Premier League Star Goes Wild in Vegas

DailyMail – A Premier League footballer is caught up in a bl*ackmail plot after an *rgy with three Swedish blondes in a Las Vegas hotel room was filmed on a mobile phone.

Police are investigating the report that film and and photographs were made and that they form the centre of an attempt to bl*ckmail the star.

The player, who is in his 20s and enjoys a clean-cut image, is an international and plays for a team currently in the top 10 of the Premier League.

After meeting the Swedish girls at a hotel in the gambling mecca while on holiday with two male friends, the gang partied for several hours.

One of the women is a 25-year-old waitress at the well-known celebrity hang-out and together they downed shots at the bar.

The Premier League  star is understood to have had sex with the waitress while his two friends did the same with the other two ladies.

Pictures taken of the *rgy on a BlackBerry are said to include snaps of the football star wearing only a condom.

The player became aware of the bl*ckmail plot when the photos were emailed to him by a mystery person who threatened to circulate the film and photographs.

A source told The Sun: ‘We are trying to trace the person behind the email address, though he or she tried to hide their identity.

‘We’re keeping an open mind on whether the person making the demands was one of the girls or a third party unconnected with what went on in the hotel.’

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