This TV Cast is Falling Apart

BlindGossip – The cast of this successful ensemble television show is totally falling apart! Star 1 and Star 2 mistakenly thought that they were the biggest and most irreplaceable stars of the show, and demanded pay raises disproportionate to the rest of the cast. Not only did the producers call their bluff, they threatened to write out their characters if they didn’t back down immediately. As of today, Star 1 and Star 2 aren’t backing down, so the producers have ordered rewritten scripts – including one in which one of their characters is killed off and the other disappears.

Star 1 is already in negotiations for a new job with a rival network (which has infuriated the producers even more), and Star 2 is panicking because they don’t have anything else lined up. To make matters worse, if those two go, Star 3 (who didn’t demand a raise) will likely be leaving because they are sure the show will now flop. At least Star 3 has multiple projects already lined up to distract from some relationship issues. Star 4 has nowhere else to go and has been walking around with eyes red from crying for a week. Star 5 is smart enough to keep their mouth shut because this shake out will likely result in them taking over as the main character… which is something the producers planned all along.

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129 comments to This TV Cast is Falling Apart

  • jenb

    modern family never seen it but just guessing

  • gigipeach


    Lea Michele star 1
    Corey/finn star 2
    Puck Star 3
    not sure who star 4 is?

  • spamme

    Glee, but i cant seem to guess who star 3, 4, and 5 are.

  • Gleek

    Star 1 – Lea Michele
    Star 2 – Cory Montheith
    Star 3 – Mark Sailing (relationship issues with Naya, has new CD, etc)
    Star 4 – Naya Rivera
    Star 5 – Chris Colfer

    The pyramid looks like a Cheerio pyramid.

    First timer here! :) Love you, BG!

    • bethj

      Nice work, Gleek! :)

    • yoyo

      I like this except I’ll switch out Dianna Agron for Star 4

      • Cat Grant

        I wouldn’t. Agron has movies coming out/lined up.

      • bisk

        Was also going to point this out. There’s one with Katie Holmes and another with Alex Pettyfer, she has the looks that would translate well in the big screen.

        Lea Michel (however much I love her talent) does not.

    • xtabi10

      colfer originally auditioned for the role of artie but the producers wrote in kurt because they were impressed by him. so not too sure about him for 5.

      • Sammi

        It would make sense for him to be 5, then, since it says the actor is sticking around because his/her character will be the main character…which is also what the producers wanted. If they were bold enough to create a whole new character just to have him there, they might really want him to be the main.

    • RobB

      This looks accurate to me. Way to go Gleek.

    • bisk

      Doesn’t Corey Monteith have a movie lined up with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meeister?

      But that’s all I’m coming up with.

    • Gitano

      This was of course my first thought, too. I can definitely see the producers wanting to feature Chris Colfer’s character. Heck he’s already had two whole episodes this season that were all about him, including last week’s. His character is bringing the emotional heft of the show, and he alone of the “kids” was nominated for an Emmy this year.

      I also have no trouble seeing Lea Michele demanding a payraise. She’s a known diva and thinks far more of her talents and looks than she should, frankly. I’d be more disappointed to learn that Corey Monteith is the second one, but I can’t think of who else would be big enough to qualify. I agree it’s probably not Matthew Morrison (I could be wrong) and I’m positive it’s not Jane Lynch, who just seems thrilled to have finally been discovered by the world at large.

      My only problem is that I can’t see Glee actually killing off one of the New Directions. Secondary characters, maybe, but not Rachel or Finn. I can’t see that fitting with the tone of the show.

      • Sweetie Pie

        Agreed. It would be weird if someone on Glee was killed. Seems like removal of a character could be handled in a different way that is more family-appropriate. Thinking more along the line of Grey’s or Desperate Housewives.

      • FzFz

        They’d be transferred to another school or something, but maybe they’re using the phrase “killed off” to mean written off.

      • I guess

        Actually Lea AND Chris were nominated for Emmy’s.

    • ivyleaguer

      The Glee cast are tied into non-negotiable contracts. meaning they cannot go and ask for a pay raise. it’s rare, but Ryan Murphy was smart and had the cast sign this contract before the pilot even aired. None are eligible to renegotiate this contracts for pay raises for several years.

  • spamme

    #2 on Glee (assuming Lea is #1) is the guy that plays the teacher.

    • Malou

      Nope, it’s not, Matthew Morrison has signed a record deal and will release a CD, so he has stuff lined up.

  • Daria

    The only one that I even have a guess on is Star #3. Blake Lively? Projects lined up, relationship woes. IDK. So my guess is Gossip Girl. I hope it’s not Modern Family.

  • yabby

    Desperate Housewives

    1. Hatcher
    2. Huffman
    3. Longoria
    4. Cross
    5. Williams

    • bisk

      I’d change Huffman for Longoria.

    • Gitano

      OK, after reading that article above I’m going with this, too. First of all, killing off or disappearing a character would be typical of a soap opera, which is basically what this is. Secondly, the show would definitely flop without those two and, according to that article, their leaving might jeopardize the renewal of the show for two more season meaning the show would be over altogether. Thirdly, I could see them trying to continue the show with Vanessa Williams in the lead. And she could certainly do it, too. Don’t know if it would be popular, but she would be awesome I have no doubt.

      The only thing is this: that article indicates that Teri has already “quit” the show and that Huffman is about to do the same. But the blind says they each demanded an outrageous payraise. Is that the way that one “quits” in this business?

    • Pats

      I agree with this DH as the guess. I know Longoria has already announced another show and an additional project.

    • In These Shoes

      Totally on board with this guess.

    • OhSnap

      I’m going with the Desperate Housewives’ guess too. Saw something somewhere over the weekend where Teri Hatcher and one of the other girls will be leaving soon.

    • Serena van der Woodsen

      Please noooo! I love that show! I guess first Teri then Eva then Felicity. Plus a character from season one will be killed off this season everyone thinks it’s Paul Young but who knows? They did it to Edie as well.

    • stan

      Who cares if it is Desperate Housewives. The show sucks now anyway. I stop watching that show a long time ago.

  • Jennifer

    Desperate Housewives? They kill off characters or “disappear” them all the time. At least when I was watching the show.

    Star 1: Terri Hatcher (when the recent rumors about her leaving the show started swirling, I remember that there were rumors that she’d already lined up a pilot on another network)
    Star 2: Felicity Huffman (she shouldn’t panic because she’s got talent!)
    Star 3: Eva Longoria (“Relationship issues” = divorce. She’s got endorsement deals and hosting gigs up the wazoo. IMDB says she’s got three projects in post-production right now.)
    Star 4: Marsha Cross (“eyes red from crying” = she’s a famous redhead)
    Star 5: Vanessa Williams (new DH character whose work on Ugly Betty made her popular enough to become a new lead)

  • bumbletucky

    agreed, desperate housewives has the five stars, right?

  • JagerLilly

    Desperate Housewives. #3 being Eva Longoria.


    i agree with this guess.
    star 1 Teri Hatcher
    star 2 Felicity Huffman
    star 3 Eva Longoria
    star 4 Marcia Cross
    star 5 Vanessa Williams

  • Cheeseball

    Desperate Housewives
    #1 – Terri Hatcher
    #2 – Felicity Huffman or Marcia Cross
    #3 – Eva Longoria
    #4 – Felicity Huffman or Marcia Cross
    #5 – Vanessa Williams

  • Jen

    Desperate Housewifes for sure! I agree #3 is Eva Longoria! Cannot be Glee they have to many characters for this scenario!

  • Jason

    Glee! Thinking #5 is Sue Sylvester! #1 has to be Lea Michele.

  • Lori G

    My guess is Grey’s Anatomy with 1 and 2 being Dempsey and Pompeo, 3 being Sandra Oh, and not sure of the other two….

  • bbgirl

    I don’t think this is Glee. I can’t see them killing off a character. That doesn’t really fit with the show.

      • ivyleaguer

        any character written out would be written out as as getting a gig on Broadway or accepted early to Julliard, period. Plus they are locked into non-negotiable contracts right now.

    • Ralphie

      Oh come on…I can see the very special episode now. Drunk driver or something, the chorus singing Its So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday or Missing You or whatever.

      Still not sure if Im leaning towards this BV being Glee or DH but I wouldn’t dismiss Glee simply because of a hinted death.

      • Julie

        but after one heart felt, dramatic episode would they just go back to show tunes and famous guest stars? a death and a vanishing act would be too dramatic for this type of show to return to being a light hearted comedy/musical show

      • New in the UK

        I agree.

      • JustMe

        Which may be why the other cast members are freaking out because they know the show will flop.

      • JustMe

        But with this said, I don’t think it is Glee either, because a more likely scenario would be a move away, expulsion, parents’ divorce, etc.

        Death and disappearance is sooooo DH!

  • Nartalart

    I don’t know much about Gossip Girl but I’ll give it a go:

    Star 1 – Ed Westwick
    Star 2 – Taylor Momsen (has been said to be slowly disappearing from GG)
    Star 3 – Blake Lively (lots of projects and rumors about her and Ben Affleck for the relationship issues)
    Star 4 – Leighton Meester
    Star 5 – Kelly Wutherford

  • cassandra

    gossip girl
    1. michelle trachtenburg
    2. taylor momsen
    3. blake lively
    4. leighton meester–blair is the main character in the book series

  • Rafael

    I *REALLY* don’t see them killing one of the glee characters and letting one “disappear”.. The show is so lighthearted… How will one of them die? Assuming its Lea and Cory.. She’ll get hit in the head with a random road sign and die. The Gleeks will sing “I saw the sign” by Ace of Base, then Cory will run away from home and never be seen again? Come on, people. I doubt it. The show really would flop without them, as much as I hate to say that.

  • Coco Chanel

    Desperate Housewives.

  • FirstTimer

    I don’t think this is Glee because it’s based at a high school. They can easily get new students and/or teachers. I don’t think any of them are irreplaceable (though many would miss Sue Sylvester!)

    Desperate Housewives has been renewed through 2013, but the cast is only contracted through 2011. It surely could be them as rumors have Hatcher and Huffman saying they’re leaving (only Hatcher has denied it).

  • lcl22

    I think it’s Glee-Desperate Housewives is already in it’s last season. No one actually watches Gossip Girl. I think Star 5 is Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester.

    • alcarcalimo2364

      DH is not in its last season, there is supposed to be at least one more season with Marc Cherry’s involvement, but it wouldn’t stop ABC from ordering the show to continue without him.

  • I think i know

    As a heterosexual guy i’ve never watched glee or desperate housewives (relax) but i couldn’t imagine a way for the producers to kill a character on a high school singing show

    • headshake

      What so you’re suggesting that heterosexual guys aren’t ALLOWED to watch Glee or DH and if they do they mustn’t be heterosexual? Shame on you.

      I do agree it probably wouldn’t be Glee.

  • stinkweed

    I have a hard time believing that Glee would go to the lengths of killing off a main character and having another one just disappear. Seems a little too dark for this show.

    Plus, they’ve created a show that basically revolves around Lea and Corey. If they wanted to show them the show could go on without them, they’d be giving a lot more of the singing and lines to other characters.

    I’d be way happy with Brittany getting more lines!

    • Gleek

      They have been giving a ton more screen time to Chris Colfer; so much that a ton of people have been complaining that it has become the Kurt show. The last two episodes have been Kurt-centric.

  • Jen in NY

    Ooo I hope it’s Jersey Shore.

  • RxGrrl

    Just for fun:

    The Office

    1. John Krasinski
    2. Rainn Wilson
    3. Ed Helms
    4. Jenna Fischer
    5. Craig Robinson

  • ihearttrevor

    There is no way this is Glee

  • stolidog

    why has nobody guessed Grey’s Annatomy?

    ps, it’s not glee.

  • stolidog

    let me amend my answer…

    this could be glee, but it would be Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shuster). They could conceivably be killed off since they are adults.

  • jolieoranistonftw

    Please let it be this.

  • jnsuss

    Gossip Girl

    1 – Blake Lively
    2 – Taylor Momsen
    3 – either Ed Westwick or Jessica Szohr
    4 – maybe Katie Cassidy, since her other show (“Melrose”) also tanked
    5 – Leighton Meester

  • wpolochick

    For sure desperate housewives or greys anatomy. They would not kill off a teenager on glee.

  • maybe

    totally desperate housewives with teri and felicity being the ones leaving. eva has new stuff lined up and marcia and vanessa are left in the cold. i think fans would cheer if they killed off susan though – her character is just badly written

  • Tweety

    The pic reminds me of cheerleaders and that reminds me of the Game. I remember seeing something about the cast being outraged because one of the actors are getting paid more than the rest of the cast.

  • bree

    Brothers & Sisters

    I’ve read before that calista flockheart and rachel griffiths both thought that the show was built around their individual characters. so, here are my guesses:

    star 1: Calista Flockheart
    star 2: Rachel griffiths
    star 3: Dave Annable (didn’t he just get married? maybe some issues there??)
    star 4:Patricia Wettig
    star 5: Sally Field (bc we like her…we really really like her 😛 )

  • Quanah

    Desperate Housewives:

    Star 1: Teri Hatcher
    Star 2: Felicity Huffman
    Star 3: Eva Longoria Parker
    Star 4: Marcia Cross
    Star 5: Vanessa Williams

  • tex

    Long time lurker BG. Love the site.

    I agree with the posters yelling glee and my line up goes like this…

    1. Matthew Morrison – Let’s be honest, dude is kind of hunky, is a semi-decent actor, and already has an album coming out soon.

    2. Lea Michele – Haven’t hear anything about her having projects other than the animated OZ movie coming up.

    3. Dianna Agron – Someone mentioned that she would translate well to film, I agree. She’s moving around like crazy with her involvement in “I am Number 4″, that wedding flick with Anna Paquin, and even her 2 minute scene in “Burlesque”. As for relationship issues many have speculated her relationship with Alex Pettyfer is a PRomance based on her attitude towards the paps when she’s with and without him. I’d be willing to bet PRomances are issue filled.

    4. Heather Morris – She’s funny in a deadpan way and she can dance but I don’t see loads of projects being pushed her way other than dancing with the stars. Hope I’m wrong though ’cause I love this girl. Would’ve chosen Naya Rivera but I think she’s former blind “Chiquitita”, so she’s set as long as she keeps it up with that network dude.

    5. Chris Colfer – He seems to be good friends with the cast but really, how many roles for fey Hummel figurine doppelgangers are there? The Kurt Show [Formerly know as “Glee” it is.]

    Just my two cents.

  • learnedmom

    The office. The picture fits the cast.

  • La Llorona

    BG’s on a roll today 😮

  • kellyj

    Mad Men.

    Some of the people in the pyramid look like they’re dressed in ’60s style clothes.

  • cb135

    The cheerleader pyramid made me think of HellCats… i dont really watch the show but just as another guess? I think it ended up being alot more popular than expected so maybe thats why the stars would be asking for a raise

    Star 1 – Ashley Tisdale
    Star 2- Aly Michalka

    Ashley has a bunch of disney highschool musicalish projects coming up… but Aly doesnt really have much except for a small part in a movie with leighton meeseter an minka kelly?
    i dont know enough about the show to fill in the rest of the stars…

    • Bruno

      Ashley Tisdale is already paid the most out of all the actors. She gets 30K per episode. Good guess, but I doubt it’s them. The show is also doing OK but it’s still not a lock for renewal.

  • Karen20

    Picture shows cheerleader types…

  • peace

    I’m on board with Desperate Housewives. If this guess proves to be true some of them will become desperate actresses!!!! Good luck to whomever!!!

  • Julie

    1 TH
    2 FH
    3 EL-Relationship problems. Divorce from Parker.
    4 MC-Eyes red from crying. Redhead.
    5 VW-Only reason they brought her on was because they new the show was gonna be losing people.

  • boobytrap

    the glee guesses are DUMB – do people really go missing or get killed off on glee? ddeerrrrrrrrrrr

  • alcarcalimo2364

    I’m going for Desperate Housewives, although it looks like at least Terri HAtcher has backed off from her demands with her denial that she is seeking another project, so my guess is as follows:

    1. Terri Hatcher
    2. Felicity Huffman
    3 & 4. I’m torn on whether 3 is Marcia Cross or Eva Longoria. Although Eva would much more likely have other projects lined up and her relationship has been in the news lately, there has always been the rumors about Marcia Cross being a lesbian and her relationship with her husband not being as nice as it seems. Eva could have been crying for a week because she’s getting a divorce, not because she’s afraid of what’s gonna happen on the show. But I think Eva as 3 and Marcia as 4 is a much more likely guess.
    5. Vanessa Williams, but I find her character to be so unlikable on DH that I doubt this show will last another season if all these characters go.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    Boy, I’m surprised to here producers doing this in modern times. I know back in the 1970’s they sure didn’t mind taking off a character even if they were the star or thought they were (ex. Three’s Company, Good Times, Dukes of Hazzard). Speaking of the later maybe they could just replace them with cousins. Cousin of whatever the girl’s name is and cousin of whatever the boy name is (I don’t watch Glee).

  • chachaslide

    Doubtful Glee would have someone killed off, just sayin, it doesn’t quite flow with that show

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Grey’s Anatomy is so bad this year that I’ve stopped watching… so that show is my guess.
    #1 – Patrick Dempsey – I don’t think he’d have any problems finding a new show;
    #2 – Ellen Pompeo – she’ll stay at home with her new baby;
    #3 – the actress who plays Christina Yang
    #4 – Chyler Leigh
    #5 – the actress who plays Callie

  • kay21


    Lea Michele
    Cory Cory Monteith
    Matt Morrison
    Mark Salling
    Chris Colfer

  • Jenny Humphrey

    If it’s Gossip Girl:

    1. Ed Westwick
    2. Taylor Momsen
    3. Blake Lively
    4. Chace Crawford
    5. Leighton Meester

    I wonder where Penn Badgely fits into it though. If they kill off Chuck and Taylor backs down maybe the show can be Blair/Dan/Jenny centric. I would love that.

    • Jenny Humphrey

      Oh and I have my reasoning:

      Ed knows the show is on its way out and that he’ll likely never become a major movie star. However, if he gets a good TV gig, he could have a successful career.

      Taylor has nothing to lose really – she’s more invested in her music than in the show at the moment and might as well ask for what she wants. She’s did that when she got time off to tour at the beginning of the show and thinks she can get away with anything. She does have things lined up, but no acting projects.

      Blake doesn’t want to be on GG anymore but she doesn’t want to leave a bad impression because she wants to have a long career. She’ll leave when she can but she doesn’t want to be painted as a diva for ruining the show.

      Chace has very few prospects after GG. He was originally billed as one of the biggest stars of the show but has since been overshadowed by pretty much everyone else.

      Leighton could do better but she keeps making weird career decisions and I think she enjoys filming GG and will be there til the end. Once Blake is gone they’re free to move her in as the star, since she’s the most popular character.

      • I guess

        I kind of don’t believe this is Gossip Girl but I LOVEEEE your list. I agree with every one of your points in general.

  • pegasian


  • MissyL

    I’m gonna go with something outside of the box….

    Big Bang Theory

    1. Johnny Galecki
    2. Kaley Cuoco
    3. Jim Parsons – recently “came out” and engaged
    4. Simon Helberg
    5. Kunal Nayyar

    • Bruno

      Johnny, Kaley, and Jim already renegotiated their contracts before this season began. There was some drama as Jim broke away from the other two to ask for more money. In the end all 3 got hefty salary increases.

  • caffeinecrazed

    I’m surprised that no-one has said that ‘Life Unexpected’ is the answer to this blind. One of the leads is going to CBS.

  • margarita


    1. Lea Michele
    2. Cory Monteith
    3. Dianna Argon
    4. Mark Sailing
    5. Chris Colfer

    • I guess

      Errr just one problem with this list. Chris looks like a baby but they put him in the same grade as the others. They all graduate at the end of 2012 like this article says.

  • nytola

    Ryan Murphy JUST announced he will be replacing the cast of Glee in a graduation episode.. The new boy that’s been introduced will be the ring leader of the group.

    Ryans explanation explained that no one wants to see someone in their late 20s playing a high schooler….

  • mrflorian

    Why not the original CSI?
    1)George Eads gets killed off.
    2)Jora Fox disappears to find Grissom again.
    3)Marg Helgenberger has other stuff.
    4)Eric Szmanda is done in show business after this show ends and takes Laurence Fishburne with him.
    Thus leaving the real star of the show left
    5) Wallace Langham as Hodges who then reconnects with Wendy Liz Vassey who’s been off working in Seattle as a CSI

  • hahaha

    im gonna go with glee, i just read a statment from ryan murphizzle saying that hes gonna keep characters on the show for the actual amount of time they would be highschool, meaning at some point, the cast will be entirely different and will continually do so until the shows end. maybe one of them will suffer a vocal chord hemorrhage, or be blinded by the beardedness of matt morrison, or maybe mercededs will just sit on em. either way, the shows is awful nowand kurt is the only character they focus on like hello no

  • Chris

    Desperate Housewives with Eva being star #3

  • lolla

    I’m pretty sure it’s Glee. Except I think it’s Jane Lynch instead of Cory Monteith. Everything else you guys said fits. It’s definitely not Gossip Girl.

  • Victor

    It can’t be Gossp Girl, if anyone (Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Ed Westwick) leaves the cast, the show will be a flop. I’m sure that is Glee.

    Star1 = Lea Michele (she have stars on the eyes)
    Star2 = Cory Monteith
    Star3 = Dianna Agronn
    Star4 = I don’t know :/
    Star5 = Chris Colfer (he’s already takin’ over)

  • Trevor0213

    Law & Order: SVU?