From Gyrating to Hip Hopping

CDAN – This foreign born, male, B list hip hop singer used to supplement his income by dancing at bachelor parties. Yes, bachelor, not bachelorette parties. Must have been interesting.

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    • Cat Grant says

      I don’t know. To me a Kanye or a Diddy is A-list. I could see Drake as a B, inching towards C.

      • Rosario says

        I’m not sure, but I doubt Drake is B or C. He has fans crying over him in stores (even men), making appearances everywhere, dating everyone, always in the media…hmm, I dunno.

    • jenb says

      The way things are going in music and the movie industry it seem as if anyone can be an “A” lister.

    • A visitor says

      Definitely A-List with the Lil Wayne connection, the second-best selling rap album this year (second to Eminem) and the fact you can’t turn on an R&B station without hearing him.

  1. sarah says

    doubt it was drake – he worked on the canadian show degrassi since he was a teenager (aubrey graham) so no real need to supplement his income

      • Serena van der Woodsen says

        and if you read the blind it says SINGER not RAPPER….but Sean Paul does rap – no one understands what he says but he raps.

      • jenb says

        serena that isn’t rapping at all, he is just speaking in his native broken language patois, short for english. Just like here when we speak slang which is the same thing.You have to understand the language to understand what he is saying.

      • Sammi says

        You’ve obviously never heard a Jamaican speak regularly. As jenb said, that’s patois. I find it very rude that someone is so ignorant that they’d say what you just said, Serena.

      • jenb says

        sammi i agree, it’s fun to speak, every country have their only little twists on their original

  2. LiberalMediaIsCorrupt says

    I had my Bachelorette Party 25 years ago. We had a great stripper. He came as a constructing worker and pulled a Tape Measure out of his zipper – and that’s how he started the show. Dance, Johnny, Dance.

    • hotpinkmomma says

      I’m w/ you. This sounds like it’s something in his past. Same sex marriages haven’t been a big issue for that long. I’m not against them, let them be miserable like the rest of us, just saying it would really have to be on the DL

      • Lozza says

        Same sex marriage? If so, maybe someone UK born. Or maybe a bachelor-party like George Clooney is a bachelor 😉

  3. says

    Just about to write Akon!! I think its him, not too many hip hop singers that are foriegn born. And B list for that matter.

  4. A visitor says

    Drake was on Degrassi from 2001-08 and started his music career in 2009, so it’s doubtful he’d get away with a male dancer stint without being recognized. Plus to be a male dancer, you’d have to have good looks, good rhythm and a tight bod…neither of which Drake possesses.

    • Deusex says

      rofl … This! He’s got a body like a water mattress.

      What that song … ‘Started as a bottom, now we’re here’.

  5. Spikearoo says

    Reputedly Sean Paul is from a wealthy family in Jamaica. I seem to remember something about a relative being PM.

    • Cecilia says

      LMAO at the Sean Kingston guess. But seriously I think this is Drake. I dont know whsat the big deal sbout him is anyways his music sucks no talent whatsoever

  6. krys says

    i doubt its sean paul, jamaica is waaay to homophobic for something like that.
    and drake has been on degrassi, he has money

    and i love the sean kingston guess hahahaha

    but im going with akon. he’s foreign, he would be considered a hip hop singer (instead of an R&b singer) since he kind of raps and sings. he is b-list. and have you seen him dance- very stripper like!

    • Sammi says

      I’m glad someone else knows how homophobic Jamaica is. They kill gay people there, seriously.

      I’d be sad if Sean Paul was gay, anyway. He’s handsome to me. :(

      • jenb says

        He isn’t gay i believe he has a gf, and if that were to come out if he was he would have a hard time.

        Sammi while jamiacans might be homophobic, they just don’t like people putting it in their faces. If u keep it behind the close doors they they arev fine with it. It is not just jamaica alone most caribbean islands don’t like the idea of people being so open with it, and other countries as well. But not all jamaicans hate gay people.

      • jenb says

        Here in the usa we have gay bashing as well and they kill people who are gay. Have u been watching the news lately? So jamaica is not the only country that is homophobic most of my fellow americans are as welL.

      • Sammi says

        Okay, and they do it in Nigeria, too. I’d know this because I’m Nigerian…but was I talking about Nigeria? No. Was I talking about the US, which is where I have lived all my life? No. I happened to be talking about Jamaica, and I know this information because some of my closest friends are Jamaican.

        Before you jump at someone else foolishly like you did me, think about subject. If I didn’t mention it, assume that I’m not talking about it because it has nothing to do with what I was originally responding to.

      • jenb says

        sammi, if your talking to me i didn’t jump at u foolishly i am basically explaning how it is in the caribbean, and in jamaica where i grew up, comparing to here and the rest of the world.

      • Sammi says

        “Have u been watching the news lately? So jamaica is not the only country that is homophobic most of my fellow americans are as welL.” Is jumping at me foolishly, because it implies that: a) I don’t watch the news, b) I don’t know that gay people are being hunted down in my own country, and c) That I thought Jamaica was the only homophobic country out there.

      • krys says

        yea my family is jamaican lol less homophobic because they live in america but the older generation is still a lil put off by it

      • jenb says

        @krys Not a debate just posting on a blind item, that is how we share knowledge.Yes it is fact, and and i never said there isn’t homophobia in jamaica. What i said is that they don’t like u putting it all up in their faces, and yes they do sing about gays and some rappers does the same thing as well. Here it’s different, in jamaica it would change because of the religious beliefs.My grandparents are jamaican as well, white and of british background, and i grew uo there for a while so i know how it is there as well.

      • jenb says

        Things won’t change, and like i said jamaica isn’t the only caribbean island with this problem. It is not only the older generation that doesn’t accept people who are gay, the younger generations lash out against them as well.What u don’t know is there are gay, clubs and churches in jamaica and they have to be quiet with it or else those guys could get hurt, or killed. These people go there because they are considered outcast.

      • jenb says

        sammi, i recently read that somewher in africa in the news paper the list of majority bof people who are gays, and a few got beat up. I even watched a documentary about it back in the day. That was so wrong, people sshould be able to live their lives anyway they want, no mattet if we don’t agree with it.Let god be the judge not us.

      • Sammi says

        Of course, but what can you do? People are going to be ignorant forever. Hopefully all the people who think so horribly of others for petty things will die out, but I doubt it’ll happen.

  7. USofAsh says

    I’m sorry BG but what is a hip hop singer? It seems that whites & blacks have different names for different artists. I usually hear whites say a black artist is a rapper if he dresses like a rapper but he’s actually a SINGER and has never rapped as far as the fans know. So what the * is a hip hop singer?? If this is Drake blacks would refe to him as a rapper that sings. Just pointing out the cultural differences & how some of us (like me) can become confused about these titles. Thanks:)

    • jenb says

      sean kingston was born Miami, Florida and than he moved to Kingston, Jamaica. In his mid-teenage years he moved back to the USA to lives in LA. so i dont think it’s him unless, he is in the same boat as akon.