Where the Actor Buries His Treasure

BuzzFoto – Someday this elderly A-list-in-his-day Actor is going to make some treasure hunters very happy. It is said that he is very paranoid about bankers and accountants and goes two or three times a year to the Las Vegas desert to bury his fortune in a secret spot in the ground. A source reports the man has been doing this for years and the man still gets syndication checks, plus a little new work here and there. 440

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70 comments to Where the Actor Buries His Treasure

  • bethj

    IDK… Kirk Douglas?

  • Murphy

    Exactly my first thought as well! Happy Thanksgiving BG!

  • KellyinNY

    Ralph Waite?

  • Brainy

    Ray Walston?

  • Dasha

    Syndication? So he was on a series? Maybe it’s Andy Griffith.

    • 4six2

      Nice guess, Dasha. A in his day, elderly, syndication checks… I guessing either Andy Griffith OR Don Knotts, who might be getting syndication checks from Three’s Company. I think the Andy Griffith Show was too early for syndication checks, with or without his name…

      • 4six2

        AAHHHH! My guess is GREAT, except Don Knotts died in 2006!! Guess it’s not him!!

      • jenb

        I need to go to vegas and start digging.lol

      • Aeduko

        I’m with you jen!!!

      • Sammi

        I’ll bring the bulldozer. We can’t waste time with a shovel, we have to pick up as much sand as possible.

      • Wembley

        Matlock would provide him with syndication checks if Andy Griffith Show doesn’t.

      • bethj

        Andy would be a great guess, except I cannot see Mr. Griffith burying his money so far beyond his reach. I live on the same island he and his wife do and my ex-husband used to work on Mr. Griffith’s cars at the Griffith estate. Anyway, I could see Andy not trusting accountants, etc., with his money, but I cannot see him burying it that far from him. Somewhere on his property, sure. Vegas? Not really his style anymore. Somewhere on one of the sand bars around here, maybe. Outside the state, though, not really. Mr. Griffith seems to think the water that laps the shore of his property is his property, too, which is another reason why I can’t see him burying his money far from his reach. Who knows, though!

      • newtsgal

        So true bethj…..some time ago some friends and I were riding our boat on a river in Va. Little did we know we were in front of Mr. Grifith’s house. When he came out and started yelling at us to get the hell off his property. We were all in shock. That man has some serious problems!

      • exvaxman

        My wife and I went into a small NC eatery in Southport and saw him there having lunch many years ago. My wife started to make a beeline to talk to him and I saw him steeling himself. I grabbed her, sat her down, and told her that “drastic things” would happen if she bothered him. He apparently overheard me saying “Leave the poor man in peace to eat”.
        On his way out he came over, put his hand on my shoulder and said “Thanks!” totally ignoring my wife before walking out.

        I think he has had too much of an adoring public.

      • bethj

        Yeah, my best friend’s brother, Robbie, used to hang his fishing nets in the waters near (and far) from Mr. Griffith’s house here. This was about 20 years ago. Andy would literally run through Robbie’s nets in a boat, which shredded Robbie’s nets, since Andy thought Robbie was trespassing in his water. Not sure how Mr. Griffith came to figure he owned the water, but he did. Wasn’t cool of him shredding Robbie’s nets, either, as that’s how Robbie made his living and replacing those nets is very expensive and time-consuming.

        Another awesome Andy story is that his private telephone number used to be very similar to my friend’s parents’ number and the number of a local store. Well, Mr. Griffith would pull a drunk and, inevitably, try to call home, misdialing his number because he was so drunk. The Sears store got so tired of Andy drunk-dialing them that they eventually changed their phone number. My friend’s parents refused to change their number, though, out of stubbornness and indignation, I suppose. They were natives of the island, here before Andy was, and figured they shouldn’t be the ones to change. I probably would have changed my number, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with being drunk-dialed so much! Guess I could write my own Andy Griffith blinds with all the stories I’ve heard about him, huh? O:-)

      • kayray

        Ya one of my teachers in h.s. worked with him on the set of a play in va and said he was VERY rude and came to set falling over drunk most days.lol

    • boblee

      yet of course he’s not too busy or mean to schill for the health care act.

  • mebbe

    dick van dyke? or what about henry winkler?

    • 4six2

      Henry Winkler? Elderly? My Arse!! We Are Not~~~!! But then again, that comes from me, who apparently lost a few years and didn’t realize that Don Knotts had passed!!

      • bethj

        In Mr. Griffith’s defense, and since you and I are both fans of Don Knotts, Andy closed our local movie theater here for a private screening of his last movie. In attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, the theater’s owners, and Mrs. Don Knotts. Thought that was a classy thing to do. :)

    • fricknfrack

      Dick Van Dyke was my first thought too!

  • delcodave

    I am guessing Carl Reiner. At the end, it says “new work here and there” and he was recently on Hot in Cleveland and also did a guest spot on Two and a Half Men. The only flaw in this would be the “A-list in his day” line. While Carl Reiner was definitely A list in his day, I feel he is A-list for eternity as he is a legend beyond legends in TV. Anyway, m 2-cents. This is a good one.

  • yoyo

    Robert Duvall played a guy like that in Get Low, but syndication sounds like TV gigs and he didn’t do TV.
    A spry old guy with ties to Vegas? Maybe Don Rickles.

  • Aceticle

    Did that one gun nut die? The one Michael Moore harassed in Bowling for Columbine? He seemed kinda Tea Party crazy-like.

    Okay, Charlton Heston. Looks like he died in ’08. The search continues!

  • ElleVie

    Adam West. He’s known to be paranoid, he voice acts on lots of adult swim show and Batman is still syndicated on television.

  • TulipSniper

    Abe Vigoda?

  • msp96302

    I am going with Bill Shatner on this.

    – 2 shows in syndication (Star Trek and Boston Legal)
    – “new work” is Priceline, which he has earned over 600 mill in stock for
    – He is in Vegas at least every year for the annual Star Trek Convention
    – elderly – born 1931 making him dang near 80.

    …And that’s all she wrote, folks…..

    • msp96302

      Plus, he seems just goofy and off his rocker enough to do something this eccentric.

    • Sheila K used to be just Sheila

      Except doesn’t he have his own show again? $@~! My Father Said

    • Aerli

      Oh yeah, I’m on board. Maybe he doesn’t exactly fit, but I can see this. I really can. Shatner is my kind of crazy, and I refuse to bank as well. Heh. I might have to find me my own X marks the spot.

    • bethj

      I think this guess fits the blind to a “T”. Good work! Plus, because he worked so hard for his money after his financial disasters might be why he buries his money?

  • anon2

    Ernest Borgnine was A-list in his day. A Best Actor oscar winner, and had a series, “McHales Navy”.

  • Imtrying

    How about David Hasselhoff?

  • Britt

    Jack Nicholson

  • newtsgal

    I’m going with James Gardner ftw!

  • amagod121

    Shoot, the way the bankers have F’ed our country up, who can really blame him? If he buried it instead of investing, at least he still has it. I kind of like the Bill Shatner guesses. Although as hard as he worked to GET the money after his finacial disasters, I’d think he’d be more careful than this…

  • zmnx

    JIm Rockford, aka James Garner.

  • Linds

    Jon Voight? He was in the National Treasure movies and there was a blind about an actor having dementia and he was the most popular guess. That would explain the paranoia.

  • angry blonde

    This is just like that lifetime movie.

  • peace

    Totally absurd….. Burying money in the desert!!!! What’s wrong with burying it on the mansion’s estate?????

  • LMIC

    Is Lloyd Bridge’s still alive. Didn’t he star in a Sea Hunt?

  • peace

    According to imdb.com, Lloyd Bridges is deceased. Here is the link to his biography dating his year of death as 2008.


  • Aeduko

    OK, the blind says “treasure” not money. Was there a hit TV show about treasure? Pirates? Treasure Island? Something like that?

  • jinx

    Another good guess for this would be Bob Newhart. He had two very successful sitcoms plus he was around Vegas often. He has standup dates booked for 2011 so he is still working plus he shows up now and again on TV still. Very funny fellow

  • kr0nic

    Wasn’t Newhart an accountant before he was a standup?

    • mbm2

      yes, but right before he became a comedian he was working as a copywriter.

      he was my guess next to Andy Griffith and Shatner

  • Indylady

    First time poster, Love you BG!

    I was thinking this could be Robert Wagner, of Hart to Hart, Sitch and It Takes a Thief fame. I’ve seen him on a couple of TV shows recently…

  • anonymous

    The first thought that came to mind, was that he could easily be observed if he goes back and forth.
    Seems that’s an area where there are some desperate gamblers, who are on the lookout for easy pickins’
    But maybe my imagination is too active. Ha!

  • Guest666

    Ed Asner? He was on MTM for years and was the voice of the man in the movie UP last year.

  • lisa

    How about Larry Hagman?

  • ewinguno

    FYI Andy Griffith was one of four people who owned part of “The Andy Griffith Show”… the other three being Sheldon Leonard, Dick Linke and Danny Thomas- thus yes he still gets money from the show.

  • FartyLatte

    Somehow, I truly believe this is Joe Pesci. Born in 1943 in Newark..eh, it just sounds like something he’d do being the OG he is.