Mom Gets Decked Out for the Paparazzi

CDAN – This former A list reality star and now just a celebrity with some kids has been complaining publicly about paps. What she has not said is how the other day she hid from the paps and would not let them take her photo until she did her makeup, changed clothes and then and only then just “happened” to show up right where the paps were.

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  1. missgoss says

    Nicole Ritchie, she just wrote an open letter to the X17 pap agency calling them out for stalking her kid’s school.

  2. Laura Palmer's Hooha says

    I’m going to say Nicole. She’s really no different than most celebrities. They cry foul over the paps but can’t seem to get enough of the exposure.

    • Sleuth says

      Yes, Nicole is as attention seeking as the rest of the Hollywood celebs, but not once in her letter to x17 did she make it about paps hounding her (except for the car accident that landed her in the hospital). She was outraged (justifiably so) at them stalking her children and children in general.

  3. Laura Palmers Hooha says

    I remember shortly after Princess Diana died, George Clooney held his little self-righteous but wholly opportunistic news conference and he really pissed off the paps. When it was time for his movie premiere, they put their cameras down and refused to photograph him as he walked the red carpet. The look on his face was priceless. He could NOT believe they did that to him. It seemed like it was all he could to to not lose his temper and explode.

  4. moody migraine says

    Dunno about it being Nicole Richie. I’ve seen many photos of her without makeup, and she looks quite normal and pretty.

  5. cincinnatikate says

    its the Goss.. even knowing Nicole wrote that open letter..its the Goss andd her 3 inch heels with shorts..

  6. Ralphie says

    *shudder* it’s a sad day when anyone considers that slore Kate Gosselin “A list.”

    Nicole Richie makes sense here.

  7. Springtime says

    Between writing books and her clothing & jewelry lines, I wouldn’t say that Nicole is “just a celebrity” now. Sounds like Kate G to me.

  8. BrightStar says

    Yeah, how was Nicole Richie ever an A-list reality star? Kate Gosselin, on the other, was a much bigger reality star.

    Plus, she did that whole Lady Gaga “Paparazzi” dance on DWTS last season. Bad times.

  9. boobytrap says

    ok, good point BrightStar. nicole is more of a celebutante and perhaps entreprenurer (too lazy to look up the spelling, lol).
    i chnage my guess to kate g. she also complains a lot about the paps, but we all know she secretly loves it.

  10. anonymous says

    I thought I just saw Nicole Richie on The View saying she never wears makeup and doesnt even own any (yeah right). kate makes more sense here b/c all she is known for now is having a bunch of kids.

    • Aerli says

      How absurd! I think she is a very attractive girl when she isn’t horribly skinny-but c’mon, really? Me-I don’t wear loads of makeup by any stretch and often none at all but I would never pretend I don’t own any. Most women, I’d guess, have at least a modest amount of cosmetics even if it’s just for a special occasion or if one is feeling saucy. That these twits lie about their cosmetic/diet habits disgusts me, because it’s only encouraging a completely insane standard of beauty. And calling that beauty ‘natural’ is such a fiction.

    • Jemm says

      Except that Tori is not a “former” A-list reality star; the cable channel she’s on just gave her ANOTHER show cause she brings in big ratings. Now she’ll actually be starring in two shows….I gotta go with Kate–perhaps she didn’t like the photos of herself jogging without make-up recently…although I must say I wish MY abs looked like that!

  11. Ronnieo says

    “A list reality star and now just a celebrity” is this not redundant?
    Actually I didn’t realize there was such a thing as an “A list” reality star

  12. Bubbles says

    I don’t believe Kate G ever leaves the house without being “photo ready” to her own standards for whatever she’s doing, so I don’t think this is her. Plus, I don’t think paparazzi of any kind are hanging out waiting to snap her pics anywhere in PA except the one guy “Chris” whom she notifies before she leaves the house.

    Jemm – the abs in her pics are photoshopped…you, too, can have abs like that! LOL If you see candid shots of her when she’s jogging there is no six-pack.

  13. maddycakes says

    nicoel richie? really? she notoriously hates the paps

    I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s Kate Gosselin.

  14. anonymous says

    Kate Gosselin for the win, Baby! She’s so utterly intoxicated with her own pseudo-celebrity, especially now that she’s on the cusp of her ultimate fifteen minutes of fame, she practically needs to be taken to the ER to get her stomach pumped. Yeah, this is definitely Kate G.

  15. MrsCory says

    gottah be KATE G.!!!! and i dont even consider her A LIST!! but through TLC’s eyes, she’s an A-list reality star, lmao!!

    the heels, the boobs, shorts with heels, caked on makeup…the list goes on, lol!!!…and that only when she piks up her kids from school lmao!

  16. picro says

    Denise Richards fits this best – she was definately a list back in the day, had a reality show and now does nothing apart from being a mother.

    • picro says

      oh, and she’s obssessed with her appearance enough to do something like that – previous example: wearing heavy make up while surfing in the sea

  17. Jess says

    Kate Gosselin was never really A list but I so think it’s her. Do Nicole Ritchie and Benji have kids or jusst kid?? Maybe I missed the second one lol

  18. seasonswatcher says

    lol a-list RS Denise? no. it’s completely Nicole…saw her with some white stuff in her nose recently too.