TV Star Was Thisclose

BlindGossip – A certain female television star was thisclose to coming out last week. She was quite distraught over the recent reports of gay students taking their lives and saw it as a great opportunity to set a good example for others. After discussions with her agent and manager, however, she canceled her meeting with a public relations expert. She is the star of a television show, and they convinced her that if she came out as a lesbian, she was risking not only her career, but those of the entire cast and crew of the show as well.

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    • soapboxbetty says

      I like the Kate Walsh guess, but her coming out wouldn’t sink her show.
      Jordana Spiro, on the other hand, stars in My Boys, a show about a hot hetero chick who hangs with a bunch of dudes. The show caters to women who identify with her character: tomboyish but STRAIGHT, don’t relate well to other women, more comfortable being “just one of the boys.” It might alienate their core audience if it were revealed that the actress playing every hetero tomboy’s hero was actually gay.
      The basic premise of the entire show revolves around gender roles and relationships between the sexes. As wrong as it is, in this situation, I could see the audience having a hard time separating character from actor if she were to come out. It very well COULD end the show.
      I also can’t find ANYTHING online about ANY prior or present relationships Jordana has been involved in.

  1. Yuolala says

    *sigh* I wish this particular person came out,kids needs someone to look up too..
    I feel like the Entertainment Industry/Hollywood is very old fashion and wants a particular rosy 1950’s PR image of their stars.

    • Gabby says

      THANK YOU I couldn’t agree more!! Kids have enough problems with self-esteem, but imagine figuring out that you’re gay and having people harassing you about it? Since today’s society is so celebrity-obsessed I think it would make a HUGE impact for someone nobody suspected (except us blind-vicers)to come out of the closet and be like “hey! I’m gay and look how successful I am!” I only wish people and Hollywood would be less judgmental and bigoted.

    • somethingoriginal says

      how disgusting. i hope they don’t tell their black clients to sit at the back of the bus.

      while i love “it gets better” i think it’s the rest of us who need to make some noise and pledge that anyone who comes out of the closet has our support, famous or otherwise.

      • Jamie says

        i think it’s the rest of us who need to make some noise and pledge that anyone who comes out of the closet has our support, famous or otherwise.

        I agree. This is a wonderful idea.

      • Queen Bee says

        Agree completely. How exhausting it must be for these people to live double lives, hiding their true selves, at the risk of ruining their careers or being typecast in roles that won’t help their careers grow. I wish these people knew they could come out and be honest with themselves and others and that MOST people would still support them!

      • Yogo says

        What’s most troubling is how they told her the cast and CREW’s careers would be in jeopardy if she came out. Are these idiots for real?

        So Danny behind the camera and Charlie the runner boy will never work again if Mary Sue comes out? Apart from the sheer ludicrousness of that are not a few of the large cast and crew likely to be bi or gay themselves?

        It’s like holding someone over a barrel by saying ‘they pay for your choices’. I cannot believe people in a supposedly liberal country would act this way! It’s a disgrace. This poor woman.

      • solvedsearcher says

        I think what they meant was that if she comes out–> the show gets canceled–> everyone on the show loses their jobs–> everyone is sad.

        It is still entirely ridiculous esp after all the support that recently outed actors have had (NPH anyone?), but it isn’t QUITE as ridiculous as you make it sound in your comment.

      • lee123 says

        “while i love “it gets better” i think it’s the rest of us who need to make some noise and pledge that anyone who comes out of the closet has our support, famous or otherwise.”

        I agree. And it must be continued support.

      • Jjmm says

        Frankly, I don’t care about someone’s sexual preference, but not going to start watching a show just BECAUSE someone comes out. If it’s a show I like, it certainly wouldn’t keep me from watching it either.

        As for this person’s reps, let’s not be too quick to demonize them. This tv star is presumably an adult, and she’d come out if she wanted to. Her reps can only advise her. It’s her decision in the end.

  2. 4six2 says

    I’d say Oprah, but she IS the entire cast… My big clue was that it says “star” and not “actress”. (I know Oprah’s leaving the air anyway, but I’m sure her crew will remain employed with one of the many projects she has in the works.)

  3. somethingoriginal says

    oh my god i think i’ve solved one! yeardley smith!

    the cartoon image could indicate the simpsons, it says tv star but not actress and if the voice of lisa simpson came out i think it would actually concern fox enough to pull the plug.

    • somethingoriginal says

      this is where the other 15 guesses saying the same thing end up passing through moderation and make my excitement seem lame

    • VinylDestination says

      And it does say a “certain” femail television star. The certain part grabbed me immediately.

    • VinylDestination says

      Ok, the more and more I try to solve this… you might be on to something Somethingoriginal. The “thisclose” clue has been driving me nuts too and I kept thinking Glenn Close. But then I realized that Glenn Close has been doing the voices for the Simpsons for sometime now as Mother Simpson/Mona Simpson. Of course, BG’s pic of the Keith’s character can be a clue into the Simpsons as well. The only thing driving me away is the end of the blind stating that “she is the star of a television show” and for some reason I can only wrap around that Nancy C (voice of Bart) would be the star of an all star cast. But then again, the show has been on for years – would it be a concern? Ahhhh BG, why do I keep coming back to this site?!?!?

    • saucykitty says

      The cartoon image is one of Keith Haring’s and is totally in his style; it was created for National Coming Out Day, so the fact that it is a cartoon may not be significant. Or it could, and I’m just being a total idiot.

    • Diana says

      Ok, here goes…
      Fact 1, you can be married to a man and still be a lesbian.
      Fact 2, you can also have a biological child with that man.
      Fact 3, of all the top 20 ranked shows currently there in only one that revolves around a female character, and that would be The Good Wife. Starring Julianna Margulies. She is irreplaceable.

      • another libby says

        Good guess Diana! I like it!

        I think this coming out would seem to have an extra twist to freak producers out so badly. The ‘taint’ JM would suffer in middle America for having an unconventional marriage could endanger the show much worse than just being gay, IMO.

        And the name of the show would become an ironic joke too.

      • Flipper says

        Julianna Margulies is a Scientologist?

        Thats a new one on me I thought she was a Jewish Christian.

      • anonymous says

        Julianna Margulies is not a Scientologist. But if she was it would make more sense. Scientologists are known for hiding gay celebs. I think I agree with this guess. Diana is right. Thisclose could in fact mean Thegoddwife. And the shows center is her character and the heterosexual love triangle she is in.

    • Zackster says

      No one would care if the actress voicing Lisa Simpson announced she was gay. YAWNS all around.

    • ladymarmalade says

      No, it’s the woman who is Bart Simpsons’ voice who is the Scientologist. I think they use that Keith Haring picture every time they talk about a celeb coming out.

  4. RosarioScarsci says

    It really makes sense for it to be Kate Walsh, but who knows. So sad…hope she does eventually.

  5. Katie says

    I’m voting Kaley Cuoco.
    Though that’s probably just wishful thinking.
    Yeah, she was dating Johnny Galecki but that was kept a secret and it ended last year. “Coming out” could be coming out as Bisexual, which would be awesome.

    • LooLoo says

      She was dating him?! I never heard about that. I wonder if that led to their characters breaking up, to make it less awkward?

      • anonymous says

        Show-wise, she has said that it was awkward & that the characters will get back together, but probably not for a while (I actually JUST read an article about it!).

        She’s not the star of this show imho…. the geekiness of it all is the star. 😉

      • Katie says

        Oh, Totally lol. But she’s the star FEMALE, simply because.. well.. she’s practically the only one.

        And yeah, they were together but they kept it a secret because they didn’t want it to be awkward for anybody. They broke up earlier this year.

        The picture just reminds me of TBBT. She tends to walk right into their apartment without knocking most of the time. Of course, the picture could mean nothing. Still. PROBABLY just wishful thinking, however I shall cling to it for my own satisfaction lmao

      • Eleanor says

        I would love it if Kaley Cuoco was gay! She is so hot. I had no idea she datded Johnny Galecki though. That’s so odd.

      • Sherry says

        Why did I think Johnny Galecki was gay? I mean I know the other guy in the show is bit for some reason I always thought he was and I also thought Kaley was another blind about being pregnant..And while this is not my first post I still want BG to notice how much I love her/him/them..

  6. rackmaster says

    I think thisclose is the clue to the name of the show.

    They always display gossipgirl that way.

  7. shhhquiet says

    No idea but the clunky wording in the last line “but those of all the entire cast and crew” must be a clue…

  8. JessTom says

    I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge that I’m not aware of, but I don’t think Emily Deschanel is married; I guess her.

  9. Dont Know For Sure says

    For some reason the title reminds me of Maxwell Smart from “Get Smart” saying “missed it by this much”. Don’t think that’s a clue but it’s just keeps reminding of it when I read it.

  10. Cat Grant says

    Definitely Kate Walsh. When I saw her in that Funny or Die support video ironically urging hot army lesbians to stay away from her, I figured it was only a matter of time.

  11. Original JJ says

    I guess Kate Walsh would be my guess although I would like to believe she would have the smarts and guts to ditch her agent and manager after such ridiculous guidance. Does anyone really believe that she’d be risking her career and the careers of the cast and crew by coming out? Private Practice isn’t exactly the best in television. The painfully bad writing will be its downfall before anything else. (I love her but she is too good for that show.)

    I agree with the person who said “i think it’s the rest of us who need to make some noise and pledge that anyone who comes out of the closet has our support, famous or otherwise.”

    • No Kidding says

      No, I don’t see how if Kate were to come out that it would be a big risk at all. The thing with Kate is that she is really politically active, and by that I mean she doesn’t just talk about it but gets deeply involved. She serves on many committees, did leg duty with Obama’s Presidential campaign, and is currently on the board of directors for the SAGS.

      I have a hard time believing that she could be talked out of coming out if she felt that coming out would provide a positive message for gay youth. Especially considering Grey’s Anatomy and even Private Practice is a show that appeals to young people.

      I’m going to guess that this is a person on a new show where everyone is just hoping to survive the first season without being cancelled or getting embroiled in a potential controversy; thereby they were able to pressure her into thinking about the future of the rest of the cast and crew.

      My guess is Maggie Q of Nikita.

  12. Pumpkin Spice Latte says

    I’m jumping on the bandwagon of supporting any show where a cast member comes out. I will “like” them on facebook, watch the show religiously. This closeted for a career stuff is so sad.

    • gravedigger says

      I did just that when Chely Wright came out. I don’t listen to C&W music but I bought her cd, her book and joined her face book page. The pocket book is where it is at…for and against issues.

  13. Opie says

    It is because private practice is only on because it was HER spin off, so she is kinda the one to hold it together so it would make sense it is Kate Walsh. Plus she has been the issue of SO many blinds about fighting with GF’s in bathrooms and hooking up in bathrooms, etc.

  14. Murphy says

    Just found this information about Kate Walsh:
    “In 2003, Walsh appeared in Under the Tuscan Sun, with Diane Lane and Sandra Oh. Walsh played the partner of Sandra Oh’s character. Regarding her various lesbian roles, Walsh said: Do I give off a girl-on-girl vibe, I wonder? Or is it because I’m tall? I guess the chicks just dig me!”

  15. Murphy says

    One more option is Danielle Staub. She’s got a song called, “Real Close.” She’s also announced that she will host a new show called “Social” in addition to a possible spin off show.

    • stinkweed says

      Didn’t she already claim to be bi? I think being bi or gay is not going to risk anything for Real Housewives. A lot worse going on for those shows.

      • Murphy says

        She hasn’t said anything one way or another. She seems to enjoy the extra publicity that a non announcement brings. Her ex has said she is bisexual however.

  16. peace says

    It is incredibly odd that “realty t.v.” thrives on sexuality of every kind but prime t.v. has to conform to heterosexuality in today times!!!!!!!!!

    • Anon says

      This was my first thought. How would Disney feel about one of their “princesses” being gay? Especially with the success of Wizards.
      Plus, she’s always pinged for me.

  17. okay says

    kim kardashian! she did an “it’s get’s better” mini psa recently. look it up! If she came out then the whole kuwtk dating fiasco would be a farce. lol.

    • Gabby says

      I hope you’re not inferring that just because a celebrity openly supports gay rights and decides to take a stand for them that they are gay themselves? I highlyyyy doubt Kim K is gay, seriously.

    • candygirl says

      That is a bunch of *. Patricia Arquette is not a lesbian and you know it. And why are you so obsessed with her being a lesbian anyway? That’s not the first time I’ve heard you make that assertion about her. I wish one of these celebs that you people love to make these claims about would turn around and sue your * for slander. Maybe then you’d all get off their backs and let them live their lives in peace. And especially you, Joe. You call yourself a fan of Patricia Arquette’s but you persist in spreading gossip about her. Some fan you are.

      • JoeMess says

        You are right. I should have not have posted conjecture. I have brought down the fine standard of journalism on this fine page with an unsupported opinion. I browse this site once in a great while, and the nature of the “guilted into” not coming out just rang as a particularly PA thing. (Wouldn’t want the kids to lose their first gigs over her personal life.) Most of the other guesses here are pure narcissists that would not be moved by the suffering of their castmates due to a backlash for the outing. As per my fandom, if she is, as I suspect, in the closet. I can’t imagine what stress her life must be: Fake marriages; hiding real relationships; Watching and double checking everything she says in an interview, or more importantly things that should be said, but aren’t. So as a fan, even if I weren’t a fan, that life sounds like hell. As a fellow fan, do you wish her the life of Meredith Baxter Bernie? Do you want her throwing her out of the closet party at the nursing home?

      • candygirl says

        I don’t know why you think she is gay. What makes you think that, first of all? And secondly, if you are a follower of hers, as I suspect you are, then you know that she is notoriously private, but she is also very candid in interviews. She is like her brother David in that regard and seems to possess no filters in most interviews. So I find it difficult, if not impossible, to believe that someone who’s been in the business as long as she has would have been able to keep something like that a secret for this long. And with her history (a sister who’s transgender, plus she’s always been very vocally supportive of the gay community), don’t you think she would have come out a long time ago? She’s done things in her career (films, that is) that could be considered far more damaging to her career than being gay? Don’t you think?

      • Gabby says

        she’s extremely shy…candid sometimes but she would never go into her deeply personal issues on national television or in any publication.

  18. Yogo says

    Whoever she is we need to send Xtina round with a toaster oven STAT!

    If that doesn’t convince her to disobey her agent and come out then I’m stumped. I dunno what will.

    • stinkweed says

      Lol. Watch Brown Bunny. The most she’s going to come out as is bi.

      Plus, I don’t think anyone would be the least bit surprised if she did come out. Nor do I think she’d listen to her people if she disagreed with them. She’s not exactly known for her conservative personality (or good taste in clothes, but that’s another story).

  19. RxGrrl says

    I’m going to put Katie Couric out there. I doubt any script-based or reality show could possibly be felled solely by a gay star after Ellen came out. Katie gives me the right fabulous vibe, and she’s been wonderfully proactive about taking other issues to the spotlight with her personal life, such as colon cancer and breast screening. Because women are still under-represented in news anchor positions, and also because she had a much-publicized loving hetero marriage, coming out would be a media circus. Plus Andy Rooney’s eyebrows would be at risk of igniting on fire.

  20. candyperfumegirl says

    It is not Kate Walsh. Why is everyone obsessed with her sexuality anyway?
    She has a beauty line coming up called Boyfriend, the whole concept is based on her missing her boyfriend’s fragrance on her skin so it makes no sense. Why would would she want to come out of the closet if she’s basing her whole fragrance campaign on her former boyfriends’ scent? Kate is far from stupid, I love her and I respect her.

    • kate says


      word! thank you :o) you said what i was thinking about!!!
      1. the perfume-thing
      2. she has a boyfriend right now! why should she ly? she is my favourite actress ever. so amazing, talented and the best sense of humor i have ever seen! <3

      • Claire says

        She’s one of those actresses everyone is “convinced” or “knows for sure” is into women, like Marcia Cross and Lauren Graham or Mariska Hargitay before she got married. I don’t know, they’re all tall and relatively lowkey about their love lives?

      • lee123 says

        Thanks, Claire. So really it’s just a vibe and is not based on being seen in the company of women. She was married to a man for 3 years but I guess that doesn’t count. lol

        I’m not convinced that a) she’s a lesbian and b} it would hurt her TV show which is very much an ensemble.

        The thisclose clue doesn’t fit either.

      • anonymous says

        She was married to a beard. Kate Walsh has been the subject of a lot of BI’s and gossip. A few posters have seen her at lesbian bars in LA before she became famous.

      • candyperfumegirl says

        It is just a vibe, them being tall and beautiful make people fantasize about it.


        How easy to say for people hiding behind their computer screens.
        Even if it were true it’s none of our business anyway, she or any other celebrity have no obligation to tell us, it’s their lives, they can do whatever they want with it.

      • anonymous says


        Every poster on this site is “hiding” behind their computer screens. If you read all the posts you would see that nobody really cares about the celebs sexual orientation but this is a gossip site and we gossip here. It’s all in good fun and guessing that someone is gay is not an insult.

      • candyperfumegirl says


        You didn’t get my point, I never said it was an insult or anything, I just said that it’s easy for people to say that they saw this or that because there are no proof of it. I can tell I saw a famous actor do this or do that, nobody can be sure I’m telling the truth. I certainly will not believe all the people you mentionned just because they said they saw her in these bars or whatever. So unless you prove me wrong by showing me a picture or something I will keep on calling these people liars who hide behind their computer screens.

      • lee123 says


        How do you know she was married to a beard? I get that famous people are seen at events with the opposite sex for their *image* but to marry someone for that reason in the 21st century is ridiculous.

        And lets split the difference – she was married for 2 years and 5 months.

      • anonymous says


        You didn’t get my point, either. I wasn’t stating that anything is true or false. Nobody will ever have proof of another persons personal life. Especially, a celebrity. I was responding to a previous poster who said that there is gossip about Walsh and other actresses because they are tall and low key. I was pointing out that that isn’t the reason and that there have been BI’s and gossip about her here and on other sites for quite some time.

    • stinkweed says

      Wouldn’t all that play just as well into someone who IS gay, but trying to cover it up?

      An in-the-closet female isn’t exactly going to try to put out a fragrance called pu***.

      • sammers says

        “An in-the-closet female isn’t exactly going to try to put out a fragrance called p*.”

        Queen. Latifah.

  21. Robin says

    Wait, Lauren Graham is gay? What?

    I’d say Kate Walsh but I am not sure it fits the clues. This is an actress whose show revolves around her sexuality to such a degree that it would fall apart if she came out. I am not sure Private Practice would suffer all that much if she came out.

    • jolieoranistonftw says

      I agree. It seems that the actress would wreck the show because it’s built around her character’s relationship with a guy. Kind of a will they/won’t they type of show. That’s the impression got.
      The only reason I can see it being Kate is because of all the negative press around Grey’s with the whole Isiah comment and staff divide and forcing what’s his face to come out (I can’t think of the guy who played George’s real name.) Maybe the powers that be think Kate coming out, and with a Boyfriend line, would hurt the show and bring up dirty laundry from Grey’s.

  22. jolieoranistonftw says

    Kate Gosselin. She’s built a career on being a mom/wife/ex-wife w/idiot ex-husband. The entire cast is her kids – they would lose $. She’s a tv star , not actress. She’d lose a lot of the Belt women who e her. Kate Gosselin, ftw!

  23. oneboredmom says

    Thisclose reminds me of “thirtysomething”.
    Keith Haring’s illustrations made the cover for many different rock & roll albums/promos.
    All this made me think “30 Rock”

    Tina Fey?

    • anon says

      Seconded. She was all touchy-feely with Dianna Agron from the beginning of GLEE, and then overnight they stopped being photographed together, etc. As if someone told them to stop…and yet on-set gossip circulates the news that they are still good friends. Sounds like a Narnia problem to me!

  24. Lola says

    Does anybody have any concrete reason to think that Kate Walsh is gay? Does she have a rumored girlfriend or something? I mean… it’s possible. I just don’t personally get that vibe at all.

    I was actually going to suggest Sandra Oh, which is funny, because she and Kate Walsh played lesbians in “Under the Tuscan Sun”.

  25. anonymous says

    It could be Stana Katic. Her coming out could totally ruin Castle. Her character is supposed to be sexually interested in Fillion’s character.

    • jjlove says

      Why would that ruin her character? Are people really so lame-brained that they can’t distinguish reality from fiction? These people are actors. Nathan Fillion also isn’t an author in real life. Patrick Dempsey isn’t really a doctor. Michael C. Hall probably isn’t a serial killer.

      Neal Patrick Harris plays a heterosexual on HIMYM, and it doesn’t seem to have affected ratings negatively. Who cares what their real life sexual orientation is?

      • saucykitty says

        The biblethumpers and other fundamentalists who think that being gay is “against god’s will” or “wrong”. You have to remember that these are the folks who will buy the products advertised during a show, and like it or not, they have a lot of clout.

        I mean, let’s take a look at how many states have had gay marriage voted down. In my mind, this is a non-issue: two people are in love; they want to spend the rest of their lives together; so be it. But there are still people who persist in thinking that there is a “gay agenda” and that this country will somehow go to he** in a handbasket if two people of the same sex are allowed to join in a union that is officially recognized by the state (and church), even though the heteros really haven’t done such a great job at upholding the sanctity of marriage.

        *gets off soapbox*

      • I guess says

        Your very correct. In addition, there are plenty of people who arenot religious that are still homophobic here. I always LMFAO when posters act like a famous actor/actress coming out wouldnot affect their career. Sadly, Of course it would. I’d like to see if NPH would of got HIMYM if he was outwardly gay BEFORE the show began.

      • jjlove says

        NPH’s fame has skyrocketed since his coming out announcement, and T.R. Knight only became a tabloid fixture after his. Cynthia Nixon came out when SATC was still in production (and before either was movie was made) and her lesbianism doesn’t even cross my mind when I see her in character. Michelle Rodriguez has been cast in heterosexual roles since she came out. Everybody makes assumptions that society “just can’t handle” watching a gay person play straight, but if they don’t come out, then they don’t give us a chance!

      • anonymous says

        Michelle Rodriguez isn’t out. T.R. Knight is mostly doing theater now but I doubt he’ll ever get a part on tv soon. Cynthia Nixon wasn’t at the beginning of her career so it really didn’t do her any harm. And I agree with the previous poster. NPH would never had gotten the part if he was openly gay before the show started. It’s a sad truth but in Hollywood it is better to be in the closet.

      • saucykitty says

        And I also forgot – Hollywood is very much dominated by Scientologists who don’t believe that being gay is OK. So that’s another factor to keep in mind.

        This country is still pretty backwards when it comes to sex in general. We were founded by Puritans and still are very in the closet when it comes to discussing sex and the many issues around it.

      • jjlove says

        Whether or not NPH or Cynthia Nixon would have been cast in their respective roles if they’d been out isn’t really relevant, is it? The person in this blind already has a television show. My point is that it didn’t ruin the others, why would it ruin this woman?

      • anonymous says

        Because the actress in this BI is the star of the show. Cynthia Nixon and NPH were/are a part of an ensemble cast. Since the show revolves around the actress of the BI her PR people suggested that it would ruin the show.

  26. kjkj says

    I don’t even watch this show, but could this be jillian michaels from biggest loser? “thisclose” being one word kinda reminds me of biggest loser’s title.

  27. Cameron says

    Jillian Michaels has already publicly stated that she’s bi. I think it was in Shape magazine this summer.

    Sandra Oh came out? Huh?

    • jjlove says

      Yeah, I’m calling ‘bull’ on the Sandra being out statement. She got divorced (from a man) back around the beginning of Grey’s, and I’m sure I’d remember a coming out announcement.

  28. Tracey says

    Has anyone considered someone from some of the newer shows? My guess is Lea Michele. She has often been outspoken in her support for other types of causes and political issues (PETA just to name one), and I could see her wanting to do this to help others. There was also that rumor of her while she was on Broadway, that she dabbled with women as well. And I could see the possibility of her coming out possibly jeopardizing her career and sinking Glee. She is the star of the show and she’s supposed to be in love with the star quarterback, coming out question her ability to play straight. I don’t know if it really is her, I am just throwing more possibilities out there.

  29. Eleanor says

    I’m just going to put this out there. I think Dianna Agron could be at least bi-sexual, Glee is a very popular show right now and a large chunk of the storyline last season was devoted to her character’s love square with Puck/Finn/Rachel. Fox wouldn’t be pleased to have a gay girl on their hit show despite Ryan Murphy being out. She’s supposedly dating Alex Pettyfer right now, but since they’re co-stars in an upcoming movie, I’m calling * that’s it’s a real relationship. I would bet money it’s a PRomance.

    • Yogo says

      The other thing is that someone in the press tried to suggest Chord Overstreet got changed from the part of Kurt’s boyfriend because he had ‘obvious’ real-life ‘chemistry’ with Dianna Agron as if forgetting she is supposed to be dating someone else. It was like trying to suggest there were fireworks going off and we all needed to know about that – even if it jeopardized her current relationship. Why say that?

      Instant suspicion arouser. I don’t even buy she’s really dating Pettyfer. I think she’s a quiet girl who likes her hobbies and free time with friends. I would be stoked if she were gay though, she’d make some gal a lovely gf.

  30. antiaphrodite says

    My husband, who mocks me for paying attention to celebrity gossip, looked over my shoulder as I was reading this- and he said he thought the “thisclose” might be a hint towards Glenn Close. I IMDbed her, and she is the star of Damages.

    I think “thisclose” could just be a figure of speech, but hey, might as well throw her name out there.

    • Random says

      It could be Lea Michele, the description somehow fits, but I think we can discard Dianna. It does says “star of a television show” and while Quinn is an important character, I wouldn’t call her the star.

  31. Wow says

    Pumpkin Spice Latte, I have issue with what you and a few others have said. “I will “like” them on facebook, watch the show religiously.” Just because someone comes out, that does not mean that you should suddenly start adoring them. It’s one thing to continue to admire an actor no matter what their sexual orientation, but to become a fan solely because they are “out” is insulting and frankly, a bit stupid. Treating outed gay people better simply because they are gay is comparable to treating a white person (or black or Asian etc..) better simply because of their skin color. Coming out takes guts, but it doesn’t necessarily make someone more likable. And on a side note, I tend to shake my head at celebrity’s that make a big show of coming out. Straight people do not proclaim that they are straight on a magazine cover. They simply show up with their significant other at events, or speak about them relatively briefly in an interview (for the most part). I think that if the gay and lesbian community saw their sexuality as only one facet of who they are as a person, the general public would be much more inclined to accept them. Screaming in the middle of a crowded room will get people’s attention, but it won’t make you many friends.

  32. Royal Eduardo says

    Why would Sophia V coming out be destructive to Modern Family? Jesse Tyler Ferguson is out and proud. I don’t think its her.

    I don’t think it’s Kate Walsh because Shonda Rhymes would find a way to incorporate that into Private Practice and probably increase the ratings.

    I like the Julianne Marguiles guess but don’t think her coming out would sink the good wife, as most fans love the supporting cast as well as her.

    My guess is Patricia Heaton from The Middle, she is the draw to that show and there have been rumors about her for years.

    (My first thought was Lea Michele from Glee but that falls into the same reasoning as Sophia V)

    • Anon says

      Glee is already having problems for being “too gay” and one of their actors (Jonathan Groff) had some problems because “gay actors can’t play straight characters”.

      I can certainly see why Lea Michele coming out would be a problem.

    • lee123 says

      I agree with your reasonings for the other actresses.

      Why Patricia Heaton? She’s been married twice and has 4 sons from the current marriage of 20 years. I don’t understand why people think she’s a lesbian.

  33. Thunderlips says

    I know it’s not the answer to the blind because they aren’t actors, but I was hoping that Robin Roberts and Sam Champion on GMA would have come out during all the gay bullying stuff the past couple weeks. It must be so awful to feel so conflicted.

    But I can’t imagine anybody being surprised about them or having any sort of career disaster.

  34. voiceofreason says

    Demi Lovato, she had a meeting with someone ~unknown~ a couple of weeks ago plus some other things lol

  35. misajingles says

    I’ll throw out Alyson Michalka from Hellcats… she IS the show, and has zero chemistry with any of the males on the set. She does not read straight to me.

  36. Yogo says

    Dianna Agron because she obviously has a conscience (the recent Glee GQ shotz she wanted to say she wasn’t too happy about).

    She seems into her camera hobby and not very starletish. I think it could be her.

  37. third says

    Whoopi Goldberg or Toni Collette.

    Whoopi has always been an activist and she’s borderline out. I don’t know why the view won’t let her come out. She’s already on the left, I don’t understand why it would change the show’s dynamic. She just did a spot for Fight Back NY, which is a group that is electorally punishing politicians who voted against gay marriage, but she says she’s doing it for her friends.

    Toni Collette plays Tara on United States of Tara and the show has a really big queer element to it, but since she plays the mother, it might affect the whole show.

  38. DarKer says

    Sara Ramires? I know that she´s not THE star in Greys Anatomy but she plays one of the most important characters. There were even rumors about her and Walsh awhile ago. Just addding my two cents. *srughs*

  39. Achele says

    I think it’s Lea Michele from Glee. Alot of people already think the show is “too gay” with Chris Colfer, Jonathon Groff, Ryan Murphy(Creator),and Jane Lynch all being gay. Not to mention Kurt’s gay and there’s a huge undertone about Santana and Brittany on the show. If she came out everything would blow out of proportion. She’s already in trouble with the new GQ photos of her and Dianna Agron. Her coming out would be a big risk to her and her cast. She even performed at an event to support the cause of legalizing same sex marriage. And she kind of randomly put space between her Dianna….i think they might have made her do that bc of ‘bad publicity’….like seriously if you google Lea Michele and Dianna Agron you get fanfic about them, rumors on how thier dating, and blogs all about their love lol.

    Im just sayin… goin with Lea :)

    • charrr says

      Oooh, I immediately thought of Piper too. I just have this FEELING about her. And there’s that whole thing about her living with her manager, taking her to the Golden Globes, etc…