Having an Affair for the Jewelry

CDAN – I have to say when I heard this I felt really bad for the husband because you know his friends always have said he is not good looking enough to marry this woman. Anyway, this former A list television actress who has been in a couple of big shows but since then, not a whole lot of anything still has almost A list name recognition even if the acting list is down to B-. Anyway, she is married and has been having an affair with a guy who uses the actress to get people to commit to his projects which inevitably lose all their money. In total contrast to the image she portrays to the world, our actress has been happy to be by this guy’s side despite his nefariousness, because he has been loading her up with gifts and jewelry.

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  1. escada82 says

    i know they are separated (not divorced), but this sounds a bit like courtney cox/david arquette.

    • Robin says

      It says that she hasn’t been in a whole lot recently, which counts out Courtenay. She’s starring in Cougar Town.
      Not her.

    • Saint Nick says

      Courteney Cox does not fit:

      “has been in a couple of big shows but since then, not a whole lot of anything”

      A couple of big shows would be Friends and Cougar Town? But Cougar Town is still on, and the description sounds like the actress has not been doing much for some time. It has to be someone who had her last big show a more considerable amount of time ago. Alyssa Milano sounds like a better fit. Or Shannen Doherty. Are they married to ugly men?

  2. bumbletucky says

    rick moranis, you pimp

    been planning your comeback on the sly and sleeping with hot actresses to make it happen… you almost had me fooled

  3. ferrd69 says

    idk who this is, but my head is spinning from that second sentence, the one that begins, “Anyway,…” all that A/B-list stuff made me dizzy.

  4. treyc says

    I don’t think this is Gretchen Mol. She never was on an Alist Show until now and she does not have A list name recognition.
    Alissa Milano is the better guess.

  5. TheTEA.NET says

    Can I say Allyssa Milano for 500 please. He’s like 8 years younger than she is and full of cash. And she’s sooo in love Halle Berry vs Gabriel Aubrey style allegedly she’d do anything for him. *sigh

  6. AKM75 says

    It really DOES sound like it could be Alyssa Milano, which makes me very sad. I’ve always thought she was a real sweetheart, genuine and very into family. :-(

    • No Way Shes That Rich says

      She was known in Pittsburgh years ago for following the players around in desperate fashion, looking for dates. Ask former NHL-er Rob Brown how obnoxious she was – he was happy to share the story with me years ago…

      • Ralphie says

        I know!! I was shocked she didn’t land herself an athlete. I swear she trained Elisha Cuthbert in her ways.

      • Whaaaaat says

        These girls act like “NHL” stands for National Husband League… too bad they ALL sleep with anything that moves when they’re on road trips. Watch out what you ask for – you might just get it!! lols

  7. Piper says

    it really seems like Courteney Cox, and I hate to say it, and hope its not true, but it could also be… Sarah Michelle Gellar. Although she hasnt been in any “big” shows since Buffy, so I dont know if this counts. Hopefully it eliminates her!