Jailbait Dated Older Co-Star

BuzzFoto – This almost adult star who got their start on a popular Children’s network (not Disney) claims to be brokenhearted after being dumped by her older costar. She claims the two were involved for three years, even though he was in a relationship with someone else. When the source threatened to expose the relationship because of the celeb’s underage status, the star was adamant nothing illegal happened. 463

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58 comments to Jailbait Dated Older Co-Star

  • wpolochick

    Drake Bell and Miranda COsgrove? He’s 7 yeas older than her.

    • Ralphie

      I’ll second this…could be why she’s gotten so skinny and generally unhealthy looking.

    • Sammi

      That makes sense. She was on Drake and Josh, right? I recognized her on iCarly when I was forced to watch it by my cousin. Man, Nick has gotten sour.

    • Trent

      Ok I use to watch alot of Nick back in the day and Drake and Josh was one of the shows I watched, this I can 100 percent agree with….their show was on for 3 years after that they did so seperate things….i’m amazed they were able to keep it on the down-low.

  • 4six2

    Happy New Year, BG!

  • Michele

    Either iCarly and her tv brother or…

    Selena Gomez (started on Barney?) and her older TV brother.

  • Jenny

    That photo looks an awful lot like Michelle Tractenburg from Gossip Girl. I’m too old to keep track of that show but didn’t Blake Lively just break up with her co-star?

    • Ralphie

      Both are well beyond 18.

    • Saffy

      Michelle was born in 1985. She’s hardly an “almost adult.”

    • LooLoo

      The girl in the picture is on a computer- iCarly.

    • definitely

      Totally far-fetched and most likely wrong…but Michelle Tractenburg did get her start on Nickelodeon’s Pete and Pete years ago. I believe the character’s name was Mona. Could have been involved with an older co-star there but she was very young.

      That being said…I could see Miranda Cosgrove for this one.

  • davew

    Miranda Cosgrove would be my immediate guess for “not Disney”…

    • yoyo

      My guess is Miranda and Jerry, but that would have made her barely 15 and he 30 at the beginning. Ew. But Miranda got her start on School of Rock–not iCarly. Has iCarly even been on three years?

      If it’s Victoria Justice, I have no idea who the much older co-star is and that show hasn’t been on that long. I’m assuming the two in the BI are still co-starring together.

  • Cat Grant

    Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor from iCarly.

  • Britt

    Miranda Cosgrove

  • Rosario

    If this is Miranda, then that’s gross. I mean…she had to be seriously young when she was on Drake & Josh. If this is true, then one of those guys are perverted. She looked so tiny and young looking. Seriously. Maybe they mean in the later seasons, but still…

  • Britt

    Wait, what about Victoria Justice? She’s currently 17 (turns 18 in February) and she got her start on Zoey 101 (A Nickelodeon show starring Jamie Lynn Spears). Now she’s on the show, Victorius.

  • mrsdavis2006

    I will also say Cosgrove but why I think so is because of the picture of a dark haired girl on the computer- she tweets a lot. Older costar could be Drake Bell but not while on Drake and Josh- but more recently- she still mentions him from time to time.

  • Jessica

    Emma Roberts? She was on Nickelodeon and has had a lot of work since then.

  • boomboom

    Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor?

  • aiak

    Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainer
    Icarly (yes I watch it at times) is about a webcam show. The laptop is a clue.

  • funnygirl23

    Either Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell or Victoria Justice and that guy who played Chase on Zoey 101.

  • lil nikki

    jennifer freeman and damon waynas, my wife and kids..im sure ive heard a romour about them b4

  • Bree

    That pic is a big fat clue and it’s obviously pointing towards Miranda Cosgrove and the guy that plays her weirdo brother on iCarly. The show is all about her character’s webcam show.

  • stinkweed

    Hey, BG, can you confirm or deny that the photos to other people’s blind (not this one in particular, just in general) are sometimes clues?

    I hear readers sometimes state that the photos are only clues if it’s a BG blind, other times people assume the photos are clues.

    I’d love to hear from “the horse’s mouth” (so to speak) if we can consider the pictures when guessing.

  • ladymarmalade

    The picture is only a clue if the item originates HERE. If you follow the link, there is NO PICTURE.

  • veronica

    jeannette mccurdy and jerry trainor from icarly, she turned 18 in june maybe it’s an kinda old blinditem

  • davidb

    The key item is that they were involved for three years. If you back Miranda Cosgrove three years she was like 14! Jailbait!

  • wpolochick

    I think Miranda is the answer to the blind item about a young fresh faced starlet getting an abortion after getting pregnant by a much older man. I think its Jerry Trainor, even though Drake Bell is ‘older’ Jerry Trainor is definitely an older MAN through and through.

  • GuyIcognito

    It’s Jerry Trainor and Jeannette McCurdy, they have been rumored for a while that were dating and she was 15 whne she started.

  • 4Real

    Miranda and Drake when she was 14 and he was 17 on Drake and Josh.

  • Liam

    I like Miranda’s guess because of the picture, it looks like Miranda and she’s on the computer “icarly” but didn’t Miranda get her start from School of Rock? That would be a film, unless it was a film for the tv network I wouldn’t really say it was her since that movie came out before drake and josh started.

  • pusssykatt

    The picture means nothing, it’s a Buzzfoto blind, not Blind Gossip.

  • jaan black

    Cosgrove is a weird looking girl…huge mouth and just an odd face

  • Sean

    I have no idea who any of these people are.

  • MaggieMayhem

    Hi everyone ;) Looooooooong time lurker, first time poster :) I’m going for the Miranda Cosgrove/Jerry Trainor guess, I don’t think she “dated” Drake cuz she was waaaay too young when they were acting together. But with Jerry might’ve happened she was over 15 or something.

    “This almost adult star who got their start on a popular Children’s network (not Disney)”

    Yep, gotta be her she’s 17 “almost adult”

  • Mardy Bum

    I think we might have a solved here. She specifically mentions that they were together for 3 years, just like it does in the blind.

    Cosgrove Suffering From Broken Heart