She is Old Enough for Playboy

Which hugely popular reality star is desperately trying to get onto the pages of Playboy? The barely legal gal – who’s had a very rough and tumble year – is so desperate to get naked for the cameras that she is trying to recruit her younger co-stars to join her in posing in the buff.

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90 comments to She is Old Enough for Playboy

  • Zitch

    Demi Lovato is the only that comes to mind

    • Sammi

      She’s not a reality star. I don’t mean to sound rude since I don’t really ever have any ideas on my own (I usually end up just agreeing with someone that said it first.), but Demi Lovato isn’t the answer to everything.

      • Bree

        Nor is Miley Cyrus, or Robert Pattinson, or George Clooney, or Demi and Ashton, or Jessica Simpson, lol. Or the show Glee (for the blinds about casts/shows in turmoil)

      • scar

        thank you for this! it’s annoying how people always guess that small group for every blind.

      • Puccini

        I find it annoying that other people always get annoyed at other people’s guesses. It’s a gossip site for people to guess in – doesn’t say we have to be right, since most of the time most of us aren’t. :-)

      • Sammi

        We have every right to be annoyed if they have selective reading, to be honest. If I wrote a blind about an aging black actor, I don’t want to see Tom Hanks as the answer.

      • Bree

        Of course you don’t have to be right. But it would be nice if the guess went along with the clues in some way. I mean, don’t tell me you haven’t gotten a little perplexed when there’s a blind about a 20 something year old married actress and someone just goes “Miley Cyrus!” I am in no way a snob, I just don’t get people that guess people that are explicitly ruled out. This is tame in comparison to other freakouts I’ve seen over guesses lol

      • Sammi

        LOL, c’est vrai….c’est très vrai…I still refuse to watch Glee.

      • Nutella Jones

        lol, I concur! Why even bother to guess if you don’t read the clues?

  • lil nikki

    alexis from those pretty wild girls

    • treyc

      this is a great guess but she wouldn’t have to try. Hugh would approve her in a heartbeat. Plus, their show was not hugely successful. Did anyone really watch that show?

      • Sammi

        That was a show?

        I bet that answered you, lol. I seriously didn’t know that show existed. What channel was it on?

      • Nutella Jones

        I’ve never heard of that show either. I hate to say that I consider “Teen Mom” to be a hugely popular show but despite the fact that I’ve never seen the actual show, I can’t go one day without reading about it on the news.

    • terielee

      I’m pretty sure Alexis is in jail right now for possession of heroin. Yeah, that would put her at the top of Playboy’s short list.

      • terielee

        I hope I have the right one. It was an E show but I don’t think it had pretty in the title. It’s Alexis Niedel or something like that.

      • cincinnatikate

        nope, she is not in jail. Just read it last week. She was sentenced to rehab and was home in 30 days or something ridiculous. The show was called Pretty Wild, and it really did make the Kardashians look like a family to look up to. It was a trainwreck and I loved to watch every single episode.

  • KarenDG

    Amber Portwood

    • Nutella Jones

      lol, these two were my first guesses as well!

      • Nutella Jones

        The phrase “rough and tumble year” make me think of Amber beating on her baby daddy. Since she lost all the weight, she’s probably delusional enough to think that she’s hot stuff now.

      • Bree

        I’m sorry, she’s very homely to me. She has potential to be cute, if she stops loading her hair with mousse to keep that pathetic curl and stops turning her skin orange.

      • JaplesfromNaples

        Anyone else think that her face looks very much like a bulldog?

      • Masha

        Snooki got punched by that guy in the bar but I don’t think she’d be considered “barely legal”

    • Caz1310

      How old is Snooki? More importantly, who would want to see all her bits in a Playboy spread? Not me. Isn’t Heidi desperate to get into Playboy? however age isn’t an issue with her.

  • funnygirl23

    That Amber girl from Teen Mom? Is she old enough? I don’t follow them, so I don’t know; just that “rough and tumble year” bit made me think of her (assulted her bf didn’t she?).

  • Britt

    Amber Portwood – 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom
    Not that anybody wants to see that…

  • treyc

    Amber or Farrah from Teen Mom? I wonder if hugely successful is some hidden snarky comment about Amber’s weight issues? Other than Farrah or Amber, who is a barely legal reality star?

  • dani

    I’m thinkin’ Miley Cyrus. She’s barely legal and desperate to shed her Disney image. (Doing a pretty good job of it lately, too!)

  • Olive

    Amber from Teen Mom. “Rough and Tumble” is the clue about her beating up her baby-daddy lol.

  • ohhyeahhh

    Demi Lovato isn’t a reality star. I’m going with Amber.

    • dirtygirlbusiness

      Amber Portwood, ugh! I’m pretty sure no one wants to see her naked especially with that hideous tattoo she just got. It’s disturbing on so many levels in so many ways. Social services, anyone?

      • Ralphie

        You mean you don’t think it’s hot? Ha.

        Social Services won’t help that poor little girl enough. Save Leah!!!

  • Gossip mom

    Demi for the win.. A lot of stuff calls her a sassy singer. Sad sad..

  • Ralphie

    Amber Portwood is a great guess. I can totally see her trying to get the other Teen Moms to do a spread with her. Problem is…weight loss or not, she ain’t hot!!!

    I cannot believe this delusional cow makes $280,000 a year. Only in America can your irresponsible behavior make you a $$$ star.

    • Erin

      I know! I was just enraged when I heard that…so basically I have to try and teach my child (if I ever have one) that YES, you should go to college and work hard for your $40k a year BS job, even though there are little a$$holes out there who get knocked up, poorly raise a child and you can make 7 effing times that much. Don’t even get me started. This country is SO SCREWED UP!

      • Ralphie

        Totally agree Erin! MTV ought to be ashamed of themselves.

      • cincinnatikate

        MTV? I see this everyday. White Trash and Hood Rich welfare recipients making 30k a year for breeding. Don’t get me started.

      • AngelinaTwilightTomCruise is the answer

        While it sucks, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Any other system where we tell people the max they can make would be called Communism. AAAACCCCKKKK! Scary, right? But it seems like what everyone wants when they hear that someone else is making more money than them for now reason. This isn’t a merit system economy, it’s laissez faire. And private companies such as MTV, The Yankees, and Google are allowed to pay their employees as little (following state regulation) or as much as they want. So it’s not really the girls fault she got lucky. It’s like crying about someone who won the lottery..that would sound like a whiny, green eyed monster, riiiiight?
        But back to the game 16 and pregnant is the only show with underage girls with a large enough following and since Amber is the only one who’s name is floating around the blogosphere then it’s probably here..She only want’s to ‘sexy dance’ for Hugh ya’ll

      • Bree

        If communism means that parents that exploit their kids, women whose only talents are sitting on their chest and are full of silicone and people who dribble basketballs for a living get less money annually than teachers, firefighters and people who actually contribute to society in a meaningful way, sign me up.

      • newtsgal

        I’m with Erin too!
        I long for the good ol’ days when it was taboo for a teenager to get knocked up. It wasn’t praised and put on a TV show, where other dumbass teenagers now look up to these children having children. How is this entertainment?
        I have to admit, I watched one of the 16 and pregnant and I have to say I was laughing my butt off. These girls think they know everything and can handle what’s coming their way and by the end of the show they are crying about their childhood gone and if they had known they would have done things differntly.

      • Erin

        AngelinaTwilightTomCruise, I apologize if the tangent I took offended your delicate sensibilities by failing to directly answer the question at hand. I will take Tom Cruise as the pregnant, barely legal reality star, and that is my final answer.

        IF communism actually worked (the idea is a good one, but there will always be one greedy * that ruins it for everyone), I would be the first one in line. Like someone else said, it is embarrassing that the people who WANT to educate others, and WANT to risk their lives to save people get paid a small percentage of what ignorant, uneducated, fame* do.

        And I’d like to add, IF I ever have a child, I will be force-feeding them birth control until they are at least 25…if it’s a boy and he impregnates someone while I think he’s too young, he will get a beat down he’ll never forget.

      • Erin

        That was not meant to be as snarky as it sounded! And I did agree with the Amber guess…although her giant tattoo is throwing it off for me, so possibly Farrah, although I know nothing about her since I don’t watch the show…I’ve just seen a lot of Amber on mags/websites.

      • BrightStar

        I realize you were being snarky, but the idea of “force feeding” your child birth control is such the wrong one. There are other negative consequences of teen sex than pregnancy. The best you can do is educate your kid to make smart decisions, avoid douchebag men, have PRIORITIES IN LIFE OTHER THAN SOCIALIZING, DATING, AND SCREWING (like getting an education, learning the arts, or playing sports), and hope that they do the right thing.

    • Nutella Jones

      I’ve never watched Teen Mom and I refuse to watch it on principle but I do read the news articles about it. It sounds like such a trashy show and now I’m really upset to read from you that these girls are getting paid that much money. Crap like this makes me wanna give up on our society.

      • cincinnatikate

        some of those girls ended up being really good moms. Please dont base your opinion of that show on Amber.

  • anonymous

    (sigh) “Desperately” trying to get on the pages of Playboy…To the Jerry Springer crowd, getting your bare azz featured in Playboy must be some kind of Ultimate Prize amongst the trailer trash set. I read of some young cow who got the good news she was going to be in tired old Playboy and she said her phone was ringing day and night with congratulations from thrilled friends and relatives! As if she won the lottery or the Nobel Prize, lol.

    • Ralphie

      And they probably all got their starts in Toddlers and Tiaras. That’s the chosen path for white-trash dreams!

  • Bree

    I’m going with the Farrah guess. She’s always going on about being a model, and she just got breast implants. Plus her mom beat her up earlier this year (not that I’m complaining, the way she talks to her mother is atrocious)

    • Ralphie

      Oh you’re right!!! there was a beat-down involved. This could be Farah and not Amber. Not that it’s much better either way!

      • Nutella Jones

        I forgot about that thing with Farah and she makes more sense than Amber but only because Amber has that hideous tattoo on her that might prevent the Hef from wanting to put her in his mag.

      • cincinnatikate

        Farrah does not seem the type to me. I definately could be wrong. but I think its amber..amber shows her body to the paps, amber was the “club” chick, and amber has been talking about money in the public..

      • Bree

        Farrah strikes me as really naïve about her modeling career. She totally seems the type to go in to do head shots and leave having been convinced to take off everything. She doesn’t seem very grounded in reality in any of her endeavors, as a matter of fact.

    • Eryn

      I agree, even though Amber’s beatdown was more publicized, Farrah went to the police, didn’t she? When she and her mom fought. There were bruises and everything. I hate myself for it, but I love that show, it’s so mind-rottingly addictive.

  • fresca

    who would the younger costars be, aren’t they all around the same age

  • Tee Cee

    Totally Farrah! And as far as the younger costars, I think there is a new crop of “Teen Moms” coming out who would be REALLY young.

  • Tee Cee

    Bleh, I just made myself feel sick typing that. :(

  • Jalisa

    Its not AMBER or any TEEN MOM. Playboy can’t have UNDERAGE people posing NAKED. I don’t know who it is but I doubt its a Teen Mom.

    • amylynne

      I am pretty sure Amber and Farrah and their crop of teen mom’s are 18 or older, making them eligible to pose naked. Correct me if I am wrong though!

      • Bunnyface

        I think I read Amber is 20, so she could be trying to get the other younger teen moms to join her, as per the clue.

    • steampunkwhistler

      Amber is now 20, so she could pose for Playboy, and it sounds like something she’d try to do. Farrah is now around the same age.

      They both got knocked up around the age of 16 or 17 (hence the 16 and Pregnant runs) but Teen Mom has been running for two years now.

    • Pikitis

      The girls get pregnant between 15-17, and do age after that, they don’t remain “16 and Pregnant”. If Amber was on the show three years ago, that means she is legal age.

  • TruTru2

    Its Alexis, she has nothing else-unless she’s going back to breaking into celeb homes–she’s a drug abuser, I’ve seen those pics, smdh

  • knowitall

    Unless she’s posing in a jail cell, it won’t be Amber:

    Prosecutors in central Indiana have filed felony domestic battery and child neglect charges against a star of the MTV reality show “Teen Mom.”

    Anderson police began investigating 20-year-old Amber Portwood after a September episode showed her slapping, choking and kicking the 24-year-old father of her daughter.
    Portwood was arrested Monday and jailed under a 24-hour hold. She was released Tuesday afternoon, reported.

    A police detective told the Herald Bulletin in Anderson that the neglect charges stem from Portwood’s 1-year-old daughter being present during two filmed instances of domestic violence.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    One of the two older Gosselin kids? Oh, wait. Not yet.

    • Ralphie

      If this wasn’t eventually going to be a sad reality it’d be funny. You know they’ll all be fertile as anything to spite Kate.

  • Nyahweh

    I’m going with someone from Teen Mom or whatever that show is called. Too bad MTV doesn’t put that money into a college trust fund for the babies on the show.

  • SHump

    This has got to be Amber Portwood, who looks like the mom from Goonies and Throw Mama From the Train. She will NEVER get into Playboy, although that Farrah girl might, if she decides to go blonde and get implants.

  • JessLurker

    It’s tempting to say Amber, but I’m gonna have to go with Farrah for this one. Rough and Tumble probably refers to the fight with her mom, but is meant to throw us off (for Amber). She seems really narcissistic… remember the whole, “Do I *look* like I had a kid” comment? Plus there was a rumor she was moving out to LA to be an “actress,” and I’m sure she thinks Playboy publicity would get her somewhere. Finally, since she’s 19 she fits the “barely legal” hint better than Amber does at age 20. Farrah FTW!!

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Angelina from Jersey Shore? The girl that got kicked off the show?

  • mbm2

    one of the younger Kardashian girls?

  • demon seed


  • substnz

    Christinna Renee Robinson from 16 and Pregnant, the family is threatening to sue MTV for defamation and other ridiculousness, mainly just to remain relevant with the paparazzi.