She’s Screaming About His New Relationship



BlindGossip – When Boy and Girl 1 were together, Girl 1 had lots and lots of nasty things to say privately about Girl 2, another celebrity. Since Girl 1 and Girl 2 have never run in the same circles (one is known for film, and the other for television), it was unlikely to ever become more than a running joke between our couple that Girl 2 was a “no-talent” “sl*t”. Well, that is, until they split up. His first public hookup after the split? With Girl 2. To say Girl 1 is furious would be an understatement. The tide has turned, and what started out as an amicable break up has now become an all-out private war that includes lots of screaming matches on the phone about how Girl 1 doesn’t want that “plastic wh*re” anywhere near their child/ren. For the record, the new relationship is a PR setup. Boy couldn’t care less about Girl 2. He just loves the attention that another relationship brings. And he really, really loves that there is nothing on earth that irritates Girl 1 more.


Girl 1: Halle Berry, Girl 2: Kim Kardashian, Boy: Gabriel Aubrey

Source: BG and everywhere

Well, that little PR stunt was over before it even began! Thank goodness Kim never even got close to little Nahla.

Congratulations to Munchkin, who was first with the correct guess! Also, kudos to everyone who picked up on the various clues (other than the usual occupational and physical descriptors) which included: tide, girl, run and running, really really, and the photo.

UPDATE: RadarOnline reported more details about the nasty emails and voicemail message.

“I honestly think Gabriel should release some of these messages he has from Halle, and tell his side of the story, but he won’t, he said he’s going to save them for family court.”

The source has seen several of the emails and text messages firsthand and has listened to one particularly nasty voicemail left by the star on Aubry’s cellphone.

“She [Halle] left a crazy message on Gabe’s cell just after some pictures came out of him at a Lakers game with a girl [Kim Kardashian]last year. “She is mega, mega p***ed in the message, calling him, and the girl, all kinds of names – it’s certainly something Halle wouldn’t want heard. Gabriel played it to me at the time, and said: ‘see what I have to deal with?!’

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    • jenb says

      i know it was a matter of time before kim dating halle’s ex would become a blind. i DON’T BLAME HALLE DON’T SENT NAHLA AROUND NASTY KIM. i THINK AUBRY STRATED DATING KIM TO PISS HALLE OFF AND KIM IS JUST A USER. i FIND IT SHOCKING she dates white

      Reggie bush and all the other guys were never serious about kim, u know the saying u can’t turn a * into a

    • jenb says

      we all know it is a pr from the get go, aubry likes the spotlight and i don’t think kim is his kind of woman. Why does he need to ride on these women coat tails? isn’t he a successful model?

    • Yeas says

      That’s exactly who it is. I just read that Kim K and him were a PR stunt. I don’t blame Halle for being angry, I wouldn’t want her around my daughter either lol but it’s all a PR setup

  1. joeyjojo3355 says

    Girl 1=Halle Berry
    Girl 2=Kim Kardashian
    Boy=Gabriel Autrey

    Maybe. Well, that’s my best guess.

    • Rowena says

      Since Sandra adopted her baby Louis without Jesse (and after the divorce was finalized, I think) there wouldn’t be any visitation for Jesse, plus hasn’t he and Kat Von STD broken up?

  2. peeyaj says

    Girl 1 = Halle Berry
    Girl 2 = Kim Kardashian
    Boy 1 = Gabriel Aubry

    Girl 1, a film actress which Halle Berry is (an Oscar winning one, too). Girl 2, Ms. Kardashian who stars in E! reality show. Boy 1, Mr. Aubry is all over the gossip blogs because he is dating Ms. Kardashian.

    Halle and Gabe had a daughter, while Ms. Kardashian had a plastic surgery.

  3. Michelle says

    I’m with all of you on this one. This is like beauty and the beast, I’m seriously. Also, this is such a juicy blind! Loving it.

    • Nutella Jones says

      I’d say this is more like Sleeping Beauty…Halle Berry as the insecure Queen and KK as Spray Tan (modern day version of Snow White). I would cast Gabe as one of the elves….Dopey perhaps?

      • Caz1310 says

        A fairytale for a new E! generation..Halle as the heroine, three elves/trolls/sisters Kim as Sleazy, Khloe as Vacuous and Kourtney as Clueless. Kris Kardashian as a evil stepmother. Halle triumps banishing all evil Kardashians to purgatory where there’s no Botox or Quicktrim and rides into the sunset with her daughter away from their evil clutches. Doesn’t matter what happens to Gabriel…he’s superfluous to the story.

  4. Rafael says

    Well.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 90% of the comments agree before. I think we can say this one is solved. Most Def. lol.

  5. Beyonic says

    Obviously Halle “the body” Berry, Gabrielle “Mr. Halle Berry” Aubrey and Kim “I get peed on in videos” Kardashian

    I bet BG $50.00 Gabrielle sent in this blind personally. He was quite irate when Halle hooked up with Javier & forbade her to have him around their daughter Nayla… then POOF… pics of he and Cris Jenner’s oldest street walker hit the net.

  6. msp96302 says

    Wow – the pic in the blind even looks like Halle. Plus, “the tide has turned” reference to Dark Tide, just finished shooting.

    For the record, I think that Halle and Oliver Martinez are also a fake romance brewing to really sell this film when it opens (costars on a new film? Too obvious and getting tiresome as a PR stunt, IMO) And I would not really want my kid around Oliver either. So sad that Halle and Gabe quit each other for fake relationships to further their careers.

    • jenb says

      just to help with the movie but aubry situation is different. I didn’t know aubry likes the attention.

  7. Dont Know For Sure says

    This definitely sounds like Halle, Kim K, and Gabriel. Is he Kim’s type? Is she in on the PR stunt because the clue only said that he’s not into the girl? That’s mean of him to do that to Halle. She seems to have really bad taste in men. It’s time for her to look at the personality as well as the looks, which is something both her and Kim have in common, coincidentally. Seeing that Halle has issues too maybe men who date her need to check out her personality first too.

      • Nutella Jones says

        I noticed that too! Kim’s type was always black men of some sort of prestige…singer/producer/rapper/baller. Now all of a sudden she’s into white dudes…Bieber/Aubrey/Mayer? Those last 3 were obvious PR and also perhaps a way for KK to try to win new fans of people who were hating on her for interracial dating.

      • Caz1310 says

        has KK been with John Mayer?? That’s a match made in heaven…they both like questionable activities during intimate times. To think she’s been all over mags complaining she’s not married and with baby by now. Who on earth would want to marry someone who has no self-respect?

  8. peace says

    I’m with the majority vote, although I am surprised at Halle being so vocal about the ‘other woman’ when she was so graceful with her first sex-addicted husband’s infidelities.

  9. EvaDiva says

    Halle may have bad taste in men, but she’s also the common denominator in all these relationships. She needs to look within. Olivier Martinez is a CHEATER (cheated on Kylie Minogue with Angelina Jolie while Kylie was sick with breast cancer).

    • Gossip Fanatic says

      I didnt realize he cheated with Angelina! Where they in a movie together and what year did this happen?

    • Thandie says

      From what I know Oliver cheated on Kylie with an Israeli actress/model Sarai Givaty. Though that occurred after Kylie has recovered and was already performing; not it makes the cheating here less bad, or anything.
      If what you’re saying is in fact true and – in addition – Oliver cheated with Angelina on Kylie, while she was sick that would be a new low, not only for Oliver but for Angelina as well.

    • JustMe says

      What that means is they either have one child or multiple children together. The blind writer won’t tell–probably because it would be too revealing and make the lawyers start writing letters.

  10. Beau says

    This is sooo Kim K, Halle, and Gabriel. This screams PR stunt, a Lakers game with courtside seats. Really Kim?! I think Kris taught you better than that.

    • AngelinaTwilightTomCruise is the answer says

      You thought Kris taught her better than that?! Who do you think set that up? I’m sure Kris stalked Aubrey and promised him all the recognition in the world if he agreed to his..Funny they were at a Lakers game..ya know, the team her other daughter’s Publicity Agreement, I mean Husband, plays for

  11. sunnysilv says

    Aubrey is soo saad. I bet He thinks Halle is mad because he is dating. She is mad because He is dating Kim. At least pick someone substantial if you are going to try date someone to make your ex jealous.

  12. wellwhaddayaknow says

    Couple things: I concur, it’s Halle/Aubry/KimNasty. However, whenever your man laughs at a girl and says what a whatever she is, it means (A) he looked at her (B) he played the “would I” game with her…..and yeah, he probably would but would never tell you that. Just ask Justin Timberlake who s’posedly used to laugh at JB with CD and SkankMayer who used to laugh at JenA with JessSimpleton. That’s my jaded wisdom. Also, as much as I love Halle, she’s been publicly rubbing all over Oliver’s cootie-factory for awhile now so she can shut it. Give as you’d like to get and all that…

      • msp96302 says

        Yes, that is probably very correct. But it would be interesting if things did work for him and Kim K. I mean, the guy grew up in foster care with no family. I would think Kim’s family clan might be attractive to him in some weird way. ? Dysfunctional family is often more preferable than no family at all.

        The motivations of people/couples etc are mysterious indeed. Just because this starts as a PR stunt doesn’t mean it will end that way. Just sayin’.

  13. ElleAye says

    This definitely has to be Halle Berry,Kim Kardasshian,and Gabrielle Aubry. Now I understand WHY he is with Kim, cause it pisses Halle off, ok makes sense plus the publicity is a bonus. Damn that is too funny. Yikes, Kim gets played again! Well then again she’s only focused on her “work”.

  14. Button says

    I knew it! I was looking for this blind last night to re-read it and couldn’t find it. I guess this is why.

  15. 4six2 says

    @ jenb: I just read thru all the responses and laughed my A** off at all your anti Kim comments!! Seriously, jenb, tell us how you REALLY feel about kim k.!! I think this one hit a sore spot with you!! BTW, I agree with all you’ve said!!