TV Actor Spends His Raise

CDAN – This B- list actor is on a hit network television show right now. He used to be on another hit show back in the day, but was not the star like he is right now. Anyway, he recently got a very large raise and decided to spend a portion of it doing good. He went to the largest homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles and handed out $20,000 in $100 gift cards to Wal-Mart to every person with a child and then arranged three buses to transport all the people to the closest Wal-Mart.

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  1. Deepcreek says

    Don’t know why, but I thought of Johnny Galecki for this. But whoever it is, good on him!

    [Hi BG – longtime lurker, first post!]

  2. MsLuvMetal says

    Wow! I dunno who it is but i think that is so nice of him! I kinda wish i thought of that or i think all actors should do that. I guess my best guess is someone…like….i have no clue. just wanted to say that’s an actor aCTUALLY doing good. kudos dude.

    • jenb says

      Sorry i wasn’t there? just kidding that is a great deal of kindness, you rarely see celebs do this. This blind need to be reveal so i can say kudos to that person.

  3. mardee bum says

    No idea what his name is, but the guy from the Big Bang Theory that used to be on Roseanne came to mind.

    • Laurie says

      I agree! 1st guy I thought of! & married w/children was always more about Christina Applegate I thought.

    • bethj says

      FWIW, I am totally on board with this guess! ♥ Ed O’Neill. I actually know his mom and one of his sisters, and they both are very kind people. In fact, I met Ruth O’Neill when she started volunteering with the Department of Social Services. Wonderful family, truly; even Mr. O’Neill was very nice when we met. :-)

  4. Bree says

    Johnny Galecki, formerly of “Roseanne” and now on “Big Bang Theory”. First person that came to mind.

  5. spamme says

    this isnt gossip its a feel good story why is it even a blind? The fun of these things is to figure out what celeb is making a fool out of themselves. Just out whoever this is so we can all pat him on the back.

    • lolo says

      Yeah that’s who I was thinking. Is Dexter a network show? (I never know what that means.) And he was on Six Feet Under a while ago…

  6. Masky says

    I hope it’s Ted Danson. He wasn’t the star of Cheers but he’s kind of a bigger character on Bored to Death. He and his wife were just on The Talk and they do a lot of charity..

  7. Bubblypoo says

    Ian Somerhalder… if CW is considered network??? Used to be on Lost, but is a bigger star on Vampire Diaries.

  8. marie says

    ahhhh can’t think of his name but the guy from mike and molly.he was on yes dear back in the 90’s in a supporting role

  9. Clairey says

    I love these ones. I like that they remain blinds because then you know they’re not doing it for publicity.

    If I could afford to, I would do stuff like this all the time. Good for them, whoever they are. I wish I knew who they were but I’m kinda glad I don’t. Then the focus is on what they did.

  10. Elfie says

    Apparently, everytime I read “he used to be on another hit show back in the day” I keep thinking of John Stamos heheh. So like no one has mentioned him, that’s my guess…

  11. TruTru2 says

    Aww now that is nice!! and he is not bragging about it to make himself LOOK good.

    This is good news!

    have no clue

    • dontpanic42 says

      That is who I’m thinking! He just got a raise this summer, and he was on Dark Angel some years back.

  12. amagod121 says

    Boy if I were a down and out parent who ran across him, I’d be crying in gratitude right now. THIS is the true meaning of Christmas.

    • pitstop says

      My thought exactly. Just watched a repeat of Modern Family, and it was a light bulb moment.

      A few points makes me think it is a mature actor, mainly the kids part, plus organising a bus to Walmart. Sorry to the young actors but the logistics made me think it was an older actor.

      Doesn’t matter whom, good on them.

  13. anonymous3 says

    One reason some charitable celebs don’t call the paparazzi every time they do good works, is that they might believe it’s wrong to do it for show or to boost their career.

  14. Dasha says

    Maybe it’s Jason Segel. He was on Freaks and Geeks, is a much bigger star now, is on How I Met Your Mother… though the Walmart gift card thing seems out of character for him somehow.

  15. galactica says

    I’ve got a couple of guesses:

    Ed O’Neil from Modern Family
    Brian Cranston from Breaking Bad

  16. itsabacon says

    Why can’t Angelina and Brad do the same thing? Every time they give, there is always a write up. Every time they go out, paparazzi is with them.

  17. vinyldestination says

    Ed O’Neil sounds like a great guess. But making Married With Children sound like it was “Back in the day” just aged me. My original thought was William Shatner.

  18. JessLurker says

    Don’t know, but this made my day. :) I love when people do the right thing, when they have the means. Whoever you are, you rock!

  19. Mmmm says

    sounds kind of like Ian Somerhalder if he is honestly trying to help ppl with his charity afforts and not get some PR (cause I haven’t been convinced yet).
    Old Show – Lost
    New Show – the Vampire Diaries

  20. grandma says

    I just thought of someone else but I can’t think of his name. He plays the kid on Two and a Half Men. He got a major raise in pay not too long ago, more than enough to afford something like this.

  21. Sarah says

    I didn’t even finish reading the post when the guy from the Big Bang theory came to mind-Johnny Gelecki(sp?) used to be on Rosanne, he just got a raise in the fall.