Break Up Over Golden Boy’s Ego

BillyMasters – Could it be that those oh-so-close reality stars have had a falling out? So say people on the sidelines who whisper that the up-and-comer has had enough of the golden boy’s ego and cut off all ties. While everyone knows their professional collaboration ended earlier this year, it was kept kinda quiet that the reason was their personal break-up. Kinda tricky working together, but both boys are fast on their feet.

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    • msp96302 says

      Yep! In reference to the “Ballas Hough Band” – they broke up. Plus, Hough and Ballas have been childhood friends which explains the “oh so close comment”

      “The band appeared on the November 3, 2009 episode of Dancing with the Stars results show performing their new single, “Move”. The song was intended to be the lead-off single to a second studio album, however, after the single failed to chart, they parted ways with Hollywood Records in March 2010 and no new album was released. No news of plans for an album are currently available.”

    • Montana says

      And Hough is always called “golden boy” on all my favorite snarky websites. If the band broke up, then I’m sold on it being them. Ballas did much better than Hough this season, therefore he could be considered “up and coming”?

    • Montana says

      And! On the Billy Masters site, he even refers to them as “footloose”. OK. I’ll shut up now.

    • mush says

      yep. Derek Hough, who Cheryl Cole was bearding for during the summer when her album wasn’t quite due out, no girls aloud and no x factor, she needed attention from the press somehow, and bearding for Derek was the perfect way for everyone to speculate whether they were together or not. My gaydar goes off the scale when I see pictures of him!

  1. Emmy says

    I agree it’s Hough and Ballas, but does it mean “personal break up” as in friendship breakup or relationship break up?

    They have been friends since childhood.

  2. anonymous says

    Can’t be Derek & Mark as they are still best friends. Heck, they were just hanging out yesterday according to Mark’s tweet.

    This probably has to do with some other stars, not my guys! They’ve got promising careers ahead of them and are both very respectable young men.

    • Scorpio13 says

      It’s definitely one of the guys from DWTS. But it would be funny if it was Simon and Ryan.

  3. guess says

    Ballas is the one with the huge ego and Derek is the break out star. That could have caused the break

  4. Cori says

    LAME! Love how people make assumptions.

    Derek Hough and Mark Ballas were raised together in England. They consider themselves brothers. They sure as hell aren’t LOVERS.

    • Tom Paine says

      Um… do you have any idea how many lovers tell people they’re “just friends/roommates/co-workers/etc” — gay or straight? For one, it’s a privacy thing. Two, Ratings (which in tv is the most important reason for anything).

      They’re not going to out anyone on any of these reality shows.

      Derek doesn’t ping my gaydar. It goes off like Big Ben.

    • Anonymous says

      How the heck do YOU know if they are or were lovers or not? That is what the rumors have been for ages. Where there is smoke there is fire.

  5. Jane says

    I doubt it’s Mark and Derek. But it wouldn’t surprise me too much. Other than dwts, they have gone their separate ways professionally. Mark is trying to be a singer and Derek is doing more choreography.

  6. teresamarie says

    my guess is Derek hough and Mark ballas just based on wording. “fast on their feet” “golden boy”(derek hough’s nickname on dwts) “oh-so close”(they grew up together and once said they were like brothers) “people on the sidelines”(audiance) just saying it all fits.