Sweet or Racy Magazine Cover

BlindGossip – This actor is scheduled to appear on the cover of a major magazine soon. The photo was planned well in advance, and the magazine shelled out a lot of benjamins for the privilege. But now there’s a big old hairy problem.   The accompanying article was supposed to be a complete puff piece. However, due to some recent events that our actor couldn’t control, the editors have a dilemma. If they don’t mention the controversy, they’ll appease the actor, and he will continue to favor them when he plugs a project. If they do use the new information (complete with some racy photos), they’ll alienate the actor. They’ll also face certain legal action by the actor and his singer. But the magazine would definitely sell more copies.

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136 comments to Sweet or Racy Magazine Cover

  • riley

    josh duhamel

  • Reader

    John Travolta!
    Benjamin is their new son. It’s probably People magazine.

    • Reader

      Oops, didn’t see the singer part.

      • Nutella Jones

        The “singer” is Marty Singer, John Travolta’s attorney. This BI is most def John Travolta.

      • ShhDontTell

        Oh Snap! Ok, my mind is now changed.

      • 4six2

        Nice, Nice work!!! I thought Travolta while reading the whole blind due to the Carrie Fisher comments but couldn’t make all the connections (lots of “clues”). Nice work. Travolta for sure.

      • SebastianCanada

        Oh, then it is definitely Travolta, whose gay affairs have recently been exposed, and who has threatened lawsuits all over the place.

      • Captious1

        Excellent breakdown of this. I also think it’s John Travolta.

      • lee123

        Yep, all the clues fit. It’s got to be John Travolta.

      • Sleuth

        Excellent work!

      • amagod121

        This flies in the face of earlier blinds posted here about JT wanting to have his gay lifestyle outed. Why would the mag face legal action if JT is trying to come out and leaking the info?

      • SebastianCanada

        JT might just be very schizophrenic about coming out. Who wouldn’t be in his situation? So, he is doing things that will out him and he cannot take back, but then trying to undo them. I would compare it to really hating your job to the extent that you start doing things that could get you fired, because you want to quit but cannot bring yourself to do so.

    • RocketQueen

      Absolutely – “plugs” referring to his hair plugs, the events being Carrie Fisher outing him, “Benjamin” is his new son.

    • somethingoriginal

      don’t forget “alienate”!

    • Gabby

      I’m just wondering when this issue is supposed to come out!!! Should be interesting to see what happens…

  • badger

    John Travolta on People.

  • Frou frou

    brad pitt- benjamins.. button?

  • bluenose61

    Hairy Problem…Plugs….John Travolta

  • clementine

    Benjamin- the name if Travolta’s new baby.
    Plugs and hairy- he’s got hair issues
    His singer- I got nothin’

  • insider1970

    I say Russell Brand. He’s “hot” right now thanks to his recent wedding with Katy Perry (the singer in question), has a new movie to promote thus the magazine cover will help, he is “hairy” (LOL), plus the recent scandal of his arrest http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2010/sep/18/russell-brand-arrested-los-angeles

    • saucykitty

      He was arrested, but they decided to drop charges. And he was arrested for trying to protect Perry from the paps. Maybe he didn’t behave appropriately, but hardly a scandal.

    • lcl22

      It’s not Russell Brand he is an open book and that arrest was one of his tamer adventures.

      • sneezy

        There was a blind that seemed to suggest Brand was cheating again already.

        Would People really ever run a ‘racy’ cover/story as a lead?

  • SheilaK

    Hmm, so who’s been in the news lately for bad behavior? Duhamel and Fergie have been quiet lately. I got nothin’

  • floridahoya

    If it’s Travolta, who’s “his singer”?

  • Pamplemoose

    Can this be anyone but Travolta?!?!?!

  • aiak

    John Travolta and I think the singer must be the man he’s seeing on the side.

    • stinkweed

      Could “singer” be a typo? It doesn’t make any sense for John Travolta.

      And if this is Josh Duhamel, would they really care? He’s not that big a catch for the cover of a magazine. And what would the “racy” photos be? Him texting on his blackberry?

      • Dont Know For Sure

        “what would the “racy” photos be? Him texting on his blackberry?”


      • aammyy

        well, technically he sings a lot in grease. maybe some sort of reference to that (although as I type this it seems more and more unlikely.)

    • nanc

      I agree…..must be seeing a singer. Also, due to “recent events our actor could not control”…i.e. Carrie Fisher outing him. Josh Duhamel could control his jack ass behavior and chose not to!

  • mymy's mama

    totally john travolota

  • Saint Nick

    John Travolta and Axl Rose.

  • Only Guessing

    The Singer would be Princess Leia, since she sang like a canary.

  • Sally

    Definitely Josh D. Actor and his SINGER.

  • tdslf

    Josh D. and wife Fergie. The pictures of him getting drunk and falling in front of a car almost getting ran over.

  • meme

    It can’t be that a big a deal to get a Josh D interview. And who really cares if he doesn’t do an interview with the mag again? I’m sure once he gets sober he can give a big interview that excuses all prior bad acts. And I would think the stripper affair would be more embarassing for “his singer” than a bunch of stories about him being drunk.

    That said- John T FTW. It’s getting more difficult to do a puff piece on him w/o mentioning the ever increasing evidence that he likes boys. No idea about “his singer.”

  • Isa Bunneh

    Well it definitely has something to do with hair and hair plugs.

  • margochanning

    Jake and Taylor!!!!

    • MalrR

      OH MAN I hope it’s this!!!

      • Kiki

        But what is the recent controversy with him or them? Other than the gay rumors that have literally lingered for YEARS now, nothing esp. new going on there.

      • YoGo

        How do you know hat he gets up to in private? Isn’t that the point, whatever’s appene has happened in private.

        Still think this is Travolta though. The clues point to him more I think.

  • tweety

    Russell Brand for the win:
    -Talks about sleeping with 9 women in one day
    -Married to Katy Perry
    -Hair dude
    -“Benjamins” refers to him in the movie ‘Get Him to the Greek’ with Puffy, who did the song Benjamins!

    • tweety

      Changed my mind… sounds like someone got caught doing some sexy time tricks. Anybody hear anything about Johnny Depp? He’s married to a somewhat singer.

    • EvaDiva

      Brand is considered an actor? If so, we’re in big trouble.

      • MalR

        Actor AND comedian, apparently. And, oh yeah, musician. (His PR team is seemingly working very hard to position him as a serious actor/comedian).

  • Tina

    Could singer refer to the one who spilled the beans? Sing like a canary?

  • A visitor

    Could it be Will Smith, with the controversy being his nine-year-old daughter letting it slip that she doesn’t go to school in favor of her career? His singer = his daughter, and the “hairy” situation = the song “Whip Your Hair.”

    • cincinnatikate

      I like the Willow guess..I am glad I am not the only one who thinks her not doing “math” because she has no time in life was shocking.

      • jenb

        jada is the one really pushing them in the spotlight. Will need to stop this nonsense, education is the key.

      • saucykitty

        Yeah, she’s gonna need math to handle that money she’s making. Can’t wait ’til we hear about some agent or handler ripping her off because she couldn’t figure out percentages.

      • jenb

        or better yet learn to read if she gets a contract…

      • jenb

        she need to sing about whipping her books back and forth.

      • amagod121

        Am I the only person who is tired of having celebrity tots thrust at the world? How are they different than any other children, aside from rich parents?

  • kelno

    Isn’t John Travolta suing someone about this? My guess John Travolta and a singer, Robert Randolph?

  • ecksor

    All the above-mentioned clues point to Travolta, plus “alienate”. Can “his singer” stand for his mighty PR team?

  • Cecilia

    Johnny Depp and singer Vanessa Paradis or Jake and Taylor Swifft.

  • Damon

    “Singer” is Marty Singer, Travolta’s lawyer and Hollywood’s leading threatener of tabloid editors.

  • Yabby

    Seems to me “singer” is a typo. If you read the sentence it sounds like it should say “lawyer”.

  • boop

    benjamin = his son
    hairy = his gross hair
    alienate = xenu

  • wykkyd

    “… due to some recent events that our actor couldn’t control…”
    Josh Duhamel recently caused a plane to have to return to the gate, in order to throw his insolent a** off of the flight, but based on the statement above, I think this rules him out. He, in fact, could’ve controlled himself and chose not to.

    Travolta, on the other hand, probably has an exclusive, on the horizon, featuring the new baby, but now Carrie Fisher has gone and outted him – beyond his control.

    An older blind spoke about a respectable magazine fraught with the decision of publishing controversial photos of an A-list star, so perhaps the planets have aligned to bring all of this to the fore for JT…again.

    • wykkyd

      One more thing JT didn’t have control over: the baby. He was conceived behind his back, as well.

      • jenb

        yea kelly had a surrogate, and she was wearing a fake belly the whole time, that is why john didn’t come out. Add that with their scientology nonsense.

      • wykkyd

        Must be sad to have reached such a pinnacle of success only to have so many external factors controlling you and your destiny…scientology; so-called friends; so-called wife; handlers; media.

      • jenb

        hollyweird is a sad place, and once ordinary people become celebs they tend to fall prey to the nonsence that goes on.

  • VinylDestination

    At first, I kept thinking Sheen. But yeah no.

    After reading over and over and over again, my guess goes to Russell Brand. Seeing “Benjamins” and “Puff” reminded me of P.Diddy and the movie that they did together. Of course, Katy Perry for the Singer. Puff piece? Well, their wedding certainly would be nice. But if there are racy photos, is the public aware of a scandal or is that yet to be released??

    BG, you must have the biggest grins reading all the guesses and knowing the answers. Where can one apply? :-)

  • JessLurker

    @ boop, lol!! Cosign!

  • anonymous

    “his singer” is most definitely John travolta’s attorney, Marty Singer. See: http://blog.seattlepi.com/people/archives/229848.asp

  • bethj

    Definitely sounds like our boy, John Travolta/Seymour PMM! The puff piece would be about their new son, Benjamin, along with the clue of paying a lot of “benjamins” for it. And People, or whichever mag this is, would definitely be anxious about alientating JT’s support when he does publicity for future projects, which we know he’ll have. Carrie Fisher definitely being the “singer”, as in singing like a bird/canary. Didn’t JT also sing in, “Hairspray”? I also like Boop’s Xenu connection with the alienate and JT has been alleged to having hair-issues.

    Here’s a link for the Carrie Fisher quote during the interview with the Advocate:


    Plus, I cannot imagine BG making that big of a typo for “singer”. 😉

  • bethj

    Oh, another clue would be the puff piece being planned in advance, waiting on the birth of the Travoltas’ baby, however it actually happened. 😀

  • Isa Bunneh

    The picture is usually a clue, right? So can anyone see some clue on the magazines?

    • bethj

      You know, Isa, I looked earlier and even enlarged the photo, but couldn’t find anything related to JT. What I did see is Xtina with her baby, but also saw some Brittney and Dr. Phil stuff, lol!

    • Hi Isa – The photo is often a clue, but, in this case, it’s just a photo of a bunch of magazines. Love, BG

  • lalique

    “he will continue to favor them when he PLUGS a project…”

    Hair plugs = John Travolta

  • Danielle

    Yup, totally agree with the Travolta guess. And the Singer part would be referring to his attorney, as others have said. Here’s a recent article I found describing some controversy about his sexuality and it mentions his attorney, Singer.
    Can we say this one is solved?! PLEASE BG?!?!! :)

  • Yuolala

    Josh Duhamel and the singer is Fergie

  • belle

    First time poster – love your site BG! I think this is JTravolta; I also read that Carrie Fisher is friends with him, so maybe she is helping(with his knowledge)to make coming out easier for him by outing him first. There was another blind about an actor who was ready to come out, his wife got pregnant behind his back via AI and put a stop to it – I think this is JT as well. Carrie Fisher’s comments may be his way out of the whole situation (no pun intended).

  • GERI

    Travolta was also in Hairspray so there are lots of clues.if he came out it would all be forgotten in a second. No one cares!!!!

  • Michele

    LOVE the Travolta guess. New baby “Benjamin,” would be a fluff piece, his attorney named “Singer.”. I can’t believe that he’s been able to keep his preference for guys out of the press for so long – especially if he trolls for them so openly and brazenly. I also cannot believe that anyone who is gay would want to align themelves with an anti-gay organization like Scientology. Actors are dummies. Why someone so talented and successful would be suckered into Scientology and donate so much $$$ to them for the privilege of being called “sick” and “subhuman” is beyond me. Brainwashing?

    • saucykitty

      Possibly self-hatred for his homosexuality, which Scientology promises to “cure”. Insecurity can make a person do horrible things.

      Personally, I wish he would just embrace his fabulousity by embracing himself and getting rid of that freakin’ cult.

  • Alex

    BG You’ve (hair)sprayed clues all over this one. Thanks!
    JT – Solved.

  • txgal

    the fact that Travolta’s attorney’s name is Singer totally solves this one, IMHO.

  • Mary

    The Travolta guesses all make perfect sense, but the person who jumped into my head is Diddy… “puff piece” could be a reference to Puff Daddy, his original name… Also, “benjamins” could be a reference to “All About the Benjamins”… I don’t know of any recent talks of misbehaviors on his end, though. He just popped into my head based on these clues and I know that he is an actor/rapper/singer.

  • Brando

    Guessing game is over. This is Travolta. Once the Singer clue was put to rest – Singer being his lawyer – it’s John. Travolta was probably going to do a puff piece (the puff clue is about his weight, folks…) about his new child but a few weeks ago this guy — predating Carrie Fisher’s statements — announced he was writing a book about John’s sexual adventures with men in the bathhouses of L.A. Travolta’s team threatened to sue (which is stupid…this would have all gone away fairly quickly and Carrie Fisher would have never said anything if they had just let this drama die down and another unimportant Hollywood gossip scandal take it’s place.) It’s never been a big secret in the gay world of L.A. that John likes men. Travolta has never really tried to hide it or let’s say he’s never hidden it well. Now how does this magazine NOT mention this book and this ommission by friend Carrie Fisher and still seem credible? And if they do, will they get sued too and will Travolta and his friends — he has a lot — not do business with the magazine again. Stay tuned…Travolta will be on a cover soon and at least we’ll know which magazine it is.

    • jenb

      agreed, i don’t know why celebs waste money trying to sue everyone, because what’s hidden in the darkness will eventually come out in the light. Even when you comment on gossip sites,celebs have people posting back and forth about themselves or to stop the rumors. They even go as far as threatening these gossip sites which is ridiculous,that is just drawing more attention to themselves. Funny thing is some celebs even come on these sites themselves to see what is being written about them. Stupid isn’t it.

  • JDub

    Agreed Travolta. Also wasn’t there a blind a while back about an actor who wanted to “come out”, but that his wife/SO didn’t want to end the “good life” she had with him so she got pregnant in vitro to keep them together….or something like that? Anyways…..wondering if the old blind was Travolta, then maybe he isn’t too upset by Carrie Fisher’s comments. She would be helping him really.

  • Rosario

    I feel as if this is Josh Du…you know.

  • sinamin

    Wasn’t there a blind some time ago that Travolta was the one leaking news to the press about him being gay? After his son died, didn’t he want to leave Scientology and come out? It must be exhausting keeping up this charade, I would think he would feel relief when it comes out, then he can live his life honestly. I think he has a great fan base, so people would not think differently about him , and I do not believe his career would suffer.

  • Laurie

    As a huge fan of Travolta, I think it’s terribly sad that he is being manipulated by his wife w/her fake belly, etc. who wants to keep her Mrs.Travolta status…his religion, which thinks being gay is a sin…his publicist,etc. I think his fan base is loyal enough & loves him enough not to care about his sexual orientation. Life is too short not to be happy.

  • ahorsenamedbill

    I agree with everyone above. John Travolta
    I can’t help but think about the Scientologists’ “rules” about leaving the church where family and children are concerned.
    If there is any truth to the past rumors that Kelly is the real Sci advocate in the relationship, then that would mean he would never see his children again. She (and the Sci people) would make sure of that. That’s so sad for him – he already lost a child he clearly loved.
    I believe the theory about Carrie Fisher “helping” him by blurting out the gay rumor….I also believe he is making it happen in hopes that everyone blows up in the midst – Sci, wife, tabloids, lawyers, etc. It would be so fantastic for him to sit back and watch all these people that control him become unglued at the “scandal” of him coming out.
    yeah, JT, for sure

  • amagod121

    WHY is Travolta threatening legal action if he wants to come out? A does not equal B in this equation.

  • amagod121

    Ok, Ahorsenamedbill, just read your comment and find it interesting…you think the threat of a lawsuit is just JT blowing smoke out his um…patootie? Why bother with the threats though?

    • ahorsenamedbill

      It’s not his smoke. He’s not in control of his own life, they are. And it’s his lawyer making the threats. I believe he was gonna fess up after his son passed, he was through with the lies,and he’s at the age when some people say ef to the facade… that’s when “someone” cooked up the plan for a new baby. Perhaps to keep him in line(?) and give him some “happiness”. That’s why I think he’s trying to blow up this freak show.
      I hope it happens…would be the greatest scandal for all those peeps (and I’m talking about the “followers”)

  • amagod121

    Wouldn’t it be terribly tacky for a magazine to post JT gay stuff right after the birth of his son, considering all that he’s been through? I’d be unpleasantly surprised if they did so.

    • Ahorsenamedbill

      That’s why the mag won’t publish anything negative
      And the mag is (IMO) truly the object of this riddle, because all of us here will know….and they know we’ll be laughing at them….and they are the ones who will be exposed
      I love it – a blind in a blind
      Doesn’t get any dishier than that

  • xxgatorxx

    dont think its travolta dont think he has a project coming out he needs to plug
    duhamel has transformers
    but i dont think its either of them
    and i dont think its JT or anyone menioed above
    so im thinking its and off the wall guess
    and the mag came into possession of something juicy
    and the actor has something coming out soon
    so im guessing
    efron/hugins -broke up could this be why?

    • wykkyd

      Au contraire…JT’s latest project, for which celebs nowadays garner huge $$ & magazine covers for is named, Benjamin!

  • Adri

    travolta…and maybe the singer is his lover?

  • Kevin Mendiola

    Could be Jeremy Piven

  • loverboy0107

    ms travolta is on the cover of people this week. all the clues in this well written blind are obviously him.