Scorpio13

      Sounds like Charlie Sheen but I don’t think so since he is divorcing Brooke. Forgot “don’t”.

  • debseb1025

    Could this be Ed O’Neill? The married with kids reminds me of his old show “Married with Children”.

  • stolidog

    It’s david Boreanaz. I guess he’s no “angel”…duh

    • Ralphie

      He was my first guess. His wife stays in spite of the humiliation bc he’s her ticket to $ and relevancy.

      • ahorsenamedbill

        wow, they’re still married?????
        this could be him, he’s often the topic of salacious gossip
        gross pig

  • twistedme

    David Boreanaz from Bones?

  • Camembert

    Tracy Morgan?


    Patrick Dempsey!

    Heard rumors, plus “money, money,..” makes me think of “Can’t Buy Me Love”

  • tmixinc

    David Boreanaz for the win! Thank god I don’t care what he does past Buffy & Angel.

  • lady

    Keifer sutherland!

  • laundrybedamned

    I was thinking of Rob Lowe. He’s on “Parks and Recreation” playing a state auditor sent in to downsize the parks department, so that could be the firing reference. And he’s had previous sex scandals, including the accusations from his nanny a couple of years ago that he groped and flashed her.

    • luvprue1

      Rob Lowe is a good guess, especially if you consider the ” fire up” could be a reference to him being in the movie “St. Elmo’s Fire”,and his problems on the set of “The West wing”

  • drella

    Balhtazar Getty? Is he still on Brothers and Sisters? He was pretty public with a topless Sienna Miller and he comes from lots of money!

  • maylise

    Could it be Chris Meloni? All the clues seem to fit him.

  • lvokdave

    How about Gordon Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen. His show is on the Fox network. “all fired up”= cooking show, plus his famous temper. His wiki page talks about his affairs being exposed. Married with 4 kids. Cautioned for “gross indecency” with 2 guys; he claims it was not sexual.

  • SallyR

    wow, Gordon Ramsey? that’s VERY interesting…..that could fit!

  • ivyleaguer

    I am going with the Rob Lowe guesses.

  • wickedpink

    I don’t know why nobody guessed Taye Diggs (Private Practice). Since there were a lot of pictures of him circa-2007 in clubs with lots of women and again in the beginning of last year, I don’t know the part of same-sex, but the 3somes in his case seems obvious since he was seen always with at least two women. he and his wife (Idina Menzel) have a kid and the “Money, Money, Money” part… seems like a song, there are so many musical songs with that title, and they are both musical actors. around Broadway fans and blind gossips they always say he approaches women and say “Don’t you know who I am?” and tries, tries, tries.