The Actor and The Vegas Dancer

CDAN – This B- list television actor from a very hit network crime show recently had a birthday. He took advantage of the whole having a party in a Las Vegas club and getting paid. Well, part of the deal was that our actor wanted some str*ppers for some private l*p dances. The club set it up but did not tell them women who they would be dancing for. They probably should have so that way our actor would not have had to see his sister coming in to give him a l*p dance.

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57 comments to The Actor and The Vegas Dancer

  • Fidzy

    That can’t be real.

    • jenb

    • Kelley

      I agree. I’ve had questions about CDAN’s credibility for awhile now. (This is by no means the first out there blind they’ve written.) This is kind of the nail in the coffin for me.

    • Gitano

      Yeah, someone get Snopes on this urban legend, stat!

    • Snuffleupagus

      Holy s**t, that some good reasoning skills. Only explanation is that maybe the siblings aren’t close?

    • Sammi

      Seriously? :\ Maybe he and his sister don’t LIKE each other. It’s possible that he stopped talking to her after she started stripping (Which could explain why he didn’t know where she works.)

      On an unrelated note, Nietzsche didn’t like his sister, and what he got in return was her putting her much-hated-by-Nietzsche anti-Semitic views into all his works after he died.

  • La Llorona

    Ohhh, a juicy one!

    Let’s rule out officially Michael C. Hall and David Caruso, as both were born in February/January. Also, Michael C. Hall is more like a B+/A- TV Star. Chris Meloni is being ruled out as well (He was born in April).

    Robert David Hall was born on November 9th and he’s on CSI. I doubt it’s him though, he’s an old guy I’m unsure whether he has siblings or not. Same with Sam Waterson, it’s his birthday today, but I highly doubt it’s him and he’s definitely higher than B-.

    It could be Jeremy Sisto. His birthday was on October 6th. This might be too far back though.

    Anyone know anyone else on a Crime TV show who just recently had their birthday?

    What are the birth dates for David Berman or Mike Doyle? Doyle’s 36 but that’s as far as I know….

    • FzFz

      MCH is already out because Dexter is on a premium cable channel (not to mention he’s an only child.) Network means ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, or The CW.

      • La Llorona

        Yes I know. He’s really the only person from a Premium channel that I mentioned. Everyone else is from CSI/Law and Order/CSI-NY/CSI-MIAMI.

      • La Llorona

        BTW, I didn’t mean that in a snippy way, I just kind of thought of how he doesn’t even fit with everyone else I mentioned because he’s on Showtime.

    • saucykitty

      What about Criminal Minds?

  • CrossingTheLine

    David Boreanaz – sounds like something he’d be into for his birthday, but his b’day is in May.

    Maybe Michael Weatherly from NCIS – an end of July b’day?

  • Mehgs

    From NCIS

    Sean Murray: Agent Timothy McGee Nov 15
    Brian Dietzen: Jimmy Palmer Nov 14

    Could have celebrated early but I don’t know if they are B-.

    • Ralphie

      I didn’t think either of them would be B list. B list usually at least offers name recognition right?

    • shakennotstired

      Sean Murray’s step daddy is the executive producer of NCIS…and all his sibs both step and full somehow work on shows step daddy produces…don’t think its him.

  • Ralphie

    The only procedural crime star that I can find with a recent bday is Chris Noth…but he’s no longer on a crime show and I don’t think he has a sister.

    Jeremy Sisto is as good a guess as any here…his sister was an actress.

    • Barbara-Y

      I thought of him too, just because of the pic. Wouldn’t the film history be mentioned too though, not just TV actor?

  • superjerk

    Okay we have some good clues they said he took advantage of having a party in vegas and gettin paid so its saying his show is in vegas which is where the original c.s.i is shot. So now we must figure out which one of the male actors on the show recently had a bday

    • BethJ

      As “icky” as it may seem, Robert David Hall had a birthday on November 9th…

      Wish it had been Fishburne’s birthday, but then the blind would have said “daughter” rather than “sister”. o_O

    • definitely

      I think the whole “having a party in a Las Vegas club and getting paid” part refers to celebrities being paid by night clubs to host a party…not that he works and gets paid by his Las Vegas TV show. That being said, it should be pretty easy to check celebrity sites that post pics from these parties.

  • shakennotstired

    Gary Dourdan was my first thought, but his birthday is next month. He is creepy that way.

    • BethJ

      Yeah, he was my first thought, too, but he isn’t on the show anymore. Don’t know if the blind means the star is currently on the show or has been on the show in the past?

  • UncleEntity

    How do you not know that your sister is a stripper in Vegas? And wouldn’t you recognize her before she comes up and gives you a lap dance? Did she just appear out of thin air?

    • MalR

      I’m with you. And, on that note, wouldn’t the sister say ‘i can’t go in there, that’s my brother! Whoops, isn’t that a silly coincidence! Daisy, you go instead’. I mean… did she really go through with the act? And why??

      • MelT

        The blind says that the strippers didn’t know who they were performing for.

      • MalR

        where the strippers blind folded?? Was the actor?? I kinda doubt that.

      • mrdlister

        I doesn’t say that she actually gave him one, it only says that he had to see her walk in to give him a lap dance. I’m sure she walked in and then walked right out once she saw him.
        Also, why would a girl who’s a stripper in Las Vegas tell her brother?

      • Camembert

        Not all strippers are ashamed of what they do. Some women might actually enjoy it. As for telling the family, why not? Better to be honest than to live a lie.

      • Sammi

        Life doesn’t work that way. I know of many girls who don’t tell their families what they do as a job.

  • Tom Paine

    Ok, so maybe it happens.

    I think I would find it truly disturbing if either or both of them were turned on by it.

    Although I’m inclined to agree with those who think this is fake. It does sound very urban legendary.

  • anon2

    CDAN has been known to make up blinds.

  • Laura

    Omar Benson Miller bday Oct 7th

  • the gun

    My guess is Ice-T…Law&Order svu

    • anonymous

      Ice-T’s birthday is in Febuary and there has never been any mention of him having a sister.
      I doubt it’s him. His marriage seems to be one of the very few that are genuine.

  • Caz1310

    Hee hee I’m laughing too hard to make a guess. This surely can’t be real.

  • cassandra

    this is not that implausible. if this was a year ago and it was a daughter instead of a sister this could have been lawrence fishburne! you never know..

  • peace

    Wow this blind needed the Grammar Patrol!!!!!

  • I Love DListed

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  • Vexxxt

    I don’t have any guess of my own but I would like to point out that most of the guesses are way too old to have sisters work as strippers in Vegas. Anybody looking over 30 years is too old in Vegas. Think 35 and under, not 50 plus like Caruso(!) and Noth(!).

  • DoHH

    I agree with AJMM – Chris O’Donnell. First, his show is shot in Vegas and is a hit apparently. Secondly, it sounds like something he would do. I don’t know, though, if he has a sister.

  • Pickle

    I don’t have a guess but I think this could happen. I mean, it says that the guy saw his sister “come in” to give him a lap dance. It doesn’t say they actually went through with it.

  • jimmy

    That reminds me of the time my buddy was getting married us three buddies took him to vegas for a one-night party. We accidently took Rufulin and had a night to remember. My buddy got kidnapped and I accidently married a stripper while drunk and pulled out my tooth. We also stoled Mike Tyson’s pet tiger and tore up our hotel room. It was crazy, just like this blind.

  • westcoaster

    Someone pointed out that it would not be actor who is over 30 because they would not have a sister who is young enough to be a stripper in Vegas. The blind says “sister” which could include half sister,step sister. The sister could be a sibling from a parent’s second marriage or relationship. Many people these days have siblings who are young enough to be their children

    • meme01

      also you have to remember that if this person is getting paid to show up at a club for their birthday a la kim kardashian paris hilton christina aguilara it would actually have to be a person that people would be interested in seeing believe me if they are paying you to have your bday there they will want to promote it so that people show up and pay to see them lol