Triple Gay Announcement

[BlindGossip] Hold on to your tighty whities, everyone! In what is sure to be the biggest celebrity news item of the year, three of Hollywood’s leading male actors will be coming out of the closet at the same time.

The announcement will take place Monday at 1:00 pm PDT on the stage of the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, site of the annual Academy Awards. The unusual venue was chosen so that members of the press from around the world could be accommodated for this event. There is some irony in the choice of location, as all three men have been nominated for the Academy Award more than once, but none has ever won.

The three men will also announce that they are embarking on a film project together, tentatively titled “The Shocker”. It is the semi-autobiographical story of three deeply closeted actors in Hollywood, and the various challenges they face with their careers, their sexuality, and their beards.


In an extraordinary show of solidarity with their gay husbands, each of the actors’ wives has agreed to be on stage during the big announcement!

The first wife has been very accepting of the situation. “I could not be more proud of my incredibly gay husband! It takes phenomenal courage to come out and show the world who you really are, and I support him 110%. In fact, we are going to celebrate by flying to his favorite spa for a long weekend. Then I’m going to surprise him with another fake pregnancy. Whoops…did I just say that out loud?”

The second wife has been the most pragmatic about the announcement. “Frankly, it’s about time this ridiculous charade was over. It’s been exhausting trying to hide his relationship with his boyfriend and my relationship with my girlfriend. The man needs to pay me my $50 million and let me get the fuck out of here. It’s Independence Day, bitches!”

Only one of the wives has had a bit of trouble getting used to the idea that her sham of a marriage was about to be disclosed to the world. The third wife was initially spotted sitting in a corner of the room, hugging her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth. Her eyes were red and hair disheveled, and she talked to herself in thin, papery whispers.

“Did we make it to five years?” she asked. “If we don’t make it to five years, the contract is void. What about my money? What about the career he promised me? I feel like such a fool. And when everybody finds out about all this, I’m definitely going to hell. And if the Devil doesn’t get me, the aliens certainly will. For reelz.”

Then, without warning, she suddenly perked up. “Wait, does this mean I can marry my daughter’s real father now? And that I can start eating again? Woo hoo! Somebody bring me my ex-boyfriend’s number and a cheeseburger!”

Actor 1:

Actor 2:

Actor 3:








Actor 1: April

Actor 2: Fool’s

Actor 3: Day

You are all such good sports. Love you lots!

Welcome to all the newbies! We’re glad you’re here!

Love, BG

PS: If you would like to read last year’s item, click here!

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1,054 comments to Triple Gay Announcement

  • Sammi

    I wonder if it’s John Travolta coming out?

  • badmommy

    Tighty whities = Tom Cruise
    Maybe he and Katie will be separating?


      OMG please let it be them getting a divorce!

      • msp96302

        Either that or something to do with Rob Lowe’s new book – Cruise is mentioned in it as well as many, many others.

    • LillyLou

      Yep, something with Tom Cruise. Tighty Whities = Risky Business.

    • Bubblypoo

      Pretty please, let it be Tom!

    • 4six2

      Nice call, Badmommy!! Perhaps their contact is over; however I disagree that Tommy will get custody. Suri is ALWAYS with her mom. Perhaps working out that problem has extended their contract a bit longer than expected.

      • 4six2

        DAMN YOU, BG!!! Got me, Big Time~ Hook, Line, and Sinker.
        First my Wii Fit got me this morning telling me my Wii Fit board was broken (then a silly, “April Fool’s”) and now you. (Hangs head in shame) I shall walk my gullible self up to bed and wait for this Fool’s day to end! HA! 😀

    • meme

      Are we calling Katie H a “very famous actor” now? Yikes!!! Maybe b/c she acted her way through this courtship and contract?

    • Pops

      Woo! My first post after reading this blog for over year – about time.

      This announcement is kind of exciting, actually! I’m leaning towards the Tom Cruise guesses.

    • mimiv

      I believe this is an April Fool’s Day joke. Remember last year when BG posted a funny fake ‘blind’ piece on Jen and Angie becoming lovers?

    • aeduko

      Down with Travolta and Holmes. Holmes — references aliens, rumor that Tom didn’t father Suri.

      Not sure about the second one. Will Smith does make sense then it would be a scientoly trifecta.

  • Ralphie

    Tommy Girl!

    • Ralphie

      Tighty whities referring to Risky Business,

      This is most likely not him coming out, but the end of the contract with Stepford Katie. And he will get custody of Suri much like he did with the kids after he divorced Kidman.

      • escape2

        Suri is 5 this month

      • LiveForToday

        Suri is already 5. BG seems to accept that…hence the “Maybe I can marry Suri’s daddy” hope from Tom’s beard. Boo hoo for Katie… Joshua J is already taken by another

  • escape2

    on the tommy/katie bandwagon also…please let it be!!

  • bumbletucky

    Perez Hilton is really straight?

    No, seriously. It is either the Tom and Katie divorce or Travolta going off the reservation.

  • kookila

    I agree! Tom Cruise’s tighty whities. And, ew.

  • boomboompow

    Either John Travolta coming out or Tom Cruise’s contract with Katie is up. What other announcements have we’ve been anticipating for a while??? Those are the biggest, yes?

    • moonbaby

      Haha, I totally read your comment too quickly and thought you wrote “Elton John” instead of “Either John”. I was like “umm..who wants to break the news?”

  • Clare

    Who is tighty whities associated with?

    Cruise – Risky Business
    Mark Wahlberg – underwear ads

    Who else?

    • Marina

      With a wife and four kids, what Mark Wahlberg could possibly be hiding? I’m jumping on the Tommy Girl bandwagon!

      • Rafael

        Uhhhh… What does being married with kids have to do with anything??

        Cruise: Married. Thrice. Has at least one (alleged) Bio child, and has adopted at least two others.. (Is it two? I can’t keep track of his kids)
        Travolta: Married for 20+ years. Has had three kids.

        Sooo… OF COURSE Wahlberg can’t be gay! He has a wife and kids! Come on.

  • danneka

    really is that all you can think of? john travolta or tom cruise? i mean are we all in anticipation of them? i would think it’s something more interesting than that!

    • msp96302

      I dont think its about tom divorcing – Katie is doing a ton of press with the Kennedy film. I doubt they would make this type of announcement now. Could be Travolta doing the Gotti pic though…..

  • WheresMyHalo

    Excitement!!!!!! Co-signing on the Tom Cruise guess!

    And on a personal note, thank you BG for being here — I’ve just had to go through my own divorce yesterday, and coming here takes my mind off my own troubles for a while.

    • La Llorona

      You have my support, WheresMyHalo.

    • Ralphie

      Aw! Be strong,

      Inane celeb gossip can always make you feel better about your own life no matter how low you feel.

    • ladymarmalade

      I hear ya, WheresMyHalo. On Wednesday, I was laid off after 14 years with my company. It’s just a sign that the universe has bigger and better things in store for us. :-)

  • boyfaster

    But apart from that, JAKE G WHATUP!

  • ladymarmalade

    Oooh! Juicy!

  • Lemonylimes

    Is it wrong for me to be skeptical….

    Last year, there was that “HUGE” blind item about a gay celebrity finally coming out, with a cover on people magazine story, hired massive PR firm etc etc – that was incredibly hyped up.. and then it ended up being a country singer whom I’d never heard of (which could totally be my fault.. since i don’t listen to country music).

    Not to be a party pooper.. disappointment just makes me sad *_* ….

    I would ever so like it to be Tommy boy though!

    • Ralphie

      That’s fair, I think that BV was more that someone in country music was coming out since they are such a conservative fan base. The fact it wasn’t someone major like Chesney (come out Kenny! Your beard Zellweger all but outer you years ago) took the hype down a lot.

    • mindy

      exactly what i was thinking and i had never heard of that country singer either so that was a complete let down, lol

    • meme

      Yes! Or the shocker that Ricky M was gay. Although it is always nice when someone everyone sort of presumes is gay finds the courage to come out. I think that is part of why everyone on this site just wants John T to do it already.

    • La Llorona

      Yeah I’m sort of on the same fence. I’m wondering how real this is….

    • Erin

      You literally took the words out of my mouth! Right around this time last year, a female country singer (who by country standards – as I am a listener) who wasn’t even popular to begin with came out. And they made it seem like this huge deal, gave her the People cover, etc. Sooooo stupid. The only hope that I have in this blind is that they are at least Academy Award nominees. I’m sure it will be the worst of the worst though.

      My guesses:

      1. Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker & The Town)
      2. Tom Crusie (nominated for Magnolia, Jeremy Maguire & Born on the Fourth of July)
      3. Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happiness, Ali)
      4. Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain)

      That’s what I’ve got. Although Renner is new to the game, so not sure if it will really be someone who’s been around a while. I HOPE this really happens!

    • Rafael

      And if you also notice, for every thirty “ACTOR COMING OUT” blinds there are like like negative twenty nine that ever come true. So.. yeah. I don’t blame you for being skeptical.

  • La Llorona

    Ohhhhhhh I second the excitement! It’s like Christmas!

  • VinylDestination

    BG! Talkin’ to your attorney? Couple of hours?! This is a Special News Bulletin you’ve given us! You are great with a cup of coffee, but tonight? Juicy dessert.

    Seems like Tommy, but I’m rooting for JT. Especially with his Gotti movie role announcement.

  • Jade

    Please let it be chip and grin! Puhleeeze!

  • Monky

    The suspense is KILLING me!!! :)

  • lula

    Going a different way- Katie Holmes is pregnant!

  • mindy

    I think I know – Willow Smith is a crack *.

  • senorpow

    If BG are talking to their lawyers there must be some salacious details surrounding whats going on. I’m more interested in the details rather than who it is about.

    If it’s JT what do we think the juicy details will be?
    If it’s TC what will they be?

  • escape2

    Why, oh why, did Katie H try and explain the lolly incident with Suri on
    the Ellen show??? Curious!

    • Ralphie

      So when the lawyers for Tommy Girl paint her as an unfit mother they can’t use that one against her?

  • ceetray

    Don’t you think if it was Tom & Katie breaking up the blind would have read “a very famous couple” and not a “very famous actor”??

  • ericad20

    Charlie Sheen?

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    What was that blind a few weeks ago about supposedly Tom Cruise going to jail for something? Had to do with children of some sort? Can’t remember but I know it’s on BG’s website somewhere. Maybe it’s that announcement.

  • La Llorona

    Two very famous actors?! OMG this is gunna be gooooooooooooood.

  • bc8627a


  • Clare

    Hold on, is this an April Fool’s Day joke?

  • squeakyclean

    Wait a minute, is this going to be an April Fool’s joke? I really hope not!

    (btw, first-time poster, love the site, BG!)

  • cmoody

    Hey everybody, don’t forget that tomorrow is April Fool’s day!!!

  • d33d33

    April Fools

  • Ralphie

    Won’t Tom have to begin doing press for MI:4 soon? Timing of this is so obvious….

  • cheesy_smile

    hi, i’m new here, i know this is OT, but does anyone know why 1)my comments go into moderation and 2)they don’t get posted at all? I was just trying to post my guess, no bad language or anything like that. I hope this gets posted

  • schrott9

    The pic is making me think Shakespeare? Shakespeare in Love?

    Ben Affleck & Jen Garner?

    Too bad chris Martin isn’t an actor or I’d say him and Gwyneth!

  • Sammi

    It’s two very famous actors now? Katie Holmes isn’t that famous to me, but she’s definitely famous by association.

    If it’s not them, then who can it be? I MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEWS.

  • Case

    Brangelina are breaking up?

    • Pops

      Don’t think it’s Brangelina or else they would have set TWO famous actors from the start. I think the decision to change one famous actor to two was because Katie Holmes is starting to becoming known for her work as an actress now.

    • treyc

      This is a good guess. Did Brad prance around in his tihtie whities in Thelma and Louise?

  • TonySheridan

    But…in a few hours it will be April 1. Oh please BG don’t play with me. I want to see Tommy Boy taken to the cleaners!

  • escape2

    April Fools!!

  • mspitstop

    On Fashion Police this week Joan Rivers made a funny comment about Tom and Katie, something like: “One more year and Katie will be able to marry Keith Urban.”

  • nutsinabowl

    oh my GOD !!!!
    giglling like a school girl am I And I dont even care who it is……….oh god, who is it !!!????

  • Oliver Tweets

    People, people, people… We mustn’t forget what tomorrow is, now shall we?? 😉

  • WheresMyHalo

    Ooh now BG is announcing it’s “two famous actors” …. oh my oh my!

    I think we may know who this is now… but just to amuse myself while I wait for The News…. I thought I’d throw out another set of names.

    I was thinking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breaking up would also be huge news, and certainly due to the nature of how their relationship started, there has always been a low-lying anticipation in some circles that they would one day split up.

    Perhaps that French chateau he is renovating is going to be his new bachelor pad?

  • Rocks

    Just for fun…Becks did an underwear ad and I think Ashton did also.

  • Yuolala

    April Fools!

  • shill

    Excellent April Fool’s joke, I wish it were true though… :(

  • Grandma

    My guess would be….APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zephyr

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I WISH this was true but I am going to go out on a limb and guess the fact that it’s the first of April and our beloved BG always seems to have a sense of humor might have something to do with the surreal nature of the clues…

  • escape2

    once again, April Fools.. you wish??

  • lovenut

    I smell a big fat April Fools joke …

  • NomiMalone

    I think Jakey G & Travolta have been nominated for Academy Awards, but never won. I don’t know about Cruise, but like everyone else the tighty whities reference makes me think of Risky Business. Oh, this is exciting!

  • escape2

    ok, just for fun ..

    Brad Pitt
    George Clooney
    Matt Damon

    fell in love on the ocean’s 11.

  • AliMac

    April fools day anyone?

  • katiemay

    April fools! Nice work BG

  • fozzie

    Are you guys reading the same post I am? It says 3 gay leading men will come out. Not about couples breaking up.

    Because actors are ruled by money and are heavily advised NOT to come out, I don’t think these 3 will actually come out. The 3 will simply announce they are doing the film (as the post says “The Shocker”) about gay actors and bearding but will carefully avoid saying they are gay themselves.

    Remember all the anticipation about an actor coming out after playing a gay man in a film? Everyone decided that was Jake G/Brokeback Mountain but he never did come out. His career came first and he listened to his advisors.

    If it is 3 actors who have been nominated for academy awards, I think it will be someone more obscure, someone older like F. Murray Abraham except not him because he won. But someone of his age and level of exposure.

    • ladymarmalade

      It was changed from the original. At first it just said a famous actor had an announcement that we all have been anticipating for a while. It was later updated to it’s current version.

    • Mumumumu

      Completely agree. This is probably a PR stunt about a movie where the characters are gay. But the actors will not come out.

    • Scorpio13

      Fozzie, I totally agree with you. I’m also thinking if the annoucement does happen it will be someone older as well. My first thought was Kevin Spacey was finally going to come out even though everyone already knows he’s gay. I hope that it really does happen so men and women both can live their lives openly and honestly.

      • texbrook

        Agreed. I don’t get the “couples breaking up” comments. I am thinking these 3 will be men we won’t really be that excited about: Kevin Spacey? (pretty obvious). Who else? I’d bet it’s older actors?

    • boriqualoka

      OMG u took the words outta my mouth..i was like why do these ppl keep saying 2 actors when the blind says 3 leading actors are going to make an announcement…it doesnt say anything bout couples either lol

      • WheresMyHalo

        The reason is because when this blind was first posted yesterday all it said was that ‘a famous actor would be making a big announcement that we had been anticipating for some time’.

        Then later it said ‘two famous actors would be making a big announcement’.

        So some of us thought it referred to a famous actor couple breaking up.

        Now that BG has kindly filled in more of the details, we all know it’s a Coming Out Party.

    • dumpsterbaby

      There was a blind earlier that mentioned “two very famous actors” making a big announcement, but it disappeared for a bit and reappeared as this one, hence the first several guesses not making too much sense now.

    • November

      The post has changed about 3 times now, with more information added each time, so the first few comments are from those. It started out as one very famous actor has a big announcement, then it changed to 2 very famous actors have a big announcement, and now it’s 3 male actors coming out. So, the guesses of Tom and Katie ending their relationship was from before it was revealed that the announcement was 3 actors coming out.

  • bernergirl

    I hate to burst the Tom Cruise bubble but the clue said nominated for an academy award but never won! Tom won for 4th of July. It also says beard (though that could just be the term their using for a gay close friend) but I think Leo Dicaprio and Kevin Spacey.

    • Miss Dixie

      “beard” refers to an opposite sex faux-relationship. so for Joe Jonas, Ashley Green. for Tommy Girl, Nicole and Katie, etc.

    • ladymarmalade

      He did not win for Born on the Forth of Judy. Daniel Day-Lewis won best actor that year.

  • button

    Oh my gosh! This is so obviously an April Fools joke! Does no one realize this?

  • NomiMalone

    wait…..isn’t today April Fool’s? lol we’ve all been fooled haven’t we…

  • BarbieGirl

    Fingers crossed that this isn’t just a BIG April Fool’s prank!

  • CookieKate

    I call shennanigans! APRIL FOOLS DAY, y’all! Good one though!

  • humancartography

    April Fool’s gag?

  • Case

    Tom Cruise
    Jake G
    Morgan Freeman? I’m stuck on the third one. There’s so many to choose from.

  • Case


  • BadBadJan

    You had me till the “Shocker” film project. Now I think it may be better titled Apr*l F**ls!

  • LilyMama

    I think at least one of the actors is Tom Cruise, and I think he will use his coming out as a smokescreen to hide an even bigger, much more damaging story. When the super damaging story inevitably comes out, he can cite malicious homophobia in an attempt to discredit it. This is pure pre-emptive PR damage control.

    • ferrd69

      wow. you are *really* cynical.

      i LIKE it!

      cuz really, you’re just being

      though i think hell will sport
      icicles on the cave walls before
      TC comes out.

    • clink

      I think you are on to something, mama! Do you guys remember the blind about the celeb that had to chose between the lesser of two damaging stories? One could hurt him professionally and the other was illegal – I think that was the basis of the blind.

      So if one of these men is Tommy who would he be collaborating with to make this movie and this huge announcement? travolta makes since with the scientology connection. What’s the connection with the pirate?

      I feel like I should put in for a day of on Monday so I can stay tuned to E!

      What a good morning! The traffic gods were good to me, I heard the song Rumors on the way to work and now this.

      Beer drinking, breath stinking, sniffing glue! Heard that song yesterday!

      I’m sending everyone my positive vibes so that you, too, will have a wonderful Friday!

    • Erin

      Right, wasn’t there a blind a few months ago about an A-list actor and a serious jail-timeish issue? Maybe he is involved in a gay child porn ring or something equally scandalous/horrible?

  • gypjet

    APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!Please send me prize to charity. Lol

  • empirestate

    I was as excited as everyone else but you all failed to realize the date of this blind item…………APRIL 1st. My guess id April Fools

  • SteveEdinburgh

    What a momentous story..on April 1st!!!

  • khaki


  • melmac

    April’s Fools

  • Julie T

    Sorry to sound like a downer, but did anyone else notice that it was posted today which is April Fool’s Day????

    It would be awesome and exciting if true, but with today being today….

  • thedish

    Dear Everyone, This is clearly a fake blind as it is April Fools Day :)

    Stay sharp people xoxox

  • alohaprincess

    Happy April Fools Day! Lol

  • mariaj

    Ahem, hello you all? Did you see the date of this BI? :)

    Could be possible that this BI has to to do with this ” special ” day?

    Do you remember last year that item about four celebrities sooooo Angelina Jolie, Pitt, Aniston that implied that Jolie and Aniston escaped together cause they were lovers?

  • nutsinabowl

    Are we sure it isn’t just a publicity stunt?

  • CameraWeightGain

    I call April Fool, BG! *Points accusingly* 😉

  • clementine

    April Fools!!!!!

  • Munchkin

    Happy April Fool’s Day

  • mspitstop

    April Fools.

  • nutsinabowl

    Are we sure it isn’t just a publicity stunt? Please tell me this is not an April Fool’s joke….

  • foxxyminxx

    @Bernergirl – Tom Cruise was nominated for Born on the 4th of July but didn’t win as Daniel Day Lewis won for My Left Foot, I remember because it was a big deal in Ireland.

  • kayog

    This is my first time posting, so I may be way off, but it could be important to remember that today is April 1st. Could we be being fooled? I think this blind is too juicy to actually be true. April Fools??

  • snowflake_butterfly

    As much as I’d LOVE this to be true, I’m guessing: April Fools!

  • mrkitty

    Long time lurker, first time poster! Sorry, but i am calling April fools on this one! Prove me wrong bg!

  • blw31315

    Could this be an April Fools joke?

  • the great chrysanthemum

    I know it says March 31st on the header, but maybe BG is posting via Australia it was already April ist there.

  • This is not Tom Cruise coming out – that would NEVER happen. And no, he didn’t win for 4th of July but was nominated – as well as for Magnolia. Having said that the blind did say tighty whities.

    It also said that all three have been nominated MORE THAN ONCE. Has Jake been nominated more than once? That is then a small group.

    But definitely Kevin Spacey.

  • meg

    April Fool/s

  • hattie

    First time poster, long time lurker :)
    would love this to be true but someting about the date today and the fact it’s being updated this afternoon ie after 12o’clock makes me think otherwise :(

  • SteelersFan58

    Everyone, this was posted on April 1st. It’s an April Fools Day joke. Lighten up a little; BG’s messing with us.

    • SteelersFan58

      Good morning, BG. I see that you’re moderating April Fools responses in order to heighten the fun. You’re so sneaky! Have a great day, and keep the real blinds coming.

  • jilltheripper

    Surely this is an April Fools item….?

    First post! :)

  • Noodlehausen

    Ummm… 1st April? April Fools possibly?

  • tara

    Ha ha as if.

    Happy APRIL’S FOOLS DAY!!!!

    I am sorry but I have a feeling this will never happen. I certainly hope so, but it is April the first, mmmmmmmh just thinking.

  • queenspooky

    April fool.

  • winona

    It looks to me like it came in a little early, but considering Apr. 1, I’m a little sceptical. Sorry if I’m doubting you unfairly BG, but I’m waiting on your April Fools Day joke and suspect this to be an early posting of it. Love ya either way, and if it’s true, SQUEEE!

  • Dolores

    April Fools !!!

  • winona

    To follow up my comment, and feel free to moderate me out if I’m spoiling, BG, but the Cirque Du Soleil is playing Monday at the theatre, at that time.

  • Rebel11

    Well done BG!! 68 comments and no one’s guessed April Fools yet!!

    You guys rock : )

  • claireyface

    Surely this is an April Fool… this is TOO good… :-/

  • claireyface

    Why am I always in moderation? :(

  • kalana19


  • chuckanucka

    Actor 1: April
    Actor 2: Fool’s
    Actor 3: Day