Merry Break Up and Happy New Relationship


BlindGossip – Lots of celebrity break up announcements this holiday season, but one more  is supposed to be coming in the next few weeks. This couple has actually been split up for months now, but you may not have even noticed since – like Scarlett and Ryan – they are usually photographed separately from each other. They were going to announce a couple of weeks ago, but got cold feet once they saw the flurry of attention that other celebrities were getting for the same action. The more famous of the two wants the publicists to release the announcement between Christmas and New Year’s in the hopes that the public will be too busy celebrating the holidays to notice. Before you start feeling sorry for either of them, though, you should probably know that both have already moved on to new relationships.


It’s Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz! Source: BG and everywhere

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? These two have been over for a while now, but the announcement and the paperwork kept getting delayed.

There’s no pre-nup, and Ashlee has hired high-powered divorce attorney Lara Wasser. Pete Wentz is going to get his financial clock cleaned on this one.

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    • jenb says

      I wouldn’t be surprise if it was paltrow and chris and no one really cares since they are hardly ever seen together as a

  1. Munchkin says

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, can’t remember the last time I saw them photographed together.

    • Yuolala says

      Ooooh! I like this guess…. but
      Gwen is so into her public family image to actually divorce Gavin..seen lots of photo-op of them with their Rock ‘n’ roll kiddies together.

    • Bree says

      Nah. Gwen’s the more famous of that duo, and she’s so gaga for Rossdale (or the idea of being his wife) that I can’t see her helping plan their breakup announcement. She must have really low self esteem, to stay with a guy who keeps so many secrets from her.

  2. Yuolala says

    I have to go with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

    1.They are rarely seen out in public in some tabloid that they live in separate houses.

    3.reports on Chris Martin and Kate Bosworth

      • Aerli says

        Admittedly, I totally would with both Askars and Chris Martin. True story. Kate Bosworth is so dull. I don’t get it. Anyway, I agree with the Chris Martin and Paltrow guess. Yeppers.

      • Kait says

        Yep, I was going to say the same thing. Can’t be too upset with a relationship that was a pr scam to begin with!

      • Lozza says

        Yep – there’s no way Askars is straight. She was rumoured to be having a much more secretive affair with Chris Martin than her ‘public’ one with Askars.

  3. Nony says

    First time guessing on BG…I’d say Gwenyth and Chris. Just saw an interview with her on MTV saying, yes Chris is a ‘genius’ actor but they have their separate careers. There was something odd about it. Oh well – such a great site here!

  4. KizashiJase says

    Tom and Katie …. They were photographed together for her birthday but he did break down in the underwear section of some shop!!

    But if not Ben and Jen …..

    • Jess says

      I don’t think they’d already be in other relationships, though. I really don’t want it to be Gwynnie and Chris but they seem the best guess.

  5. Emily says

    I’m guessing Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams..
    No firm reason- other than I always found their pairing odd.
    Plus I never see pictures of them together (or seperate for that matter)

    • Aerli says

      NOOOOOO! I love Ryan Adams. I think it’s nice, his marriage. Seems real. That man could stand to maintain a stable personal life. I’d be sad for them both if this was so.

    • Tu22 says

      Duchovny and Leoni are not divorced and are leaving on a winter vacation as soon as his show end. Sorry to break your heart.

      • AnnalisaM says

        Sorry Pippy, eh Tu22, Duchovny and Leoni have been divorced for over a year. Duchovny may be leaving on a winter vacation, but it’s not with Leoni.

      • Tu22 says

        Yes, this is pippy and your wrong AnnalisaM. David said he tea and the kids are going away…………now please don’t cry:)

      • Alicia says

        No Pippy. He said he had plans with his family. You assumed he meant Tea, the woman from whom he is divorced. He’d probably sooner dance the hula in Times Square at high noon than spend any more time with his ex.

      • Maryanne says

        The man who can’t stand his supposed “ex” wife just spent an evening with her and their children at a play last night. Whatever the actual state of their relationship they co-parent appropriately.

      • jenb says

        well that is a great way to raise kids. That is one way to avoid drama, when everyone gets along, especially when it comes to their kids.

    • duro says

      Brangelina? LOL.

      She gave him the ultimatum(He was supposedly having fun with Kathryn Morris on MoneyBall set), and he decided to stay with her. If he screws another chic, there is no telling what she might do to him.

      • Jess says

        Kathryn Morris is going to be in a movie with Brad Pitt?! Sorry to be off-topic but Yay!

        (Brangelina are constantly photographed together. Plus which is “the more famous one”?)

    • Nartalart says

      They’ve been photographed like crazy over the past few weeks for that movie that with Johnny Depp.

      • ferrd69 says

        god, that film was so awful i thought i’d passed through a warp in the space-time continuum and emerged on the other side, my IQ down sixty points.

        and was it me, or did johnny depp look TERRIBLE in the movie? it was the first time since “21 jump st” i wasn’t, like, drooling and scheming about how to get him away from vanessa and into the arms of a guy who would treat him right. he looked like a grain sack with a bad javier bardem “no country for old men” wig.

        waah. :(

      • Nartalart says

        Right but it specifically says they are rarely photographed together. Brangelina have been photographed together.

    • says

      Really?! Crazy comment. They were photographed together and lovey-dovey while she was directing their movie. Also seen with their kids in parks. If that’s not together don’t know what is.

    • grandma says

      Interesting theory. There’s something not-quite-right about their relationship but I think they’d at least stay together until Straw Dogs hits the theaters.

  6. the little merman says

    jen and ben. brangelina. they were recently at the release for her movie with johnny depp

      • Veronica says

        but they aren’t. you see Jen with the kiddies all the time, but you hardly ever see the family together… it’s either Jen with the kids or Ben with the kids….

      • Jemm says

        Except that very recently I’ve seen several pics of them together with those darling girls….at Farmer’s Market, taking the kids to a Christmas party, soccer games, etc. I HOPE it’s not them…such a cute family.

  7. sinamin says

    cold feet and flurry of attention sound like clues. Ben and Jen is a great guess, but how about George Clooney and his GF?

  8. Maria says

    I’ll go with WAY less obvious: Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich. They’ve been legally separated since 2009, must be time to finally divorce. He’s more famous but also a lot more private so it would make sense that he wants it to go under the radar.

      • ODDandOFFputting says

        Landon donovan, soccer player, is on the Galaxy, also played quite well for the USA team in the world cup.

        Bianca kajllich is an actress, currently on rules of engagement.

        they are currently separated, and during the world cup, there was a “love child” scare…

    • jenb says

      Considering the fact that a british woman said she was pregnant with his baby, while he was trying out for a team there. HE WAS SEPARATED THOUGH. Landon is a stand up guy he said he would take care of the baby if it was his, he was showing his love for bianca during the world cup.

  9. lilylala says

    Could be several of them! Since they don’t seem to want a lot of fanfare my guess is Gwynneth/Chris.

  10. Jake says

    Yes, Gwynneth and Chris. They actually announced some years ago that they had a policy of not being photographed together.

  11. Scorpio13 says

    Do agree it’s probably Goop and Chris M though. But for something different I’ll say JLO and Mark Anthony.

  12. Bumbles says

    “Cold feet” is perhaps a clue. Cold Play? Also, “flurry of attention” could be a clue… maybe all the snow flurries in London where Chris Martin is based? I might be reading into it too much… but I vote Gwyneth and Chris. They are rarely photographed together.

  13. Lindz says

    I think Gwyneth and Chris…anyone think it’s fishy that Matthew Morrison was at her “star” unveiling?

    Maybe they formed a relationship on Glee.

    And Chris, well, he just as well could have a “groupie” any day of the week.

  14. mandi says

    My first thought was Gwyneth and Chris, and still is, but she has to know what a big deal it would be, no matter when it was announced; second guess? I got nothing!

  15. meggiep says

    Why I don’t think it’s Gwyneth and Chris:

    In a recent podcast interview with Hot 97’s Pete Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, Jay-Z mentioned that his closest friends in the biz are Chris & Gwyneth. Remember there were pics of Gwyn and Jay-Z on the beach together, and Chris was somewhere around? I too thought they were def gonna break up but hearing Jay talk about them as a couple made me think otherwise.

  16. Laurie says

    Bradley Cooper and Renee Zelwegger, i can’t remember the last time they were photographed together!

  17. Keis says

    Also, maybe all the “holiday” mentions are a clue to Gwyneth’s character on Glee – Holly Holiday? The character is slated to return on the show.

  18. Ginger says

    the clue that one is more famous than the other is important, so we should rule out the usual celebrity couples like Ben/Jennifer, Tom/Katie, and even Gwynneth/Chris. I’m going with Julia Roberts and Danny what’s-his-name. BUT don’t you think the blind would say that there are kids involved? I can’t think of a couple–one famous, one not-so-known–without kids who this blind would refer to.

  19. tisket says

    I’m going with Chris and Gwyneth too and agree with the person who also saw her awkward comment about Chris on Conan.

      • AnnalisaM says

        They’ve already broken up. They’re divorced and each has moved on with other people. Why are you at every message board on the internet denying the obvious? What’s your stake in believing the lie?

      • jenb says

        That is a question i want to know as well? some people just need to live their own lives and stop defending celebs that are divorced. No sense in convincing someone that is living in a make believe

      • Tu22 says

        OH MY Someone else saw them today:)

        JDPerlman: @BroadwaySpotted David Duchovny and Tea Leoni were at Pee-Wee tonight with their children
        33 minutes ago via web

      • AnnalisaM says

        Divorced couples do things with their children all the time. It’s called being good parents.They’re still divorced and will remain so.

  20. anonymous says

    This is my first time commenting here too! Just a thought though about Gwyneth and Chris Martin…. I don’t really think that she would be announcing ANYTHING negative about herself when she has a movie coming out that she has to do tons of press for and knows that she would have to answer endless questions about it. On the other hand, Jay-Z and Coldplay are performing together for New Year’s Eve at the new Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas so if she’s not there, that could speak volumes since she is BFF’s with Jay-Z and Beyonce. As much as I hate to say it….I kinda think it might Ben and Jen. It does say they are usually not photographed together and they’re not. The occasional and rare papparrazi shot but even when they are support each others projects, they’re usually not pictured together. Ugh….I kinda hate myself a little for even putting that much thought into this…was fun though :)

    • jenb says

      Ben and jen wouldn’t surprise alot of people too they seem to have problems that councilling can’t fix.Add blake lively to that equation and it makes situation worse.

  21. mimi says

    There’s no way its SJP & Broderick. If anything, they have been together more these past few months than ever before. Even when they are not photographed together there are tweets and facebooks about them being spotted together all over NYC. When people are splitting they don’t hire a surrogate to have babies, look for a new place to live and add a house at the Hamptons to their portfolio. If anything they dump properties.

  22. Julie says

    It’s none of these popular guessed. Goopy mentioned in some interviews that she’ll be at the Coldplay/JayZ concert in Vegas for New Years. I don’t think she would do that if a split was coming. Ben and Jen have been photographed RECENTLY, like last week.

  23. Mary says

    Cold = Coldplay… Gwyneth and Chris. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a picture of them together!

  24. JessLurker says

    Goopy and Chris. There was another blind a while ago indicating that Chris finds Gwyn completely insufferable (hey, me too!) and that they spend most of their time avoiding each other.

  25. Erin says

    OK, this is just a thought because I was reading some random celeb blogs. Are Mila Kunis & Macauley Culkin still even together??? They are NEVER photographed together! Why?

  26. Erin says

    Another pair never seen together are Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell. I thought maybe the cold feet referred to an engagement with a marriage date/event never happening.

    I only have a hard time believing the Chris/Goop because I think they are both equally famous. Who exactly is the more famous one?

  27. the one and only says

    Landon donovan and his wife? Tmz just posted that he filed for divorce even though they separated a while ago.

      • jenb says

        But that wasn’t a big surprise because they are not that interesting as a couple, so i’m going with boring paltrow and chris but who cares. This seem to be a weird peering of these two.

  28. anyone says

    Tu22 (alias pippy), do you work for Téa Leoni or something? I mean, your insistence on defending her “marriage” is so obsessive that it’s scary. And you call snoggers sick individuals, ha! We will see who is the real sick individual here.

    • Tu22 says

      No, i’m a happily married lady who loves to see other couples in a good relationship. We were told two years ago that David and Tea were divorced. Then last Xmas we see pictures that someone took of them while on vacation dancing together looking very much in love. A few months ago there was a picture taken from behind with their arms round one another. Doesn’t seem like two people that are divorced. If they have both moved on then how come we never see them with their significant other? So if hoping that a couple is happy together is being a sick individual then I’ll accept that label:) What is sick is people who wish for someone to split. That’s sick in MHO. Since you seem to know who they have moved on with ……….tell us who it is:) Merry Xmas

      • jenb says

        Happy holidays everyone, and have a merry xmas, and look forward for more celebrity break ups in the coming year.dON’T BE SHOCKED IF SOME OF YOUR favorite couples might be next, that is just life.

      • julie says

        Hey jen b, so do you have some inside info that there are more break-ups or just assuming that after all it is Hollywood and people break up all the time. Or both?

      • jenb says

        @julie been saying there will be alot of break ups an deaths long before alot of celeb break ups. Just sit back and watch the show.

      • jaquie says

        It’s all very mysterious. BlindGossip is the site that posted the blind about a celeb couple being divorced months and months ago and many people guessed David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. So why wasn’t it ever posted as solved? BlindGossip is usually very good about showing the solved blinds so why not this one? It’s not like they could get into any legal trouble if it is in fact true so what are they waiting for?

      • julie says

        Lots of guesses for Tea and David on the “for the sake of the money” blind in October of this year. The comments for that blind were closed. I wondered if it was Cox and Arquette for that one, but it hasn’t been labeled as solved even though that split has been public knowledge for a couple months. I don’t think they can solve it until Cox and Arquette are actually divorced though.

      • AnnalisaM says

        Vacation or no, they are still divorced. Providing their children valuable mommy and daddy time shows they are mature and caring parents who can put aside their differences for the benefit of their children.

    • Tu22 says

      ShannMRobinson: @lynnstweet nope he’s with his fam! Tea leoni n his two kids
      15 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·Someone said they would not be on vacation together………well they are:)

      • Tu22 says

        There is a big difference between old misinformation and what the truth is? Entertainment Tonight just had the surprise breakups of 2010……..guess what……no David Duchovny/Tea Leoni mention. And here we were told that this announcement would be right at the holidays so maybe no one would take notice.:p

      • jenb says

        @AnnalisaM don’t waste your time talking to TU22 you cannot win.

        Anyone who spend their time devoted to a celeb, have something lacking in their life or marriage.

      • Tu22 says

        LOL:) i have something lacking? And here you are devoting your time to lies that have not been proven. So what makes you so different from me?:)

  29. anyone says

    Unbelievable! So I see pippy & Co still can’t accept the fact that David Duchovny and Téa Leoni are VERY DIVORCED. So what if they’re seen together with the kids? Oh, I had no idea that divorced parents couldn’t hang out with their kids! What a mess! Then my friend’s divorced parents must be married, too, because they still see each other! Oh, man! [rolled eyes]

    • Tu22 says

      They were seen in a bookstore……guess what…..just David and Tea. Not with the kids. No need for that if you’re divorced:)

  30. Tu22 says

    The divorced couple just cant seem to stay away from each other…;)

    just saw david duchovny + tea leoni. pretty cool.
    2 minutes ago via Twitter for Android

      • Alicia says

        No, they are divorced. Give up your white knight crusade for the virtue of a failed marriage and sit quietly and wait for the news to come out.

  31. anyone says

    She won’t sit quietly because she works for Téa Leoni. This is not the only web site where she tries to bug those who have a different opinion.

    • lalalala says

      exactl what in i thought! i scrolled down excitingly and saw that others thought the same… yay!

  32. Wondering says

    I think it’s definitely Mellencamp and his wife because now it’s announced he’s quietly dating Meg Ryan.,,20454730,00.html

    Obviously this didn’t just happen, so evidently his wife, Irwin, is already dating someone too.

    The clue also says “like Scarlett and Ryan” which is a hint to Meg Ryan.

    –Mellencamp is more famous than his model wife, so the announcement would most likely come from his camp, not hers.
    –The announced was split over the holidays.
    –It’s revealed he is already dating someone.

    If this isn’t considered solved now, I’d be surprised.

  33. julie says

    Is Elaine Irwin considered a celebrity?. If this was refering to her and Mellencamp or Macauley and Mila. Then why hasn’t BG solved it?

  34. YourMother says

    Good lord. If you look at her twitter, she was still faking their marriage as recently as late January, sending him messages about how much she misses him and stuff. Can’t stand her.

  35. FzFz says

    They were photographed pretty frequently, weren’t they? Always seemed like a happy little family to me.

    • FzFz says

      Agreed. I assume Ashlee is the more famous one? But the answer says Pete has more money…and they were photographed together and tweeted to each other many times this year…

  36. Tu22 says

    Who here really knows the truth? No one. The Duchovny’s are far better parents then many i’ve read about.

  37. Tu22 says

    For sure they are better parents then many around the entertainment game. At least they are trying to stay together rather then jumping ship and having spouse after spouse after spouse. Some of those young celebs are in their 30’s and 40’s have been married several times. I think thats pathetic.

  38. jenb says

    @Annalisam, your right david is a devoted and protective dad, you have to give him alot of credit for that.It doesn’t matter what anyone says about him.In hollywood if only we have more parents like that, the kids wouldn’t be all messed up, money can’t buy love all the time a parent has ro spent time with their kids.

  39. Tu22 says

    ITA with you that both David and Tea are wonderful parents. They put their kids before their careers each and every time. That’s why David didn’t go with The Break of Noon to LA. He didn’t want to be away from the family for that long.

  40. Alicia says

    They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced. They are divorced.

    What part of that do you not understand?

  41. jaquie says

    BlindGossip is what it says it is. Gossip. So, regardless of what blinds they put out there, not all of them will turn out to be true or right no matter how much people might wish them to be. The gossip says that David and Tea are divorced and have been for over a year or more but everything they do or say or act is completely different than what the gossip says is going on. So are DD and Tea divorced? Only when they say they are will everyone believe that it is true. And if they do get divorced tomorrow or 5 years from now it will be tomorrow or 5 years from now. No way I can believe that they out of all celebs out there can hide a divorce from the media for over a year or more. I just don’t think it’s possible.

  42. Tu22 says

    LOL:) not to each other???:)Where is your proof of this divorce? There are tons of pictures of them together. You on the other hand have NOTHING. Just your hope that this couple would split. Why do you want to see them divorced? Why would that make you so happy? That’s what i want to know. Guess you love to see families break apart. How very sad and pathetic you are along with the rest of your ilk.

  43. AnnalisaM says

    Pippy, why do you assume anyone is happy they are divorced? Divorce is not a cause for happiness. Divorce is painful and messy. No one wants to put children through a divorce, especially a child of divorce as Duchovny is. Leoni has been divorced twice now. But the fact is, Duchovny and Leoni divorced over a year ago and that information will come out when they want decide.

  44. Alicia says

    They are divorced. Period. Why do you devote so much time and energy denying this truth on message boards around the Internet? I hope your husband doesn’t divorce you for neglecting him as you defend your idealized lover-man online.

    Once and for all David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are divorced. Now and forever more.

  45. Tu22 says

    Why do you spend some much time and energy on lies that you can not prove? Show me the money and then i might believe you. But, so far you have nothing except some wishful thinking that they are divorced. No one will answer my question…….Why are you so happy to think they are not a couple anymore? What is your reasons? Do you enjoy watching people that have children go their seperate ways?