Demi Lovato Isn’t The Worst Tweener

CDANAnd you thought Demi Lovato was the worst tweener. Well, she is, but this still A list tweener and C list to the rest of the world broke up with her boyfriend after she got an ab*rtion.

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55 comments to Demi Lovato Isn’t The Worst Tweener

  • nony

    I don’t know if Taylor Swift still qualifies as a Tweener exactly, but there was a rumor of her having an abortion last month, around the time she broke up with Jake.

    • AnMaSt

      Taylor is definitely not C list to the rest of the world. She’s been everywhere the past year.

      • nony

        @AnMaSt — Actually, I am saying that because I live and travel overseas (visiting this site from afar!) and never heard of her before the Kayne West episode (then I forgot about her) and again when she was dating Jake. Honestly couldn’t tell you the name and/or tune of a single one of her songs. She is C list on this side of the ocean for sure, but I get that she is considered A list in the US.

      • Magal

        She’s completely unknown in Europe (well, I’m not sure about the UK, but the rest of Europe, yes). Except in gossip magazines.

      • moonbaby

        Taylor is quite well known in the UK. B list, I’d say

      • bette

        taylors only really known in the UK to tweeners and gossip hounds i think.. at christmas my niece mentioned her, and literally everyone over the age of fifteen had no idea who she was talking about! she’s probably more like c-list i’d reckon

      • plum

        she’s known in France for… no! in France, no one knows her

      • CatGrant

        I’m pretty sure “the rest of the world” refers to those of us who AREN’T tweeners – not a geographical distinction.

      • Serena van der Woodsen

        Um yes Taylor IS C List to the rest of the world.

    • demon squeaker

      Taylor Swift??!?!??! Who? It’s one of those names that is bandied about but no-one has any idea who it is! Must be a US thing.

  • Yuolala

    Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly

    • Britt

      I’m thinking this.

    • 4six2

      Who the hell is Miranda Cosgrove??? She certainly can’t even be C list with the rest of the World. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve heard of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens (though I can’t tell you a single thing they’ve done, except that the screamin’ tweeners find them fascinating; but I, personally, have NEVER even heard of Miranda Cosgrove. Apparently she’s never been to rehab or sleeping with the groupies… God Bless her.

    • Whatzmyname

      Whose Miranda?

  • PrincessTRex

    Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens. They have both recently (in the past year) had public break ups. Those two were the first who came to mind, anyway.

  • NurseRosetta

    Miley lol

  • yepimbored

    Probably Miley.

  • Aceticle

    Why does having an abortion make her “the worst”? It’s legal and if that’s what she decided was the best choice for her, it’s none of anybody else’s business.

    • moonbaby

      hear, hear!

    • BoatGirl

      She’s got every right to make that difficult choice. Whoever she is, hope she has the support of her family. Too many teens don’t.

    • Gossip Fanatic

      I agree. I don’t like what this blind is implying. Having said that, I think it is Miley.

    • 4six2

      Wow, Aceticle. That didn’t even occur to me because I was too busy guessing. You are absolutely right! This is a horrible title for a blind. Allow the girl to make her own choice and I respect her for that! Except for the fact that now that I think about it, I must say that most girls/women make the choice to terminate a pregnancy because of financial/situational difficulties. I don’t know if I respect that decision because your STAR won’t rise further…

    • wpolochick

      the best choice for her would’ve been to be responsible about having sex. if you aren’t prepared to deal with the consequences of doing something, then don’t do it. abortions DO reflect poorly on people because it typically implies massive irresponsibility, beyond any moral interpretation of fetus killing.

      • melba

        Ooor…an abortion IS dealing with the consequences in the manner she sees fit? Anti-choice people are always acting like the decision to abort is because chicks who have sex are mindless w* and are too stupid to understand what they’re doing.

      • la leoncita

        interesting…i assume every single time you’ve had sex, you were fully prepared to create a child and be a parent. we should all hope to be as massively responsible as you.

      • Hawgtied

        lol, i agree with you on this one. Nothing like getting a moral lesson while reading celebrity gossip.

      • wpolochick

        It’s not about morality, it’s about responsibility. Hence the “beyond any moral interpretation”.

      • wpolochick

        Yes actually. I use 2 different types of birth control and waited to have sex with my bf of 3 years until we were in college. You should hope to be as responsible as me. Someday I will have children when I am ready to do so, without having to confront an unwanted pregnancy.

      • saucykitty

        You will? Because you know, birth control sometimes fail.

        I like how you have everything perfectly planned out. Too bad life doesn’t always work that way.

      • webgirl1

        I agree. Don’t have sex unless you’re willing to accept consequences.

      • Sammi

        I also agree. We really don’t need some irresponsible person’s crotch fruit running around.

    • mush

      she could of used protection though. her and the bloke.

    • suedechik79

      i was gonna say that too, but the way its worded is weird. they dont say its worse than demi lovatos goings on.

    • jenb

      Maybe that wasn’t her first abortion, and all her fake image that she wantto get away from.

  • Magal

    I’d say Miley.

  • CatGrant

    Miley’s name recognition is far too high to be considered C list.

    I like the Miranda Cosgrove guess.

  • davew

    Vanessa Hudgens, I guess. Miley is way above C-list even in the “real world”

  • Ariez

    Vanessa is in her early 20’s, she’s not a tweener. Miley is definitely not C-list in other parts of the world. I’ll go with Miranda.

  • pepperk

    Gonna say someone different…Victoria Justice from Nickelodian.

  • doodadoo

    It’s def not Miley, she is far above C-list no matter what your demographic. I like the Miranda Cosgrove guess, especially because there have been other blinds implying speculation about this that were presumed to be about her, but I highly doubt she’s c list. I highly doubt the reason for the break-up between Zac and Vanessa was about an abortion……….. Did Ashley Tisdale have a recent break up?

  • Rosario Scarsci

    That girl from iCarly? Miranda Cosgrove? Hmm…if not, then it’s Miley.

  • shannonhumphreys

    Again, I didn’t read “C list to the rest of the world” to actually mean the literal world, but to mean non-tweeners. In which case, the Miranda Cosgrove guess would be a good one.

  • Kiki72

    Choices were: Miranda, Miley & Taylor.

    I would have to say Miley on this one!

  • Kiki72

    Oh and Selena….still think Miley!

  • goldfish swirling

    I thought a “tweener” was younger than a teenager bur older than a child (in between).