She’s Technically Not Bisexual

BuzzFoto – This actress who can sing, with a sister in the business, just got out of a really intense emotional relationship with another female costar from a movie. She’s technically not bisexual, but she could have been, for her actress costar broke her heart by putting the brakes on their affair.

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51 comments to She’s Technically Not Bisexual

  • jolieoranistonftw

    Dakota Fanning/Twilight girl

  • Ralphie

    Really like the Dakota guess! I’ll say Demi Lovato though…just bc it adds fuel to her crazy breakdown.

  • tisket

    This does sound like Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart but why does an intense emotional relationship have to mean they might be bisexual? Were they really good friends and now are not talking? I don’t get it.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Poor Dakota, if true.

  • boblee

    Zooey Deshanel? Just finished a film with Natalie Portman.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Also, Dakota’s still young enough to be exploring her sexuality, like so many do, to determine what she feels most comfortable with.

  • JessTom

    Absolutely thought of Dakota Fanning, as well.

  • Jjjjjjj

    Since zooey is married could be why they said technically not married

  • Bree

    Poor Dakota. Why couldn’t she have fallen for a better actress?
    I was gonna say Hilary Duff, but she hasn’t done much of anythin lately, so probably not her.

  • cassandra

    i think this is zooey deschanel. why would it be an “affair” unless she was married or in a relationship to begin with?!

    • Ralphie

      That term gets tossed around even when marriage isn’t involved. I think if it was Zooey, it would say something about her marriage…that increases the juiciness so it wouldn’t generally be omitted.

  • MarcyMM

    Can Dakota sing? No snark, seriously asking.

  • biskich

    Yup, in Hounddog

  • mardee bum

    If you listen to the commentary for the Runaways – there is a weird dynamic with Kristen & Dakota. Nothing concrete, just they act differently that I would with my friends. Kristen gets so weirded out anytime that Dakota has to be with a guy. It seemed strange to me.

  • Jeannie

    Dakota sings in The Runaways as well, also starring Kristen Stewart.

  • Cat Grant

    I definitely think it’s Dakota/Kristen.

    But just to toss out some more names: Aly Michalka and Emma Stone (Easy A).

  • A visitor

    I’m going to go waaaay out the box here and say Phylicia Rashad (the sister being Debbie Allen) and any one of the For Colored Girls cast members.

  • boogleyourmind

    Hey BG,

    BuzzFoto had corrected the spelling of the word ‘brakes’. Love your site!

  • anonymous

    Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez

    Demi has a sister on Desperate Housewives. Technically, she’s an actress, since she works for that Sonny With a Chance *.

    She and Selena starred Princess Protection Program together.

    And my guess on the ‘breaks’ would be referring to her emotional breakdown.

  • Meena

    Dakota is a good guess. But my question is in what context is “able to sing” being used here? Do they mean the actress is KNOWN for being a singer as well as an actress? Or that the actress has SHOWN that she has the ability to sing but isn’t considered a singer in the business? Because there’s definitely a difference.

    i don’t know who it could be. What about Leighton Meester? Maybe that Aly girl? Gwenyth Paltrow?

  • anonymous

    What about Miley Cyrus? She was just working on the LOL movie with Demi Moore and post-wrap, started dressing quite a bit more suggestively.,,20417009_20833682,00.html

  • tara

    i thought of demi/selena when i read this too!

  • galactica

    Anne Hathaway maybe? She was rumored to have had an affair with Heather Mattarazo during the filming of Princess Diaries.

  • anonymous

    Demi/Selena: Doubt it cause they ended their friendship last year.

    Zooey/?: Probably would’ve mentioned that she’s married for the extra juice.

    Aly/?: I doubt someone who is conservative to the point of speaking out against the theory of evolution would be so down with diving into a gay relationship, but you never know.

    Phylicia Rashad/?: Possible.

    Dakota/Kristen: Yes. On Buzzfoto’s site they put this blind directly under an ad for a photography book by Brad Elterman that features Joan Jett. Elterman owns buzzfoto, shot The Runaways a billion times back in the seventies, and is a longtime friend of Joan and Cherie. As such, he got exclusive pics of the girls at the Sundance prem afterparty, got exclusive pics of Dakota at Cherie’s birthday party, and shot the girls again at the LA prem afterparty. I feel like Buzzfoto putting *this* ad above *this* blind was pretty much a reveal.

    • Yellous

      “Aly/?: I doubt someone who is conservative to the point of speaking out against the theory of evolution would be so down with diving into a gay relationship, but you never know.’

      Seriously? You don’t think “conservatives” have closeted gay relationships?

  • raid

    Natalie Portman

  • Hannele

    I know I’m late to the party, but can Natalie Portman sing? She and Mila Kunis did that Black Swan film together and lately she (Natalie) looks totally depressed on the red carpet while promoting the film.

  • Nirvana2027

    Dakota or Hilary Duff… Beyonce!