Lessons in Engraved Jewelry

BlindGossip – So this thoughtful actor has purchased lovely Christmas presents for both of the women in his life. They are similar – but not identical –  gifts from a famous jeweler, and each has an engraved message with his initials. Not surprisingly, the message on the piece for his wife is sweet, and the one for his mistress is racy.

Since he is spending Christmas with his wife, he gave his mistress her gift last week. When she opened it, he was horrified to discover that she got the one intended for his wife. By the way, the other one is already in the wife’s possession, but is still wrapped and presumably unopened. Not wanting to confess to his mistress that he screwed up, he had to call the jeweler to rush order another one for the wife with the correct engraving. Now he just needs to get home and swap it out with the racy one without his wife noticing. Anyone want to buy a very nice piece of jewelry with a very personal engraved message?

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