The Craigslist Couple

TheGossipBoy – Which celebrity couple has become hooked on Craigslist hook ups lately?  The wifey places the ad and when they find a suitable man or woman they invite them over to their apartment.  Their assistant has the lucky winner sign a confidentiality agreement and then escorts the “toy” into the couple’s chamber of love.

Not Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

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76 comments to The Craigslist Couple

  • I think i know

    Being that they live in an apartment, I’d guess its a couple that is based out of NYC

    • South Jersey girl

      What about Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo?

    • 4six2

      Mmmmmm… I’m thinking that perhaps they keep an apartment for this sort of entertainment instead of allowing a “toy” into their home (where they MAY have children)… I’m guessing Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. There is something totally freaky about those two. And if it IS them, they might put it on the show!! LOL!!!

  • Sandydee

    Demi and Ashton?

  • the gun

    I’m going with reality celebrities for a NYC guess…alex mccord and simon her weird husband from RHNY.

  • biscayne

    “hook” is mentioned twice in first sentence. how ’bout julia roberts & danny moder. totally random but she was in hook.

    • Isabela might be onto something here! Don’t know why but I have always found them to be a weird couple. I’ll second Julia Roberts!!

    • the gun

      i would focus less on the word hook and more on toy, which is in quotes…

    • mardy bum

      Julia & Kyra played sisters in Something To Talk About.

    • BethJ

      Don’t they live in Taos, NM on a ranch, though? Dunno, perhaps they have an apartment or MIL suite on their ranch?

      • They may have an apartment in New York since she is in plays. Or, I agree that it is unlikely people come to their actual home…so they have a “fun pad”

      • Maisoui

        The Chamber is a Grisham novel made into a movie and Julia was in another movie “Pelican Brief”. There is also an article on that JR just bought another NY apt. The thing that throws me off is that it says celebrity couple and Danny Moder is known in his field and for his marriage, but is he a celebrity?

        This is probably the reason why Julia Roberts has enough money to buy a second apartment in New York City. In addition to a huge ranch in New Mexico and a cliff top estate in Malibu California, Julia Roberts has not one but two apartments in New York. Her most recent purchase is a penthouse co-op for $3.895 million. It is located in a post-war building in Greenwich Village.

        Roberts’ recent real estate acquisition has a rooftop terrace and [deleted due to privacy]

        Why the Pretty Woman needed another apartment in New York is a matter open to some speculation. She is still holding on to her first buy – the pied a terre in Gramercy Park, which is incidentally about ten blocks from her recent buy. There is some conversation about her moving permanently to New York; however, those close to her are quick to rubbish these rumors.

        Maybe Ms Roberts is on a real estate buying spree for tax purposes or she has so much money that she has no clue what to do with it. In either event, it is highly unlikely that she will leave her mansion in New Mexico and live in something that looks like a bachelor pad in comparison. Well, New York is glad to have Ms Roberts over and we hope that she will grace the city more often – now that she has two residences to choose from.

  • Always me

    Honestly now, they could be just any couple out there, therefore I have a hard time just choosing one 😛

  • Carolyn

    how come when i first read this post, will and jada came to mind??

  • the gun

    what celebs have apartments? that should narrow it down a bit…

  • the gun

    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson– “Toy” Story??

  • Krissssssy

    Robin WIlliams was also in Hook and in the movie Toys, but I don’t know anything abouthis wife…

  • BigMama

    I get a New York vibe off this, but the only couple I can think of off hand who live there are SJP and Ferris. Which, although I have no trouble picturing either of them doing this, I do have a hard time picturing them working “in tandem”. I always had the impression that marriage was for show.

  • BethJ

    If this were a BuzzFoto blind, I’d have to guess who they “notted”, i.e., Kevin & Kyra. Since it isn’t, though, as someone else said, really could be most anyone anymore…


      I agree. Buzz Foto is notorious for this, having their it’s not be the actual answer so I’m gonna say it IS Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

  • moody migraine

    Is this another of the blinds where the NOTS are actually the answer?

  • Winona

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – she was in the movie “Hook” as young Wendy, and he had a song, When She Loved Me on “Toy” Story Sing-Along Songs. They live part time in New York, to work with the guess that it’d be a New York couple.

    So that’s my stretch of a guess. 😉

  • the gun

    i’m thinking there should be a six degrees of bacon…whoever they are, given the pic

  • LMIC

    These people are nuts. Expect a sex tape coming soon.

    Have they ever heard of STDs?

    • JustAGuess

      I am not sure you know this, but not every sexual encounter results in a contraction of a STD. Also, have you heard of condoms? They help to prevent many STDs. Why do you assume these couples are not playing safe?

  • Gino Vag

    I’m gonna guess this is Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.

    “Hook” could be the killer’s weapon in I Know What You Did… and “Toy” could be from the voice character she did in Small Soldiers.

    • Jamie

      As much as I would love for this to be them (just by the sheer fact that I can’t stand Pajamas and rumors of their marriage being a showmance have been around pretty much since they got married in 2002) and as much as I love SMG, she seems too uptight to agree to something like this. Being that she isn’t really working these days and he works but not that much more than she does, they’re not the big names they used to be. Why would they even need a confidentiality agreement? It’s not like a lot of people pay attention to SMG and FPJ all that much these days or care enough about them for it to be a big deal if someone were to spill all the details on these hookups.

      No idea who it could be, though.

    • KBKB

      SMG-Not her. She’s a total square (in a good way). He’s a comic book nerd who likes to smoke pot. They are both homebodies.

      • suedechik79

        thats nice to hear. i like it when a celebrity couple doesnt let all that available money run them right into freakytown within the first 5 years of marriage.

      • Jamie

        Sarah’s always seemed like she has a good head on her shoulders and is pretty smart with money. I remember her talking about how frugal she was with money back in 2007 when she did a photoshoot/interview for Self Magazine.

  • LMIC

    Charlie Sheen and Charlie Sheen.

  • huckabee

    David Duchovny and Tea Leoni! LOL! Just kidding! I couldn’t help it!

  • ImThinking

    Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. HA!

  • sinamin

    Josh Brolin and Diane Lane

  • memememeeee

    Jerry and Jessica Sienfeld

  • badger

    I thought the word “chamber” was wierd. Chris O’Donnell was in that movie, but he’s got 5 kids and doesn’t look like he lives in NYC. Lots of kids need “toys”.

    Know it’s a stretch, but what the hey. I stink at this.

    • Maisoui

      Badger, I thought the same thing and there were a couple of thoughts:

      It could be one of the stars of another Grisham novel turned into a movie (quite a few to choose from) or

      It could be one of the adults from Harry Potter…I was thinking of Helena Boham Carter (spelling) but I’m not getting any of the clues and assume they are London based, as are most Potter stars.

  • Julie

    Who is jason biggs married to?

  • AmyWinelake

    How rubbish am I as a celeb website aficionado and a lover of films, I didn’t even know that Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick were together, never mind together for most of my life!!! I’m away to read some top ten lists in the hope I’ll become educated!

    My guess is Julianna Margulies and Keith Lieberthal

  • Hampton

    Well its not Jerry Seinfeld if you ever met that wife of his you know this would never happen. Fishsticks without her make-up looks like an ordinary housewife and likes to drink beer on the beach. MB had the same bf for years-they even had a house together on the east end before SJP. Now think who is appearing on B’way now that might be part of a famous couple. Or equally so.

  • Lishie

    First time posting, and hate to be obvious, but… what about the Brange? I can see them playing about with a third party, and I bet there are toys all over their house(s). Of both kinds.

  • Bronxchick

    What about Rebecca Grayheart and her husband..I can’t recall his name..McSteamy??

  • JenJen

    I vote for Will & Jada – Will was in Six Degrees of Separation which goes back to the clue of not Kevin Bacon (Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon).

  • Julie

    Nice catch JenJen!! I don’t think the apartment part of it has anything to do with where this couple lives. They could live on either coast and rent an apartment as their love shack. I mean why would they invite someone to their real house? Then again why would anyone in their right mind get people off craigslist? Nuts.

  • Julie

    Also, by renting a special apartment they don’t have to worry about kids being around, if there are any. Kids would be another reason why they would not invite them to there real house.

  • jolieoranistonftw

    Woody and Soon-Yi.

  • the gun

    I thought of them too. She already got a hooker to keep him interested in her. He’s gross and she’s an idiot for going there in the first place.

  • backupabit

    Rebecca gay heart and her hubby