Pop Star is Storing a Secret

BlindGossip – Backup dancers on a concert tour usually get to know the main performer/s very well. However, it wasn’t until the end of the tour that some  backup dancers discovered a secret about this A-List pop star. She wears rather large chicken cutlets all day, every day. They found out when she nonchalantly pulled them out of her trademark revealing stage outfit in front of a group of dancers and stagehands. Just casually pulled them out in full view of everyone, and then stood there talking to people with her breasts in her hands.

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105 comments to Pop Star is Storing a Secret

  • Glenz

    I have no idea who this is. I just want to thank you for the photograph!

  • Nixon

    katy perry for sure

  • oohskalabooska

    katy perry’s boobs are kinda massive for her small frame- if not an acknowledged boob job then i would agree with the KP guess!

    • Lalalalaaa

      I think its KP too.
      But for the record I hate when ppl assume that if your’e small and you have large boobs, they’re fake. I’m 115lb with D cups. No implants.

  • moggle

    Got to be Katy Perry – just ask Elmo.

    • Scrotus

      Agreed! Her boobs seem to change size every day. They’re not small, but they’re definitely not as big as she and Russell Brand would like people to think.

  • danny

    on Howard Stern she said she had natural D’s….. (Katy Perry that is)…. hmmmm… I’m not sure – she doesn’t seem like the type to really care about making the breasts bigger if they weren’t already big.

    and has she been on tour?

  • jordan

    wow u guys are kind of sad. i expected more from you all. neither katy or rihanna are on tour now. the only a list pop star touring is lady gaga. she tours until may 2011. im shocked no one said her. in some pictures she has average size breasts but other times they look even bigger when she is on stage. i can see this being her

  • sinamin

    Lady Gaga is a great guess! I could see her pulling them out in front of everyone.

  • aussie girl

    gaga’s tits are saggy. and not big. her chicken fillets would be around her belly button. but that might be her style.

  • jordan

    yeah im mr smarty pants lol

    gaga has been recording since early this year. she has a studio in her tour bus like alot of artists. its 2010 people you dont need to leave a tour to record music.

    people your missing the key words “a list”. i cant see anyone else doing this. beyonce is already naturally busted so i dont think its her. britney isnt on tour, katy isnt on touring,rihanna is promoting her new album, and kesha has like one hit song lolz

    can u imagine if its madonna and her saggy breasts?…ewww

    i think its gotta be gaga.even though thr blind says “end of the tour” and gaga is touring until may 2011. i think that is just to throw us off and maybe it means the end of the tour in a specific country

    • fdefore

      After wearing a dress made entirely of meat, would Gaga pulling two chicken cutlets out of her bra be completely shocking to her dancers?

      • Dont Know For Sure

        Ooh, maybe that’s a clue. Gaga wore a meat dress and in the BI the woman pulled out “chicken” cutlets.

    • Camembert

      Madonna’s breasts are anything but saggy. In fact, for a woman her age, and even despite her crazy workout regimen, her breasts are preternaturally pert. Not to mention that she would NEVER do that in front of her dancers and crew (but her wardrobe guy, sure).

      And I really don’t think the singer pulled out literal chicken cutlets.

    • vlas

      look at the pictures of her wearing a see through top Mr Smarty pants, maybe us women can identity with this one.

  • CodyB

    I’m going w/ Katy Perry. I know the picture isn’t always a clue, but this just screams her.

    • bette

      if its from bg then i think the picture is usually a clue, so i think this one might be, but either way i’m with you on katy perry!

  • dallasJAC

    I think this is Christina Aguilera… I was in front of Katy Perry in an airport line in Europe last summer and it all looked genuine to me

  • gossip girl

    I heard it’s that new Minaj chick.

  • Katie

    Katy’s been… well busted…her whole life.
    Even looking back to her Christian album, she had no problems in the chest department. Besides, with some of the outfits she wears- its CLEAR that there’s no help involved.

    Miley finished her tour not too long ago & she has back up dancers.

    • Brady

      I second Miley Cyrus.

    • La Llorona

      Just because this gossip might not be her, doesn’t mean she isn’t fake chestwise. Get real. This is Hollywood. If Katy isn’t, then neither is Kim Kardashian or any other under 25 Female Celebrity. Everyone you know is medically enhanced, and her boobs don’t have to be Double Ds to be fake.

  • nxpierdo

    Sounds more like something Britney would do. The circus tour ended last year, and standing around topless is nothing new for her.

  • somethingoriginal

    6 months is up already?

  • Buttercup

    Really? If you’re an A list pop star, you’re going to use chicken cutlets to boost your decolletage? Surely there is a better alternative? I wonder if she warns her funtime partners about the risk of salmonella.

    • saucykitty

      I believe they mean inserts that are most likely shaped like (and therefore called) chicken cutlets.

      • amagod121

        If so, then this article becomes much more mundane…I LOVE the visual of Brittney (or whomever) pulling out actual chicken cutlets.

  • gossip girl

    She should try that new Victoria’s Secret Miraculous bra. I looked like a freakin hooker when I tried it on! It adds up to 2 cup sizes to your boobs.

  • Jalisa

    Katy Perry always had big breasts. When she did her Christian album she had big boobs than. Plus she is NOT on tour.

    This line right here makes me think it is either Miley Cyrus or Gaga…”her trademark revealing stage outfit.” Gaga has trademark outfits but she is flat chested in all of them imo. So im going with Miley Cyrus who has been dressing provocative lately.

  • TheOrgolong

    Trademark revealing outfit? How about Pink?

    • TheOrgolong

      Pink wears that super skimpy leotard thing, plus the bustier in the picture is pink

    • WhoDatSaintsFan

      Pink has no problem flashing what she has. I thought everyone had seen her topless. I doubt she would try to enhance anything as she lives by the “accept yourself as you are” rule. Also, she just announced she is going to have a baby and showed off her new boobs from that on Ellen.

      • La Llorona

        Yeah Pink does her own thing. Crap, Pink did a fake photo-shoot where she flashed the paparazzi her pantyhose. She was making fun of Britney Spears the year before for doing the same thing. It’s online if you google it.

  • peace

    This is NOT the answer to the blind but I have to share that the picture reminds me of ‘Tardy For the Party’ Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Kolciak.

  • wpolochick

    There’s tons of pics of Katy in a bikini and she is certainly well-endowed. I’d say lady gaga, beyonce, or miley.

  • anon2

    Sometimes women wear the chicken cutlets for a boost…not necessarily to make their breasts look a few sizes bigger. This is probably Katy Perry but she wears a lot of bustiers and probably needs to keep the girls more stable.

  • pluggedingrrl

    those breasts… jesus. completely forgotten my train of thought now. oh well lol. *stares at pic*

  • Aquaboogy

    I’d like to weigh in (pun intended) on this debate. As someone who also has natural D’s, I don’t think the inserts were about making her breasts bigger, but perkier. Big boobs weigh a TON, and sometimes you need more support than those little strapless outfits Katy Perry wears onstage can give you. My vote is Katy as well. The blind talks about a “secret” and KP just performed at the Victoria’s Secret runway show. I would also like to nominate her for being the worst. She gets my vote for that too.

  • Wandy

    Surely Katy Perry..although I’m sure her motives are to keep the ladies perky and in place,especially with all those tight dresses, bustiers, etc.

  • Thunderlips

    Dumb question from a guy–does this mean “literal” chicken cutlets? Is that a nickname or a metaphor for some silicone thingies?

    • hotpinkmomma

      Ha Ha, I thought so too. It seemed so sick and scandalous, didn’t realize what they were and everyone else seemed to. Looked it up on urban dictionary.

    • Caz1310

      hee hee just laughed into my coffee. Are also known as chicken fillets due to the similarity in appearance.

  • CurlEgirl

    I immediatly thought of Katy Perry…she would do something like that and her RACK doesn’t always look huge.

  • Ralphie

    I’m not sure why so many people are arguing about who is currently touring and who’s not. The blind clearly states this happened on a tour that ended. Nor does it say how recently.

    I could see it being Katy Perry. She may indeed be naturally well-endowed and the falsies keep the girls supported and always looking perky. Big boobs droop eventually, even as early as your twenties and before childbirth!

    • clementine

      thank you! I was wondering why folks were focusing on “being on tour currently” when the blind never states they are currently on tour. there are more clues in this blind than that. The letters clue sounds like Sesame Street which points to Katy Perry.

  • wubbzy

    Why has nobody guessed Phoebe Price? That’s who I immediately thought of when I saw “chicken cutlets”. lol

  • melba

    Whoever it is, she is awesome. I love how the blind reads all “GASP! I can’t believe that she is being OPEN about using chicken cutlets!” Um…have you ever met any girls? We have allllllllll kinds of tricks, and most of us aren’t really embarrassed about it – especially a bunch of dancers! My best friend was a Hooters girl with an A-cup, so she lived in her chicken cutlets too. Some drunk idiot was trying to grope her once, so she slammed one of her cutlets on the table and said, “You want to play with my boobs?! Here! Play with that!” .

  • Neophyte

    I don’t think it’s Lady Gaga. There are lots of photos out there of her topless or in sheer tops without a bra. Also, the bikini/bra top she wears in the Alejandro video is skimpy enough to see that she’s not padding anything.

    Katy Perry was my first thought.

  • amagod121

    Ha ha, it’s Brittney, beyatches!

  • amagod121

    “Backup dancers on a concert tour usually get to know the main performer/s very well.” Wouldn’t this be an allusion to K-Fed?

  • boblee

    Russell Brand say “mmmm, tastes like chicken!” Katie Perry

  • SkyeBird

    I don’t think it’s GaGa or Katy – because GaGa has been seen just wearing tape on her boobs with no bra and a see through/latex top over. Most of her outfits are like that so there’s no way she coud fit chicken cutlets in there without people noticing. As for Katy, in bathing suits hers’ are just as big as you would think. If you look at this picture, there is NO WAY that there’s chicken cutlets anywhere around her breasts.


  • avam

    I’m going with Madonna

  • Goddess711

    Chicken cutlets?
    Breaded or…

  • Nyahweh

    I’m guessing Fergie because it says ” performer/s”, which maybe implies she’s part of a group and she’s been on tour for the album The End.