Actor Chooses Stardom Over Boyfriend

CDAN – I don’t know if you will ever get the first person in this blind, but he is a celebrity. He is a gay actor/singer/and bff of one of the biggest A list female singers in the world right now. Anyway, a few years ago our celebrity was involved in a relationship with this A list movie actor. Not just a fling, but a real relationship. Not living together, but it was still a relationship. Anyway, it ended a few years ago after our A list actor went from mainly (with one exception) obscure small roles to international stardom. Our celebrity says there was so much pressure on the relationship from so many different people and agents and managers it just could not survive.


Female Singer:

AList Actor:

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134 comments to Actor Chooses Stardom Over Boyfriend

  • plum

    rupert everett/Madonna/?

    • Lozza

      Good guess. Can’t think of anyone else who fits. Who’s the other guy then?

      • Lozza

        Mind Everett is the most indiscreet man in the world – would he have kept it quiet?

      • Dont Know For Sure

        Well in the BI it says “our celebrity says there was so much pressure on the relationship”, so if it is Rupert he must have told someone.

      • ShhDontTell

        If it were to be Rupert Everett could the A list actor be Colin Firth? Before Bridget Jones Diary, he wasn’t very well known.

      • Lozza

        He was in England! That Pride and Prejudice scene…

      • ShhDontTell

        No, I know, but the blind hints ” went from mainly (with one exception) obscure small roles to international stardom” .

        Plus there IS a drastic change into the roles he took pre Bridget Jones, and after…

        Just saying.

      • LooLoo

        Hee hee- after he jumps in the pond?

      • ShhDontTell

        Also, he sang “Lady Come Down” alongside Rupert Everett in The Importance of Being Earnest.

        Who he also worked with in both St Trinians 1 and 2 where they are romantically linked..

      • MissFabulous

        Colin Firth is married and has at least one child. I know this because his child goes to the same school as my friend’s daughter. That being said, he WAS very convincing in “Mamma Mia”….

      • Blake J

        He was far more convincing in A Single Man.

      • Aeduko

        And he was great in Love Actually. Don’t think he’s gay; I want to marry him and if he’s gay that would put the kibosh to that.

        And he was well known before Bridget. Pride & Prejudice anyone?

      • Camembert

        Can’t be Colin Firth. He’s been in the business for quite a while; he just didn’t get his big break a few years ago as this item implies.

        Also, Rupert Everett and Madonna aren’t BFFs anymore, probably not since about 2001 when Madonna seemed to abandon the gays in favor of Guy Ritchie and the Kaballah Centre.

      • ShhDontTell

        He’s been in the business, but has he had international stardom?

        Mamma Mia, A Single Man, and Love Actually are all within a few years of each other. Besides all of the above and Bridget Jones, I don’t think he had roles that he was internationally known for.

      • Camembert

        Really, “international stardom” just means “success in the US”?

      • ShhDontTell

        I wouldn’t say so, I don’t live in the US.

      • ivyleaguer

        no they haven’t been talking since his autobio came out that detailed her relationship with Sean Penn etc.

      • Ruddigore

        Unless this blind is 25 years old I doubt it’s them. Rupert and Colin co-starred in Another Country in 1984. At the time Rupert remained closeted (until 1989). The blind says the actors were in a relationship a few years ago.

      • New in the UK

        Javier Bardem?

      • galactica

        He’s married to Penelope Cruz and she’s preggers

      • New in the UK

        I remember reading online that there are rumors about both Penelope AND Javier, so I decided to go with him. I have changed my mind since then.

    • somethingoriginal

      rupert’s a singer?

    • inception

      Rupert knew Colin Firth back in 1983, when they did Another Country together. I don’t think they were in a relationship because they hated each other on the set.

  • Lozza

    Mind Gaga is friends with Mika.

    • plum

      does Mika act?

    • inception

      It is very possible Mika had dated a A list actor.

      His many songs, like Billy Brown, Lover Boy, Toy Boy, are exactly describing the situation about a boy with his closeted man lover.

      I think it is Mika. But I don’t know who is the lover.

      • Lozza

        I still think it’s Gaga and Mika. Can’t think of the A-Lister. Mika spends a lot of time in London and in the US so the guy could be British or American: Rob Patterson, Efron, Daniel Craig, Jakey…

    • Dont Know For Sure

      That’s a good point because it says “A list singer in the world right now” which sounds like someone newer than Madonna who has been A list for 25 years. It sounds like someone who may stop being A list at some point or just started to be.

  • Blake J

    I would say that I feel sorry for all these queer actors that cannot live their lives openly / freely, but I have to believe that people tell them what to expect if they make it big, so it is purely their choice to do it anyway!

    If only the political / religious conservatives could be put in their correct places, I think the USA would be a lot friendlier to the truth regarding the entertainment industry.

    Around half of them are queer and most of them are deeply closeted, at least to the public.

    • LooLoo

      “In their correct places”? Wow, intolerant much?

      • Blake J

        Religion has too much control in the country that has been deemed the leader of the free world!

      • redvixen

        Agree 100%. Whatever happened to separation from church and state?

      • Serena van der Woodsen

        Separation of church and state? Lol does your Pledge of Allegiance ring a bell? Or what it printed on your $?

      • New in the UK

        Religion has too much control in every damn country, it seems.

        That said, I agree with you.

      • Shannon77

        Agreed…try living in a theocracy, like almost half the world does, Indonesia, most of the African continent, the Middle East

      • miss dixie

        america is a de facto theocracy. didn’t you get the memo. (sarah palin : “our government is based on the ten commandments”. I sh*t thee not.)

      • whattheheck

        How else to control those free thinking masses than with instilling fear of going to hell unless you believe and behave?

    • Razbo

      Queer is such a harsh word,
      Gay would be better to use.

      • Blake J

        I think queer suits all of us that are not straight up breeders!

        Plus gay has more of a negative connotation now!

    • suedechik79

      you do understand that hollywood is mega liberal and theyre the ones making the casting choices, right?

      • Blake J

        Hollywood, etcetera are not liberal; money governs what they do, so they coddle to the bigotries of homophobic america.

    • amagod121

      I don’t think the anti-gay factor in Hollywood is all a product of religion. Hollywood is all about sex. Packaging and marketing it. Why do you think we have only attractive 20-30 somethings shown? The world is only made up of them? That being said, straight women are going to have a really hard time fantasizing about romance or sex with a gay guy. I don’t care how “tolerant” things may become for gays (and the meaning of tolerance seems to depend upon the person who utters the term and their beliefs, IMO), no matter how convincing an actor is, he’s NOT going to convince women to swoon over him if he’s gay. Period. And being as Hollywood is about sex, that kind of ties up most of the roles.

  • Ling

    I’m thinking Taylor swift and Jake G. But dunno who the other guy is

    • jolieoranistonftw

      My thought, to, but no clue on friend.

    • Pinkley

      Taylor Swift is one of the biggest female singers in the world right now, and Cory Monteith as the bff. the a-list actor could be anyone, it sounds like the relationship ended a few years ago or I would suggest Lautner or Jake.

      • Roberta

        Taylor is quite a nobody outside US, in Europe before the Kanye accident no one knew who she was. Isn’t she a country singer? Country songs are not so popular and probably she is not famous even in South America, Asia, Africa or Australia: she is not the biggest female singer in the world.

      • functionallyretardedgenius

        She’s pretty famous in south america. At least in where I’m at, I’d say.

      • Camembert

        I’m sorry to hear that.

      • amagod121

        LOL Camembert! I’m not a big fan of hers either. Maybe once she’s an adult…but but not now.

      • Martin

        Agree with Roberta – Taylor Swift is largely unknown outside the USA. Even in Britain, the country most likely to know US stars, you’ll get a blank look from almost everyone if you mention her name. But the blind source might still think she’s one of the biggest in the world right now – there’s a tendency in the USA to think “big here = big everywhere”.

  • GBear

    Could the A list actor be Jake Gyllenhaal? Prior to “The Day After Tomorrow”, weren’t most of his films more under the radar (with the exception of Donnie Darko)? And then after TDAT, he got “Brokeback” and his career soared…

    Just a thought; I can’t think of who the Actor/Singer or A list female singer would be, though.

  • Sammi

    “One of the biggest A list female singers in the world right now” leads me to believe it’s Lady Gaga, since it says now. That’s all I got, sadly. I’m gonna see if I can find some dirt.

  • bbgirl

    what about rob pattinson as the a list actor? he was in obscure roles, except for the one in harry potter, before twilight. not sure who the singer and other are. have to look into it.

  • Super Secret

    Is this connected to the blind item from a few weeks ago about the boy toy of an A list female singer who was afraid his boyfriend would find out he was with her?

  • Aeduko

    Biggest female singer in the world . . . Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihana? What about Kylie Minogue? She’s big with gays.

    So . . . what about Jake Gyllenhall? He was in indie movies before his name got out there, but I’m stumped on the singer/actor. Hugh Jackman?

  • eurmad

    How about Adam Lambert as the gay actor/singer?
    He fits all three, although he isn’t a stage actor anymore.
    Plus, he is friends with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

    Don’t know who the A-lister could be though.

    (first post)

  • zomg

    Could the actor/singer be John Barrowman? I don’t know who the other two people would be though…

  • Spikearoo

    Sorry to ask, but what is “bff”?

  • Ralphie

    Bite your tongue and don’t give that hateful troll a second thought. He wishes.

  • OReily85

    Is Beth Ditto A list.. maybe they said ‘big’ referring to weight, might explain why BG isnt sure if we would out who the BFF is?

  • Spikearoo

    I think the key is who became a international star in the last 4 years or so…

    • Spikearoo

      And the guys that keep showing up are Shia, Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler.

      • New in the UK

        Haven’t there been rumors that Daniel Craig is gay and was seen kissing some guy in Europe or something?

      • New in the UK

        PLUS, I didn’t even realize Daniel Craig was in Lara Croft until I watched it years later – lol.

        Has James Bond made him into what he is today?

  • Griet

    Colin Firth has been married 13 years and has 2 sons, with his wife, ages 9 & 7. He also has a 20 yr old son from a 5 year relationship with Meg Tilly.

  • peaches

    Oh please just no no no! he’s awful

  • boop

    Not sure if she’s A-list, but if it was Cheryl Cole, then the dude would be Derek Hough. But does he sing??

  • Laurie

    Actor/singer: that guy married to Mariah Carey
    A list singer: Mariah Carey
    A list actor: clueless.
    MC was the first person i thought of for the singer. She’s world famous & is huge size wise AND name recognition/talent wise.

    • Nameless

      Ohhh good guess for the singer. I was thinking Shakira or even Fergie (haven’t the Black Eyed Peas done a world tour?).

      How about Orlando Bloom for the A list actor, he wasn’t well known before LOTR.

      Although Derek Hough does sing (he has a band with another DWTS pro), I don’t know where he has done any legitimate acting, but he does fit the ‘celebrity’ category. I am hung up on the word celebrity, it makes me think the first person is not an actor.

      • Laurie

        Yes!! I love the Orlando Bloom guess!! Would he still be considered A list though?

      • Mystic

        Orlando had only small roles until LOTR. That I know of there wasn’t an exception. He is also not really consider A-list other than in name.

  • Laurie

    OR how about Daniel Craig for the A list actor?? He was mainly small films, I.e. Layer Cake before he became world famous playing Bond. No clue on the others, if he’s the Actor.

  • tdslf

    Johnathon Trent and Shai Labeouf, the female, no clue.

  • getstronger

    1-jude law
    3-edward burns

  • Lala

    What about Rufus Wainwright for the gay celebrity? Not sure if he’s done acting though…

  • Informed Citizen

    I think Actor/Singer is Justin Timberlake. Hasn’t he dated/stayed friends with a lot of “famous” female singers. And you can take your pick of the rumored guys he’s been with (Mike Myers being the most recent rumored, right?)

    • suedechik79

      ive never gotten the gay vibe from justin. hes got that mega metro thing that disarms more chicks than you could shake a stick at.

  • AndreaBarberstwin

    Ok…so, I have no guess as to who it might be…but, as a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN, I don’t get why these people have to be in the closet. In todays society…people STILL have to hide who they are? I could care less who is sleeping with who. We have one life…it shouldn’t be wasted living a lie. For all of the money in the world, I would hope that I wouldn’t sell my soul to live a lie. AND so many of these closet cases are raising children…teach your children to be proud of who they are!

    • suedechik79

      the world would be so much nicer with more people like you. i really pity those blind enough to keep ragging on religious conservatives as some sort of enemy faction.

    • Blake J

      I think the problem is not the straight up bigots, because they can be ignored for the most part.

      But the fans (especially females) that seem to be so deeply invested in the orientations of the actors and go on the defensive at the slightest suggestion that the actor is queer.

      It is the misconception that out actors cannot portray believable straight characters.

      I.e., these fans do not think queers are lesser beings, they just take issue with the believability in certain roles.

      Personally I believe the plot of any romantic comedy, etcetera is the most unrealistic part of the movie and the orientation of the actor should not even register!

      The most disturbing scenario is when these “fangirls” fall in love with an actor from a queer role, but then hope the actor is not queer, where is the logic in that?

      • New in the UK

        It’s actually quite weird how a lot of the female fans don’t want a certain actor to be gay because they have, deep down inside, that feeling that they could “date” them one day.

        I have a gay closeted friend and I know how much he suffers. It really is tough.

    • Dont Know For Sure

      You made me think of something. I don’t think the fact that many entertainers are in the closet is because of fear of what religious people or anti-gay people believe because when has Hollywood ever cared what others think? They churn out explicit violence (which is the worse out of the bunch but I’m just making a point), sexually explicit and profanity laced material all the time onto the public all the time even though many object to it but yet we are too believe that because some of the “public” would be upset with gay actors now all of a sudden Hollywood listens to “the people”.

    • Dydear

      Oh my gosh, Andrea! My heart just grew three sizes today. I didn’t know that there were other people who felt the same way that I do. :) I’m also a “Jesus Freak” who believes that gays should have equal rights. High five, sista! God made us all, why should we treat others as dirt because of their lifestyles? <3 <3 <3 It's so TOUGH to be lumped into the category of "all Christians" or "all religious people". I'm sure it's not as tough as being kicked in the mud your whole life because of who you love, though. (Seriously wanted to grab Kurt from Glee through my tv and give him a huge hug, this week.)

      Wow, I'm happy now. :)

  • tschico

    Daniel Craig was with a german woman for many years before he became really famous with 007.

    There a 3 persons:
    1. a celebrity – actor/singer – who is gay who is best friend with a famous singer
    2. female famous singer
    3. A-list actor

    the first person doesn`t have to be a-list! And they don`t tell you if it`s known he is gay.

    the 3. person is not best friend with the female singer. it`s only a a-list actor with a gay past.

  • loon

    I think the Female singer is Lady GaGa. She’s the biggest A-List singer right now, definitely.

    For the Actor/Singer, I don’t know why, I thought Jared Leto – but are they even friends?

  • insider1970

    Test post

  • DTOT

    Markus Molinari, Katy Perry, Rob Pattinson

    • New in the UK

      If this person in the video is Markus Molinari (I am not sure), then he is seen in this video getting in a car with Rob Pattinson.


      BG, please don’t delete this comment. This video is a video of Robert Pattinson and possibly Molinari getting out of a restaurant/bar/whatever and getting into a car together.

    • Natalia

      OMG….makes perfect sense, I had no idea they even knew each other.

      Gosh this is a hard one….but thank you BG for that lovely Nuke picture…hot!!

  • Heymama

    Hmm…If Jamie Foxx was gay actor/singer, who would be BFF A list singer and A list movie actor? Problem is I can’t tell from the blind if the actor/singer is openly gay. If still in the closet, then Foxx is ruled out.

  • Heymama

    Sorry I meant if out of the closet, Foxx is ruled out.

    • Heymama

      My previous post appears to still be in moderation? I guessed Jamie Foxx as gay actor/singer. BFF-? A list actor-?

  • sunnyside1213

    Markus Molinari and Robert Pattinson. Markus is bff with Katy Perry.

  • Tazz

    OK – lurker turned poster – not sure I have anything to contribute but I think most of your are going down the path.
    1. Celebrity – gay/actor/singer – and we probably won’t guess who it is – it has to be someone NOT well known, a minor celebrity that is gay, acts and sings.

    2. bff of one of the most famous female A-list singers in the world “right now” – has to be Gaga, Katy Perry or ???

    3. Boyfriend who became famous in the last few years?? Can’t be Jake, Brokeback was five years ago, Craig as Bond was before that – 2-3 years ago – who broke out with an international hit? Seth Rogan, James Franco, Michael Cerra, Dev Patel, Gerard Butler (300 came out in 2007)??

  • WTFF

    1. A celebrity – actor/singer – Cory Monteith
    2. Female famous singer – Taylor Swift
    3. A-list actor – Jake Gyllenhall

  • New in the UK

    Those girls pretend to be his friends just so he doesn’t bash them on his website.

  • Anaisnun

    A List actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman

  • ebony

    it’s Adam Lambert and Val Kilmer – they dated when they both did ‘The Ten Commandments’ on broadway

  • Lozza

    I still think it’s Gaga and Mika. Can’t think of the A-Lister. Mika spends a lot of time in London and in the US so the guy could be British or American: Rob Patterson, Efron, Daniel Craig, Jakey…

  • Bettina

    female singer – Kate Perry

    best friend – Markus Molinari

    actor/singer – Edward Cullen

  • doletta

    Robert pattinson is english, he did a few tv roles, he was in Harry Potter (the exception). He is friends with andrew garfield too ;);) wink wink

  • Mondo

    [deleted link without explanation]

  • Get a grip