A Funny Heavy Sweater

CDANThis A list television comedic actor who has done lots of movies sweats so much while having sex that he has multiple layers of towels on his bed.

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58 comments to A Funny Heavy Sweater

  • Opie

    I don’t know but I want that sweater!

    Maybe Russell Crow as he is a bit chunky now, thus the sweat.

    • Kiki

      Russell is an A list television comedic actor? NO!

    • Razbo

      Rus….is not a good actor..he is a con..he is not funny in any way shape or form, he would be the boring person on a screen. Why anyone would go and see any film that he is in is beyond me. The dude can’t act to save his life.

      • Dont Know For Sure

        Are you referring to Oscar winner Russell Crow or comic actor Russel Brand? I never seen either one in a movie because I mostly watch old ones on TCM but it’s hard to believe you think Mr. Crow is a terrible actor seeing that he won an Oscar (which doesn’t always mean a lot) but everyone has different tastes.

      • Hollywoodzen

        Yeah, I know some people don’t like Russell Crowe because of his off-screen attitude, but the man can act. He is very talented and although I haven’t seen everything he’s done, he’s been pretty solid in what I have seen.

  • Opie

    Oh I was mesmorized by the sweater and did not read comedic TV actor, sorry. Oh that guy who was in Saving Sarah Marshall and has been in blinds before about answering the door naked and he is on some TV show.

  • BethJ

    Gotta go with Steve Carell for this one! :)

  • Sweetie Pie

    Alec Baldwin

    • jolieoranistonftw

      My first though, too, was Alec Baldwin. Second thought – David Spade. (While I wouldn’t consider him A-list, given his SNL lineage and the fact that he somehow keeps getting shows, the powers that be may consider him A-list.)

    • redvixen

      My first guess. He strikes me as someone who sweats profusely.

  • plum

    Alec Baldwin?

  • yoyo

    Jason Segel, I’ve seen him on talk shows just sitting there and he’s sweating!


      I agree with this guess!

    • Mizzamzz

      I agree with this one too. Not sure if the pic is a clue or not but before I even read the blind I thought of Jason. He’s also quoted saying “I found myself drenched in sweat at the end of each [recording] session – he just felt like a guy who required quite a lot of movement.” in an interview for Despicable me (in which he plays a guy in a sweat suit), so I assume if he can work up a sweat like that by simply recording a voice then he’d definitely work one up during sexy time!

    • Gossip Fanatic

      first person I thought of, too!

  • Julie

    Charlie Sheen

    • escada82

      this really sounds like charlie sheen to me. plus, he loves the coke, and that’ll make one sweat profusely……

  • Hmmm

    Hyperhydrosis… or coc*ine? You decide…

  • MaryMW

    I heart Wil Wheaton! Even in that sweater!

    • Dydear

      Had to do a double-take! That is Whil Weaton! OMG. “Shut up, Wesley!” (Sorry, that’s something my dh says everytime we’re watching Star Trek TNG and he comes up on the screen. Geek much?)

      What about Balushi?

    • LooLoo

      I love me some Wil Wheaton! They really should have notted him, though, otherwise it looks like they’re implying that it’s him.

  • Lingo

    I like the Alec Baldwin guess since he is famous for being hairy. Oh! Or..maybe Robin Williams, he’s really hairy, too. Am a fan of both men, so no judgment from me.

  • leah

    i’m going with jason segel

  • I met Jason Seigel on Bourbon Street (New Orleans) in the middle of February and he was super sweaty. Alcohol, maybe? Of course I had to take a picture with him and he totally has wet pits in it! I still like the Steve Carrell guess.

  • curly girly

    The shirt in the photo makes me think Carrot Top. Not sure if he is really A list though.

    • anonymous

      Carrot Top – A-List??? OMG. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? It clearly says “televison comedic actor”. He may be a comedian of a sort, and he may have been on TV at some point, but this blind item points clearly to someone on a TV show. Whoever it is – ewwww! Ick!!! Yuck! Phooey! Getawayfromme, sweathog!

  • Bojuma99

    Jim Carrey. Sweaters puts me to mind of Homie D Clown from In Living Color, where Carrey hit his stride.

  • Tom Paine

    Ok, the idea of Alec Baldwin naked and sweaty used to be such a turn-on.

    Oh, not so much anymore.

  • memememeeee

    Adam Sandler

  • YoYo

    A friend did acting studio with Alec Baldwin back in the day (early 1980’s–get off my lawn). She was in love, love, LOVE with him. He threw her a mercy bounce but she was so grossed out by how he perspired during the act, she fell out of love that night. She said sweat was dripping in her mouth and up her nose! A point in his favor was that he is nicely packing. So there’s that.

    Bonus dish: she says Jeff Goldblum was porn star hung. Like, almost freakishly large.

    Yes. She got around.

  • MiMi

    Robin Williams. I saw him do standing up on HBO years ago, and he was a schvitizing like crazy! His whole shirt was wet…

  • Jinx

    Sure sounds like Charlie Sheen

  • Bree

    The sweater in the pic made me of Bill Cosby lmao
    But Steve Carell is a good guess too. If I were his wife he’d have to do me in a scuba suit or something though. Sweat rain during sex is gross.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    Will Ferrel, even though he’s married (saying this based on where the info may have came from) but maybe they found the towels on the bed at a hotel him and the Mrs. was staying at.

  • Jennifer

    No guesses on this one, but had to chime in with *so much love* for the Wil Wheaton in a clown sweater thumbnail!

  • sinamin

    What about Ray Romano???

  • Guest666

    Everyone loves Raymond!

    BG replied Kelly Clarkson in a response, that is a 40 year old Virgin reference.

    My first thought was Steve Carrell.

  • Valentina

    I must ask… don’t these people have the money and contacts to solve this kind of problems? Jeez, I’m a sweaty girl and for just about $30 dollars I can buy a bottle of Drysol which lasts for 6 months and keeps me dry.

  • InYourHollywood

    Steve Carell, its almost common knowledge that he sweats all the time!

  • James

    First timer here, how about Jeremy Piven?