A Very Expensive and Stingy Haircut

CDAN – This reality star, well not really anymore thank goodness. Anyway, she recently got a $2,000 hair cut and did not tip anyone. She also said thank you to just one person and that was her bodyguard when he opened the door for her. Classless.


It’s everyone’s favorite mom, Kate Gosselin! Source: All media outlets, including People.

Kate has traded in her mullet for a sleek, lighter, layered look. What do you think of her new ‘do?

Services by Ted Gibson in New York included cut, color, and a Brazilian hair -straightening treament. By the way, for the same $2000, she could have paid for monthly haircuts for all 8 of her kids for an entire year. Including tip.

Congratulations to Badger for the first correct guess!

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